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Business Man (2012)
Finally, Telugu Cinema grew some balls!
5 February 2012
I had the least expectations when watching this film, due to Puri Jagan's recent track record and the fact that most big movies flop releasing after a stupendous hit (Dookudu). I'm glad that I had the least expectations because I enjoyed the movie to the fullest. No unnecessary scenes in the film. The running time of the film is only 2 hours, 6 minutes. Mahesh Babu's acting was awesome! I am glad he came forward to do such a movie and he carried the film all the way. Puri Jagan's dialogues were excellent. A lot of them were worth blowing whistles and not many dialogues give that punch in movies: Only Puri can deliver such dialogues! Also, there are not many songs in the film so the tempo of the film is well-maintained. This is a good start for 2012. I am looking forward for Puri's upcoming films this year.
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I expected much more from Dil Raju...
30 September 2010
There was a time when a Dil Raju had a big hype and now I think that time is gone...with movies like Josh, Maro Charitra, and this film (RRKK), Dil Raju is losing his mind. Its hard for me to believe that this is the same guy that gave us Arya, Bommarillu, Parugu, or KBL..

Anyways, nothing new to plot (in an interview, director says he worked on the story for 1 year). The story is set in a village but from the village, they go to city - Mumbai, and there is shootouts, car chases, abbo! Ram plays a typical badass character who teases the girls, Priya Anand and Bindu Madhavi, and they're just like 'Oh..'. Stupid! Arjun was good in his role as big brother and he dubbed his own voice for first time. Music was good. Cinematography sucked ass big time. Did not show Andhra naturally, looked very artificial..

Overall, I give a 4 for this crappy film, just for Arjun and music :)
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Dabangg (2010)
First time, I enjoyed watching Salman Khan!
30 September 2010
I saw this film recently, because of all the hype around the film and breaking 3 Idiots' box office records and I could say for the first time, I enjoyed watching Salman Khan in a 'mass' movie!! :) I watch Telugu/Tamil films a lot and when I say 'mass' movie, I mean like masala (songs, fights, dances, senti-scenes, all that good stuff). It was a difference experience watching a Bollywood star do this kind of film, whereas in South India, there are hundreds of films like this one. But still, DABANGG is the BANGG!! I don't like to watch much of Salman khan's films like MAMK, Yuvvraj, films with David Dhawan, etc but this movie was great to see Salman Khan perform. I know there are a lot of cheezy fight sequences and silly dance steps but it was fun to see Salman in it.

Camera work was really good. Nice brown and reds throughout the film..I did not like the camera-work/Artwork of Salman's previous film WANTED because it looked too colorful..these kinds of movies need to bring down the color..Story is very weak but directions takes over. The movie is only 2 hours, 8 min. so definitely no boring scenes..

I recommend this film for one and all. Have a Blast!!
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Leader (2010)
Hats off, Sekhar Kammula!!
30 September 2010
I don't get too excited to watch a film when I see a promo of a film. This film is an exception. As soon as I watched the trailer, I was DYING to watch this film! First of all, because it is a Sekhar Kammula film. And second, to see Rana, who makes his debut with this film. My high expectations were reached.

Basically, the plot is about a Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh who dies in a car blast and has his son, who studies in America, take over the state and overcome corruption. Telugu cinema does not have enough political dramas and the ones that do have lots of violence and swear words. LEADER is the only film, sans violence, swearing, and even dancing to a song (an Indian-film tradition). Rana was really good as the young Chief Minister. This movie did not look like Rana's first film. I hope he does more films like this (not necessary political, but just a variety of roles) in the future. Sekhar Kammula is great as usual. Very good dialogue in the film. The biggest plus of the film is the music. Mickey meyer used 'Maa Telugu Thalli' and 'Vandemataram' in the film soundtrack. There is an item song in this movie, more of qawalli type. The movie was kinda long, abt 3 hours, but damn, it was worth it! I recommend every Indian to watch this film. It might change the way you think..
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Below Average
14 July 2008
This is not the same kind of movie you would be expecting from Puri Jagannadh, who entertained us with ANOTA, Shivamani, Pokiri, and Desamuduru. The story of the film is very predictable. Its about this guy Bujji and girl Chitti who are looking for each other after getting separated during their teens. Okay, the story doesn't have to be all great for a commercial movie, but if it hardly entertains, whats the point? For the first time (second, if u also include Chirutha) in any of Puri Jagannadh's movies, Ali fails to make the audience laugh. The only thing that I found entertaining in this film are some dialogues. Thats the only department where Puri never fails. Other than that, the cast was OK. Trisha wasn't so glamorous, in my opinion. Sanjana didn't have much screen time. Mohan Babu tried to pull off Srihari's character from "Dhee". Cinematography was definitely not good. The lighting just isn't good in 90% of the scenes. The VFX in "Love Me" song is a bit annoying.

