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Sexy Beast (2000)
Not that funny.
12 August 2001
I have no idea, who might have called this movie a comedy, because only the first scene is funny. It is just normal crime (gangster) movie, although there is not much shooting. I would rather say, that this is a slow paced, well weighted drama.

The story is about a retired gangster, who has no intention about coming back. The thing is, that his boss wants him to do another job. This is the basic conflict, which leads to dramatic after-effects.

I would like to compare this movie to 'Snatch' or 'Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels', but Jonathan Glazer (the director of 'Sexy Beast') is definitely not Guy Ritchie. While Ritchie's movies are fast and full of fun and gun shoots, this movie is rather quiet. The emotions and relationships are more important. But unfortunately, this leads to boredom. Although the movie is only 90 minutes or so, you feel like you have just spent 2 hours watching.

The last thing I want to talk about is the title. Although great and catchy, it has nothing to do with the movie itself. I have no idea who might have come with this title for this movie, it just doesn't fit.

Overall, I rate this movie for 6.
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Typical action movie
11 August 2001
This movie has everything that it takes to make a typical american (read: hollywood) movie: a bad guy (psycho type one), a good guy (a too good one - he shoots, but he doesn't kill), a beautiful chick (Courtney Cox - she is so hot!) and a little too smart kid (I mean, way too smart). The story is rather simple, there is nothing to figure out, you just watch it and two hours seems like 20 minutes. Is this movie any good? Well, yes, if you ask me, but bare in mind that I just love high budget hollywood action movies. This movie reminds me of Face Off. They are much look alike, although the story is definitely different. I gave this movie a 7. Highly recommended for anyone who just love to watch man with big guns shooting each other :)
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Funny, sometimes
11 August 2001
It is a comedy about making movies. The crew arrives in a village town to shoot a movie, but a lot of problem araises, making a lot of funny situations. The movie itself is funny, but up to a point. The ending is just boring, makes you just want to turn it off. Overally it is not a bad movie, but I think that it looses its point during the run. I gave it a 5.
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The Gift (2000)
10 August 2001
Although the movie itself is not that sad, it depressed me. The story is good, but could have been better. There is one thing, that is really great about this movie, though. It is the acting of Kate Blanchett, which is a masterpiece itself. She played a very convincing role of a psychic. Annie Wilson, played by her, posses 'The Gift'. She can foretell future, but only tragical and bad things. And opposite to the 'Millennium' series, this gift is a curse for her. She is forced to help solving the local case of murder. Almost everyone in town is against her, but she tries to be strong.

In the middle of the movie, I thought that I knew everything and that it will be just plain simple till the end. I was surprised to see the otherwise! I was a little bit shocked few times, but fortunately everything became explained in the ending. I gave this movie a strong 7.
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Office Space (1999)
Simply the best
9 August 2001
This movie is just great for every computer nerd out there. Or even wider, for every IT specialist in the world :) I have watched it for the third time now, and although it didn't make me laugh as loud as for the first time, I still had to keep myself not to fall from the chair :)

This is a story about a guy, who is basically sick with his job. One day, during an tragically interrupted therapeutic session, his attitude to life changes drastically. He begins treating everything, that was important to him back at the time, with great ease. He doesn't care about his job, nor his girlfriend. He just wants to do nothing at all and become rich. He plans on inserting a virus into a computer system with his friends and become rich. What follows next is just hilarious, you just have to see it. Every scene is funnier than the next. And it's not that kind of humor that you see in the *too* popular sitcoms. This is a very intellectual, mostly IT related.

By the way, I study computer science. When I have seen this movie for the first time, it was no. 1 back then. Now it's Matrix, but this title still hold the glorious second position. I would have given it 11 if it was possible.
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The Mexican (2001)
Good laugh
8 August 2001
I've just watched it. After seeing a cheap Czech movie, which got me a little bored, therefore I decided to watch some american (almost) block buster movie. A typical hollywood flick, You may expect. And so it was, the choice went on to see 'The Mexican'. What a relief it was. I didn't have to think at all during this movie, I just watched it! And I had a very good laugh at it. The storyline, although a little bit complicated (but not that much), was..., well..., good! The movie altogether has no flaws at all. Except maybe one - it is just too typical and everything in it is just plain simple. But hey, these are the rules of hollywood movies! I accepted them, I watched the movie and I had a great time.

By the way, James Gandolfini is just great. I love every piece of his acting. No, I am not gey :)

I highly recommend this movie to anyone, who wants to spend 2 hours having a great laugh. It is also good to watch with your girl/boy friend. I gave it a strong 8.
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Eeny Meeny (2000)
Not that boring at all.
8 August 2001
As I started to watch this movie, I was informed that this was a black comedy. Then I have checked the imdb rating (which was 7.3 at that time, although there were only few voters, which I didn't know at the time), so I was really looking forward to see this movie. I expected some Quentin-Tarantino style flick. I was totally wrong.

During the first 45 minutes, I was almost bored to death. I realized in the 10th minute, that it was just a normal drama movie, but I still wanted to watch it. After 1 hour of watching, I even become interested in the storyline. And the ending was, well, good.

I expected shootings, I got quiet family drama, with sad ending. I will not tell you a word about the story, you have to find out for yourself. I gave it a strong 6.
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