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Alien Raiders (2008)
Surprisingly Excellent!
15 November 2008
I went to see this movie last night at the NYCHFF. I have to admit I was apprehensive about the title, but the movie surpassed my expectation by miles. The pacing was great. I was never bored for a minute and not once did I feel like looking at my watch. What seems like a completely implausible premise is well justified in the screenplay and while viewing the movie I never thought, "BS. I don't believe it." The actors were very well cast by John Jackson. Everyone delivers strong performances. This was director Ben Rock's first feature and I never would have known it, awesome awesome job. The suspense was set up perfectly. Lots of good payoffs but not too bloody and grotesque that it ever felt like a gross out flick. And the real test of a good thriller is always how tired are my arms from the tension?...complete fatigue. I really cannot say enough about this movie. As of now it comes out on DVD February 20th or thereabouts. DO NOT MISS IT. This is what independent horror films should be...
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