Overall, this kind of movie can only be watched once, if you have NOTHING ELSE TO DO!!
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Kantri (2008)
Best movie of the summer
14 July 2008
This is totally my opinion, but out of Jalsa, Parugu, Kantri, and Bujjigaadu, I liked Kantri a lot and I will explain what I liked and didn't like in the film.

What I liked:

1.) NTR - In "Yamadonga", he didn't look good with the long hair and slim body. But after this film, short hair and slim body makes him look best. Also, his dressing style is kinda cool, even though it kinda looks borrowed from Pokiri.

2.) Dialgoues - I guess Meher Ramesh learned a lot from his guru Puri Jagannadh. There a lot of good one-liners.

3.) Comedy - When I watch a commercial movie, I expect to be entertained and what not a better way than laughing? Sunil is alright as the dance instructor but his getup as Gundu Boss was hilarious. Krishna Bhagwan was also funny as tour guide in Singapore.

4.) Twist - There is a big twist in the climax, which I can't tell, but it brings the end of the second half back on track.

What I didn't like:

1.) Heroines - Telugu people should really start choosing Telugu speaking girls, instead of North Indian tramps. (Sorry, no offense)

2.) Second Half - After a fun first half, the second half slowly slides and drags.

Overall, I give this movie an 8/10
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Jalsa (2008)
pretty funny here and there
10 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
After 7 long years, Pawan Kalyan is finally back with a complete entertainer, in the form of JALSA. Here are the pluses and minuses of the film:

MINUSES- Sanjay turning into a Naxalite and then drinking and going to bars does become a bit illogical. Also, there aren't as much punch dialogues in this film as there were in Trivikram's previous films. Climax was not that good and so much unnecessary bloody, gory scenes...

PLUSES- COMEDY!!! Bramhanandam's episode as "Pranav", comedy between Pawan Kalyan and Prakash Raj, Sunil always calling Dharmavarapu at the wrong time, and Sivaji's intro were pretty hilarious.....Songs were picturised pretty cool; my favorites being You & I, Jennifer Lopez, and My Heart is Beating...Fights are not those typical ones when bad guys are flown away by a kick....Fights looked pretty natural....

If you are looking toward a complete entertainer, this film is definitely recommended!
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Pourudu (2008)
An "OK" time-pass movie...
7 March 2008
The story isn't very new that much, same old father-son relationship story. But what I like about this is that it is the son that has to bear his father's bad habits. In regular movies, it the father that has to bear the son's bad habits. Sumanth is OK. He could have performed better in histrionics. Brahmanandam and Ali provided mediocre comedy. Kajal is OK as lead female. The script could have been better. The twist in the climax is good. Music by Mani Sharma is the major highlight of the movie. My favorite song on screen was "Nee Pakkanunte".

This film is an OK time-pass flick.....however if you want to watch it, make sure you watch it in a good theater or on DVD with a good sound system!
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Lakshyam (2007)
Above average to decent movie
7 March 2008
The story of the movie is old and simple and narration is good. I liked the first 10 min of the movie as it keeps you guessing what is going to happen. Gopichand was pretty good in his dialogue-delivery and dances but in almost all of his movies, he has a soft romantic side and a completely angry side. Still he did good. Anushka looked hot next to Gopichand. Their chemistry is good. But above all, I really like how Jagapati Babu played second lead. He should be appreciated for doing this kind of role. His introduction is pretty cool. The villain did well, but the dubbing did not suit him. Mani Sharma's music was good but the last song "Suku Suku Sukumari" was unnecessary with the tempo of the film. Cinematography was excellent. Brahmanandam's comedy in the shopping mall was hilarious. Overall, it is an above average to decent movie. You can watch it once.
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Krishnarjuna (2008)
Good only when Nag is there.....
7 March 2008
This has got to be the most boring movies I have seen in my life.....The makers of the movie HYPED this movie too much because its the immediate film after Vishnu's hit Dhee and Nagarjuna's guest appearance. The first half of the movie is very slow and hackneyed....but the film picks up at interval when Nagarjuna comes in....But the second half again starts very slow and crashes at the end....

The only thing I liked about this movie was Nagarjuna....He gave life to the movie (even though it was for like 15 min altogether). I was ready to leave the theater because of being sick of the first half, but when Nagarjuna stepped in, things got a little relieved....

