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In Plain Sight: Pilot (2008)
Season 1, Episode 1
Very Disappointing
2 June 2008
Due the the success of other shows on USA like Psych, Monk, and Burn Notice, I was very excited when I saw the previews for In Plain Sight.

Much to my dismay, the show was flat out terrible. Ten of the first fifteen minutes were about as exciting as watching paint dry. Especially with the first episode, you need something to draw the viewers interest, but unless you've lived in a closet your whole life, there was nothing attention grabbing to speak of. To their credit, the show did become slightly more interesting for approximately twenty minutes, but it was just an illusion, and went back to being bland.

I kind of felt like I was watching rehearsal instead of the final product, because everything was mediocre at best. The acting was lukewarm and the story was ho hum - any one who has watched CSI or Law and Order more than once would have found the story trite.

The jokes in themselves should have been funny, but when the actors said their lines I found I wasn't laughing , because everything was so dry and stiff (Except for the "The Honey, I'm Home" part, which ironically was funny because of the stiffness).

And honestly Mary, the main character, is boring. Good, you've got a stick up your butt for some reason, that doesn't make you an interesting character. I'm not sure if this is a failure of good writing or acting, but it seems to be a combination of both.

I couldn't bear to watch the last 20 minutes of the 1.5 hour episode, it was so bad. I value my time much more than what they give me credit for, and I'm honestly offended.

If the pilot is any indication of what is to come in the series, save your precious time for something else, there are a lot better shows out there.
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