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Roseanne (1988–2018)
I Love this show!"Roseanne" is hilarious!
16 April 2004
-I was born when this show debuted, but I remember seeing it when it was still on in the 90s, I didn't know how funny it was. Then I started watching it on TBS my freshmen year after school, I immediately loved it! Its not on TBS anymore for some reason I wish they'd bring it back. However, it recently came to Nick@Nite, so that's when I watch it at 11 and 11-30PM.

-As I watch the episodes, I remember seeing them when they were on. Now, I am not one who laughs at just anything, it takes a lot for me to genuinely laugh at something. "Roseanne" is hilarious though. The episode when they get high is hysterical and when Jackie and Roseanne go to the spa (after having won the lottery), wow just thinking about it, I was in tears. What I like about it is that it was REAL, and at times vulgar and trashy (in a good way), not sugar coated like many shows are. Roseanne is a great comedian and I love how she doesn't care at all what other people think.

-I think that the chemistry on this show was awesome, Roseanne and Dan were such a REAL couple. However, I didn't like how in the last season, Dan "cheats" on Roseanne, from observing and getting to know his character after 9 seasons, it was just hard to really accept. I don't think that after all the two had been through, that he could actually do that to Roseanne, it just DID NOT fit his character at all, but sadly this is when the show was getting stale for a lot of people, which I hate to say.

-I loved how there were little deliberate jokes/spoofs, if you will on the show. For example, in the tax refund episode early in the run ('89/'90), whenever they said the word "AUDIT" you would hear dramatic music "DUN...DUN...DUN!", and they would notice it and look for the sound! HILARIOUS! Also, later on in the Disney Land episode ('95/'96) when Sarah Chalke comes back again replacing Lecy Goranson yet again, and Roseanne remarks "See, aren't you glad you're here this week?!" (then an announcer comes on and everyone freezes, then it says ATTENTION: The role of becky originally played by Lecy Goranson, then by Sarah Chalke, then again by Lecy Goranson, will be played this evening by Sarah Chalke::" Clever and hilarious, when you poke fun at your own show for obvious reasons such as FREQUENT cast changes that's definitely 'gonna' get laughs.

-Of course, there are far too many hilarious scenes that I've seen to list here, but you get the idea. As for my favorite episodes...Wow that's a hard one...uhm, the one where Roseanne blows up the house is definitely up there, the one when they go to the spa and the one when Jackie and Roseanne are talking about Edgar (roseanne's love interest during the Welman deal episode) oh yeah and of course the "lost episode" spoofing the typical 1950s nuclear family, too funny!...and many more. I can watch "Roseanne" episodes over and over again and still laugh, that says something about a sitcom.

-I can't wait until this show comes out on DVD, I am definitely getting it to have and enjoy for years to come. I wish Roseanne would get another sitcom deal going, she's still young and funny, I would love to see her in primetime again!
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All in the Family (1971–1979)
An excellent sitcom, POINT BLANK!
18 August 2001
This is definitely my favorite show and I am glad that there are re-runs on Nick-At-Nite. One of my favorite episodes is when Archie gets locked in the cellar and is finally "rescued" by a repair man, but Archie is drunk and he thinks that the repair man is god, little does know, that the repair man is black!(not that it matters, but to archie?!) And when he bows down to him and lifts his head to see his "god" the audience roared in laughter as did I. Sometimes I wish that this show was on now, (of course with all the stupid issues today, that would be close to impossible), but then again it wouldn't be as good as it was, with all of the "1970's issues" to make fun of and comment on....infact, I think that the issues of the day greatly helped make this show the hit it was, along with the superb acting of course.I hope this show remains on the air for a long time, because I could never get sick of watching All In the Family!
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