Now the things I HATE about the movie....First, the characters. Vishnu's character as an innocent boy who is not intelligent is SO routine and lame. Mamta Mohandas as a rich, snobby girl who doesn't give a f*** about Vishnu but loses her heart to him. Secondly, I didn't like the music at all....there was only one OK song "We are coming" but it comes during the end credits. Technically, the movie is poor as well. Cheaps fights and very very poor production values. After seeing a "rich-looking" film such as Yamadonga, one would wonder why Mohan Babu lacked richness in Krishnarjuna, when he played second lead in Yamadonga!!!

Unless you are a DIE-HARD fan of Nagarjuna and want to see him for 15 min, I suggest you avoid this flick.
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This movie is a winner!
27 January 2008
Out of the four Ssankranti films (OKKA MAGADU, POURUDU, KRISHNA, & VAANA), I happened to like Krishna above all. Without Bramhanandam, this movie is dead. He single handedly dominates the comedy in this film (Venu Madhav & MS Narayana did well in their roles too). Ravi Teja proves that only he can do such roles. Trisha looks much better compared to SAINIKUDU & AMAV. This movie seems more like a Sreenu Vytla film more than a V.V.Vinayak film. Nevertheless, Vinayak did a good job in not creating any boring scenes. Songs are good too. I was quite disappointed with Chota K. Naidu's work in earlier films AATA & SHANKARDADA ZINDABAD, but in this film, the cinematography makes the film look very rich, especially in the songs. To sum things up, this movie is a winner all the way!!
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Chirutha (2007)
watchable for songs...
8 January 2008
I watched the movie just days before hitting 100 days and the audience occupancy wasn't as full as the movie Happy Days. Actually, since I live in the U.S, I had three opportunities to see the movie but all failed due to work. But I feel quite happy that I didn't waste $10 in a lousy theater but rather Rs. 35/- to see it in a A/C theater. Anyways getting to the point, the movie was pretty average. Ram Charan does average for a new comer but his debut was hyped a little too much. But he can dance damn good though. Cinematography by Shyam K. Naidu was good but he good have given a better look and feel when shooting beautiful locales in Bangkok. I felt that the movie was quite boring, seeing all routine stuff. There aren't any worthy scenes/dialogue to mention as they are the "usual". Songs in the movie are pretty good and I think that pretty much makes this movie watchable.
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Dubai Seenu (2007)
i loved it and it was WORTH IT!!
24 November 2007
Ever since Srinu Vytla's Dhee released, I was so eager to watch his next film, Dubai Seenu, with Ravi Teja (both worked together in Venky). Luckily, I was able to rent the movie on DVD just last week and have to say I LOVED IT AND IT WAS WORTH IT. The plus points in this movie are Nayantara, music and last but not least, COMEDY!!!!!! Sunil, Sayaji Shinde, Bramhanandam, Venu Madhav, Ravi Teja, and M.S Narayana all did their parts extremely well (Not in any particularly order). I really don't know why this movie got mixed reviews. This movie is 100 percent pukka entertainment and should be watched by ALL!! (The only thing in this movie that did startle me for a second was the usage of "lamdike", which is the only swear word I have never heard in any Telugu film before!!)
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Sivaji (2007)
i've seen better movies
10 September 2007
I've waited 3 long months just to watch this movie and from all the records it was breaking, day by day, my expectations were sky-rocketing. But when i watched the movie just a few days back, i was REALLY blown. I personally liked Aparichithudu a lot better than Sivaji because of better screenplay, story, and music. I expected Shankar to do better than Aparichithudu but he failed to do so. The sole plus of this film is RAJNI ALL THE WAY!!!!! Be it dances (give him a break, he is around 58) or fights, he performed really good. Especially scenes when he enacted NTR, ANR, and Chiranjeevi. Fights were OK (i liked the way they were shot on steadicam). Music by Rehman sucked BIG TIME! Cinematography was excellent. Like i said, Shankar disappointed big time with a weak screenplay but it is ONLY RAJNI who carries the film.
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Stalin (2006)
liked it...but could've been better technically....
23 August 2007
This movie was fairly good but i personally felt that A.R. Murugadoss could have come up with a better story (the basic plot was lifted from Pay It Forward) or something more original. like what he did for Tagore.

