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good not great
25 February 2015
OK so i thought this movie was enjoyable, but nothing very special. certainly watchable, and not the worst movie of all time like some people are saying. a lot of the movie is bits from the original rehashed for the new movie. brings back some of the feelings of nostalgia for people who grew up with the first movie. give it a chance, don't expect anything groundbreaking, its worth a watch. 6/10 = slightly above average, enjoyable. its certainly not for everyone. nothing could ever match up to the feelings we have for the original and maybe they waited too long to make this sequel. again just give it a shot...nothing will ever match up to the feelings you had for the original though.
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That's My Boy (2012)
Popular to hate Sandler these days.
30 September 2012
Seems every movie Sandler does these days gets hated on. People saying this is the worst movie ever made in history...really? You people must not have seen many movies. Regardless of what Sandler does the rest of his career its now popular to point out how it sucks and not as funny as his old movies. I enjoyed this movie, laughing out loud several times. Sandler does a great job playing the father. The bachelor party scenes are epic, really feel for the characters. Uncle Vanny? Hilarious. At no point in this movie did I think "oh man this is the worst thing I've seen in my life." Had good feeling, good comedy, a solid entry to Sandlers recent works. Much much better than the one where he played his sister.
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