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Not Scary or Funny – total crap!!!
26 June 2007
This movie has a lot of problems starting with the lead actor. How is the audience supposed to believe that a scrawny kid who looks like he's straight out of WB's Seventh Heaven is the deranged killer? His acting is terrible as well and doesn't fit this type of film.

Then there's the misfire attempts at comedy which led me to believe this movie was trying to make up for its shortcomings in scares (or anything close to tension or horror) with jokes which didn't seem to work either.

Another bigtime complaint is there's no gore or decent kill effects. Its like the director thought that the failed attempts at making a joke out of horror clichés was going to make up for the lack of kills (I think the first kill doesn't take place until like 45 minutes into the movie) and gore. Pitiful.

I watched this movie with high expectations as it seemed to have garnered a few decent reviews but damn was I disappointed. For a film that is trying to say its giving you a killer in the vein of the great slashers (IE: JASON, FREDDY, MICHAEL MYERS) its misses its mark completely. I ended up turning it off when the predictable ending kicked into place and I was like gimme a break. I would best compare this to The Village in that I was mislead into believing I was going to see a horror film and was fooled into watching some ineffective boring crap that couldn't lift a scare, laugh, or emotion other than thinking," This Sucks!!! People got to stop giving Anchor Bay props for releasing movies like this and advertising them as horror films when they're not scary horrific or funny.
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A Dead Calling (2006 Video)
Forget The Devils Rejects- This ones actually Scary!!!
10 January 2007
Well finally here's a good use of genre talent (Sid Haig, Bill Moseley, Leslie Easterbrook) put to a true horror film with a dark atmospheric story to match. It's basically a ghost story/slasher film that combines the genres seamlessly with a twist that comes at the end that left me at the edge of my seat. I'd say this is Moseley's best performance since Texas Chainsaw Massacre II and Haig and Leslie deliver some solid perfs as well. If you liked the Devils Rejects check this out as you won't be disappointed. This could be the best ghost story of the year (theatrical or direct-to-video). Its like a J- Horror film done right with the slasher element. Keep them coming Feifer!!!
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Highly recommended!!!
9 November 2006
So being the horror freak that I am I noticed this on the shelves of the local blockbuster and rented it.

Wow, was I surprised at the quality of this Lionsgate horror gem. First of all its got genre faves Jeffrey (Reanimator) Combs and James (Donnie Brasco & Satanic) Russo giving the usual solid performances. Next, it takes a totally new take on the portrayal of an Exorcism and the special features on the disc indicate that a real Catholic Bishop was used to consult in regard to the ritual so you may be surprised at the efforts the filmmakers went to set this aside from other lesser fact-based Exorcism films that have come out in the last few years.

Lastly, this film maintains a uniquely creepy and dark atmosphere through out the film that had me at the edge of my seat trying to figure out what was going to take place next. Compared to the cliché and formulaic horror attempts that have been hitting the marketplace in the last few years I highly recommend checking this out, as I don't think you'll be disappointed.
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