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Casino Royale (2006)
Bond. Stupid Bond
7 December 2006
We cannot talk about James Bond the way we talk about all the action movies. The director's imagination is, or it should be, limited by Ian Flemming's books. There are four milestones of a James Bond movie: the personality of the actor who plays Agent 007 (his appearance and look y compris), beautiful women (never less than 2), spectacular (and super-equipped) cars and gadgets (the microwave watch, the vacuum cleaner pen, the dram fire cuff-links etc). Anyone who chooses to see a James Bond movie wants to see all these things. The catchy action is, of course, a „plus", but not a „must": no matter what, all children in this world know that The Good will eventually beat The Bad. And the rest is... details. Applying these on the last Bond we discover that even if it is a „prequel" (meaning the first mission of the main character as agent 00), Casino Royale is the worst episode of the series and the arguments are annoyingly visible. First of all, the Daniel Craig choice is at least controversial. Even if, in my opinion, this is the only goal of the movie, people say that Craig's face recommends him to be not more than Bond's bodyguard. Next, about the dangerous women: enormous gap! De gustibus non disputandum, but Campbell can take Eva Green home with him for all I care, this movie is not the place for her to be. And, even more, she is not even showing in bikini, not to mention original Eve's suit! Another disillusion: the cars. We're back to Aston Martin, a good choice, but the DBS model is smashed like hell after only few seconds of chase run (and besides the travel size defibrillator, we can't find any other option in it). Finally, the gadgets: absolutely none whatsoever! Considering the above mentioned, the two and a half hours of movie are really torturing the spectator who will not appreciate the final scene of submerging a venetian palace (which required high costs and efforts and produced almost no effect) and will surely forget all about the initial spectacular scene of chase; in the end, looking back at the movie as a whole, this scene is having the same effect as that of an adrenaline injection in a dead body. So, Casino Royale is cheap. So cheap! James Bond must be looked for in another movie. „Crank", for example.
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