Positive aspects:

-Chiranjeevi's performance

-decent message for audience

-Sunil's performance at climax

-The way Chiranjeevi killed bad guys when they kidnap his nephew

Negative aspects:

-Music (was very average)

-Trisha (she looks like his daughter or something)

-basic plot being lifted from Hollywood film

-the last fight (looked very corny and illogical)

-uneccessary usage of weird camera angles

-Choreography (nothing we expect from a great dancer like Chiranjeevi)

-some dialogues (sound hackneyed and old-fashioned)

-Chiranjeevi's costumes/wardrobe (look like the ones from Tagore)

On a whole, its a decent flick but watch it without any expectations!
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Annavaram (2006)
very clichéd...
18 August 2007
I just saw the DVD last night and have to say its pretty tough to decide whether I liked it or not. I am a fan of Pawan Kalyan but I felt the movie wasn't up to his expectations. the story is very clichéd and so is the acting of Pawan Kalyan. You feel like you've seen it again and again in various Indian movies. When listening to the music on CD, it sounds pretty cool but the picturizations and dances didn't go well. Comdey was very dry except for a few dialogues here and there of Ashish Vidyarthi (claiming he raped a girl at the age 14). Fights were boring and the same old, same old (goons flying away at the punch of hero). But a few things i liked about the movie was the strategies that Pawan Kalyan uses to eliminate the bad guys in the second half.

Its a typical movie fans may enjoy but a regular audience wont like.
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Didn't reach expectations.......
17 August 2007
I watched Shankardada Zindabad just last night and have to say I am very disappointed with Chiranjeevi and the makers of the movie. First of all, Chiranjeevi looks very fat and bulky. His dances weren't as good as his dances in Tagore and Indra. Secondly, Karishma Kotak is not glamorous at all. I really wondered why they put her in the film. They should have put Asin or Nayantara or Vidya Balan. But Karishma Kotak really works against the film. Thirdly, the cinematography (lighting) wasn't as good as Chota K. Naidu's other films as cinematographer. One would expect GREAT dances from the combination of Chiranjeevi and Prabhudeva. But Prabhudeva also failed to live upto those expectations as well. The only plus point of the movie is Devi Sri Prasad's music.
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Jagadam (2007)
Its different....
17 August 2007
Jagadam is one of those movies that stand out to be different. Unlike other movies, this film actually has a story and a powerful message conveyed to the youth. Sure, the movie may be a rip-off of City of God, but what the heck? I was surprised that this movie was a flop. The only thing that worked against the movie was the stupid Central Board of Film Certification. They ordered 33 cuts from the movie and on top of that, they gave the film an 'A' certificate. If the movie had that many cuts, of course it wouldn't be as good as it just ruins the flow of the movie. Also , the CBFC changed the song "Violence is a fashion" to "Jagadam is a fashion" and the name SANIA MIRZA got edited out of the song "5 feet 8 inches". For a regular cinegoer, this wouldn't be a film they would like, but if u like critically acclaimed films, then go for it!
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Yamadonga (2007)
Pretty good.
16 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I've been waiting six long months to watch this movie on DVD and i finally had that opportunity last night. Since it was declared the biggest grosser of 2007 for Tollywood and most of the reviews were quite positive, I thought I'd have a look. Here is what I think about this film:

First, what i did NOT like about this film:

1. The runtime goes over 3 hours and kind of drags in some scenes.

2. Also, how when Yama (Mohan Babu) comes on Earth, he knows already how do stuff such as seduce men, hold a remote, etc...etc.....

3. And in the beginning where the tiger turns into a human (NTR)!!!???

OK, now what I did LIKE about the film:

1. The Yamalokam set was AWESOME!! It was very big and the whole design was just marvelous. Art director did a good job for all the sets, including the house set and the pub for the Nachore song.

2. NTR's dances were really good.

3. The songs "Nachore" and "Rabbaru Gaajulu" were my favorite. "O Lammi Thikkarekinda" was funny!!

4. Fights were pretty cool, especially the first one with the visual of a cheetah chasing a deer.

5. The tug-of-war between NTR and Yama

6. Visual effects were pretty cool too, for a Telugu movie....

This movie is pretty good and deserves a watch!!
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Munna (2007)
its OK...
14 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Barring a new look, there isn't much difference in the role for Prabhas from what he had done in his previous films - single handedly he wipes out bunch of goons, breaks iron culverts etc. But as usual, he is good in that role. His character as bar tender, a student, a friend, a leader and a savior is nicely projected on the screen. Heroism is elevated to the core in the film. His confrontation scene with Prakashraj (that comes as interval bang), his encouragement for a student to fight Khakha's son etc.. such scenes are done very good in the film and elevate the character of Prabhas. and Illeana acted very good, her role plays only for songs.
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