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Yeah, man!
14 April 2002
It's a simple movie to watch, just sit back and see watch since it doesn't take a lot of thinking. The plot isn't huge and it has all kinds of conflicts that all teens experience, but not really solutions to go with it. You don't really learn anything or learn a lesson. You just enjoy since it is such a fun movie!

They even show little parts for you get a tiny sample of what it might have been like. One part, when girls are getting ready for a person has to suck-in and lie on the bed just to zip up the zipper on her bell-bottoms since they are just that tight! I know for sure if I asked my mother, she could recall her and all the girls wearing extremely tight jeans.

This was an awesome movie and I really recommend it to only teenagers since your parents might make it less fun by going and no one. It isn't for kids of a young age (BEST for 14 and up). If I could change anything...there would be a lot less pot smoking.

Enjoy everyone, By the way, Slater is the best! He's awesome!
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Barney would have been better...
3 January 2002
To start off, I think this movie definitely was horrible! I have been an Archie fan since I was very young. I love the comic books, but I don't love this movie.

This movie sucked because Jughead shouldn't be a shrink, the teenage Jughead we all know does not give a dam* about other people! Yeah, he was an excellent friend to Archie, but Jughead isn't the type to refrain from eating cheeseburgers' all day and listen to pathetic problems.

Not only was the character 'Jughead' bad, but Reggie Mantle, the thug we all know would not seek that type of revenge to the gang. Reg was full of dirty gags, but he wasn't like that. Reggie was a jerk, not a jack***! Geez, even Reggie had 'some' morals.

And Betty and Veronica's sad attempt to win over Archie didn't seem to be too realistic. The ending is pretty sad, also..."just friends"--right. That is the love-sick Archie we all know. NO way, Archie would not loose contact over the woman he loved for his whole teenage years for an annoying fiancee. Puh-lease, who made this movie?

Overall, this movie stunk. Big Ethel will never be a model, Jughead had no intentions to become some 'rap wannabe'. Along with Archie's Weird Mysteries, this has been a horrible movie and I'm sorry I ever watched it.
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The Paper Boy (1994)
I think the movie was alright, its not as bad as some may say it is.
3 November 2001
I watched the movie just today and I thought it was more hilarious than it was scary or a thriller. I don't know anyone who's actually found that movie scary, so obviously it isn't. I think I was probably in an energetic movie since I laughed the whole time. Just at the way Johny reacted to things.

The cool thing about this movie about how Johny (Marc Marut) is very devilish and too obsessed, but most good movies aren't realistic at all. Hes a young kid around the age of 12-15 who has an obsession for a woman and his obsession goes a little too far causing people to die since they get in the way. I suspected that kid to be evil since he has some sort of innocent, yet a smart-a** side to him and its really disturbing. Many people will say it was a tasteless, corny and pretty lame movie, but the young actor couldn't have played his part better. He was really convincing!

I'm not going to give a summary/ending or the whole point of the movie since thats a surprise for everyone else and I'm no good at it. I think the young actor plays a purfect part in it.
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