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The Pavilion (2004)
An intriguing movie up until the last five minutes, then it sucks.
20 August 2001
This was a very interesting movie that hooked me right away. I admit I started watching it because Richard Chamberlain was one of the stars and because it was based on a Robert Louis Stephenson book. The plot was full of layers upon layers of mystery and the dialogue was great. I had to watch to see what happened next. I really enjoyed the actors, especially Craig Sheffer.

But the last five minutes totally ruined the movie for me. It totally changed everything that had happened before and didn't make any sense at all, in context of the characters and how they had acted.

Yuk, horrible, horrible, stupid ending!!

I would reccommend this movie if not for the ending. And unfortunately it's not really one you can enjoy without seeing the ending because it's a mystery and you want to find out what happened.

Too bad it sucked so badly and betrayed everything we had previously seen in the rest of the movie.
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