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Six Feet Under (2001–2005)
You have to watch this.
9 October 2007
No matter who you are. Man or woman. Black or white. Rich or poor. Religious or atheist. Democrat or Republican. Wherever you're from, whatever you do, whoever you are, you must watch this.

This is the only thing where I've never heard of anyone who dislikes it. All of those few who have said its bad sooner or later had to admit they hadn't even seen it. Check the user comments here on IMDb - can you find a bad one?

It really is that good.

Ironically this show is about death, but in fact, its more about life than anything else. And it's honest.

Go and watch it now, if you haven't seen it yet.

I envy you of the experience of watching it for the first time.
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Sendung ohne Namen (2002–2013)
The Best Show In The History Of Television
19 February 2007
The "Show without a Name" is the best thing ever on TV, but you need to speak German fluently to understand it, and best be from Austria. (But even then you won't entirely understand it in all aspects, unless you watch each episode several times and perhaps do some research after watching.)

I will not go into the details of the show as those who are interested in it should know anyway, and people outside of Austria will hardly (most probably not at all) get a chance to see it.


Nothing more to say.
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Echt fett (2003– )
Good concept, executed brilliantly
17 February 2007
Even if the concept of "echt fett" may not really be original and rather was ripped-off from the likes of "Trigger Happy TV" or even the German "Comedystreet", it is a great show on its own.

Why I hear you ask? Well, because they picked up the concept and consequently took it to another level in my opinion.

You get the usual Trigger Happy TV stuff like the actors of the show running through the streets of Vienna (instead of London) doing funny stuff like fake chases with the intentionally inappropriate music in the background. But the best part by far surely are all the hilarious pranks they play on innocent random people, which they do in such a great manner - especially Robert Palfrader seems to be a master of his trade.

And the good thing about this show is, in contrary to most of the other stuff on Austrian TV, this should be fairly easy accessible for anyone who speaks at least some basic German. (Or anyone, if there is an English version, which i haven't heard of.)
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15 February 2007
Well... what can I say?

Several of the people who commented on this movie said it was bad - I have to disagree.

What they seem not to get is... well it seems like they expected the movie to be just a long version of an episode of MA 2412. Well it wasn't, and it wasn't intended to be.

I think the movie does just fine at what it tries to do, there's just a few things that I could have lived without (like Harald Krassnitzer being in the cast).

On the other hand there's scenes you just gotta love, like some of the conversations at the EU headquarters or especially Breitfuß and Weber meeting for the first time.

I think this film has an interesting concept and surely is worth seeing once if you liked the TV series or Dorfer and Düringer's work in general.
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MA 2412 (1998–2002)
The funniest TV show ever ....if you are from Austria
29 January 2007
MA 2412 features two icons of Austrian comedy - Roland Düringer as Ing. Engelbert Breitfuß, the prime example of an Austrian and especially Viennese clerk, and, as his counterpart, Alfred Dorfer as Michael "Mike" Weber "himself", and uneducated cad, who happens to work in the same office as Breitfuß.

Karl Ferdinand Kratzl who performs great as Herr Klaus / Santa Clause (YES the beard IS real) and Monica Weinzettl as dense secretary Frau Knackal complete the regular cast of the show.

In the earlier episodes Karl Markovics and in the later ones Wolfgang Böck make frequent appearances as Senatsrat / Obersenatsrat.

Another character that appears frequently as well is "Kopier-Fredi".

The rest of the cast of each episode is made up of guest actors, sometimes people who are famous in Austria and Germany like Bavarian actor Ottfried Fischer, Austrian football star (and Rapid Vienna legend) Andy Herzog or other Austrian comedians.

This show has many great aspects, first of all the phantastic and very Austrian style of humour which made me laugh harder than most things I've seen on TV, the hilarious satire of bureaucracy in Austria, which at times, well actually most of the time, is so true, and last but not least the never ending rivalry of two main characters who seem to hate each other so deeply when they are actually so similar below the surface.

There is nothing really bad i can say about this show, the only thing i should add: If you are not from Austria or at least speak German, you probably can't do much with it. Even if you are from Germany (or Switzerland) you probably won't get a few of the jokes. :)
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