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Luke Cage (2016–2018)
19 December 2018
For a superhero series it is incredibly boring. Endless scenes of meandering conversations which seemed more like something to fill the empty spaces than advancing any plot. Very little action. Luke Cage is very one dimensional. The character was better in the Defenders as a member of the team than a stand alone series. Not surprised to see the show canceled. If you are looking for something to put you to sleep at night, then this is definitely the show for you.
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Arrival (II) (2016)
14 November 2016
There's 2 hours of my life, I would like back. I should have known better. I hated Amy Adams in "Man of Steel" as Lois Lane and her wooden acting has not improved. How does she get work?

The plot is astonishingly nonsensical, bad dialog, and endless flashbacks. I kept waiting for something exciting to happen, and it never did. I rank "Arrival" with other overrated science fiction garbage like "Interstellar" and "Transcendence".

The film is littered with preachy leftist propaganda. I don't know how it is getting good ratings.

When I finally saw the end credits I was so happy to depart, from "Arrival".
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South Park: Reverse Cowgirl (2012)
Season 16, Episode 1
I loved this episode
19 September 2016
Sure this show has its' hits and misses, but I though this on was a scream. Parker and Stone are the masters of over blowing mundane every day issues (like leaving the toilet seat up) into major cataclysms.

This is definitively one of the more bizarre episodes, and I laughed all the way through. The death of Craig's mom was too funny for words.

The whole idea of law enforcement patrolling bathrooms to make sure that people are wearing seat belts and TSA agents conducting inspections on toilet users was the perfect satire.

Butters, a favorite character has an important role in this episode. And he is one of my favorite characters.

Well worth 22 minutes of your time. A must see for any South Park fan.
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Sweet and Charming Little Film
29 January 2016
I speak neither Japanese nor Korean and had to use English subtitles, but this is one of my all time favorite films. The main plot is basically 4 high school girls trying to put a band together in just a few days for a school festival. One band member had dropped out at the last minute and another broke her finger. So they are hard pressed to replace them and get going. The film carefully steers away from all the usual clichés and focuses on very believable situations skillfully acted by 4 adorable young ladies. Doona Bae steels the show as a shy quirky Korean exchange student, who rarely understands what everybody is saying, and yet is the lead singer. There is no foul language, sex or even a real antagonist. Linda Linda Linda is lighthearted, funny and simply charming. The title song of the same name has such a catchy hook, that everybody I know, who has seen the movie can't get the tune out of their head. Treat yourself to this rare gem.
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Tea Date (2005)
Short and Sweet
27 January 2016
This is Doona Bae's first English speaking roll long before Cloud Atlas and Sense8. She plays a student who is being tutored by and elderly and lonely volunteer (Mr Ed) (not the horse)

Mr Ed has lost his wife and is a bit of a fuddy duddy. Before the visit he fusses over the tea and snacks for the visit.

It is a very cute little short, which takes place entirely in Mr. Ed's little apartment. Doona Bae did not learn even basic English until much later. But you would never know.

Even in this little roll, Ms Bae's tremendous acting talent shines through. Worth the 20 minutes.
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I laughed so hard, it hurt.
17 January 2016
This is the funniest movie, I have ever seen. South Park's Trey Parker and Matt Stone show their true genius in this vulgar politically incorrect parody of the American might.

Using puppets reminiscent of the old kids show "Thunderbirds" worked especially well. They don't even try to hide the puppet strings or aim for realism. They do in in a cheesy way on purpose, and it works.

The puppet sex scene hurt my stomach, because everyone in the room was laughing so hard it became infectious and no one could stop.

If you are not a prude and enjoy irreverent satire, (which never loses steam) then Team America World Police is for you.
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Sense8 (2015–2018)
Confused at first, then loved it.
14 June 2015
I have seen this over and over in reviews of this series. You have to get to at least the 4th episode to appreciate this series. It is far and away, the strangest show, which I have ever watched. But it is really good if you are willing to invest the time. My thoughts on the 8 characters:

Capheus: (Aml Ameen) The most likable upbeat character. He never loses his optimism, despite being surrounded by troubles. Love his Van Damme bus. Little guy trying to do the best he can. A true hero.

Sun Bak: (The great Doona Bae) Fresh off a best actress win at the Asian Film Awards, far and away the best one in the show. Love her whole plot line. Great that this skinny Asian chick is the action star of the series. Astonishing fight scenes. (a Wachowski standard)

Nomi: (Jamie Clayton) My least favorite character. I could care less, that they have a trans-gender character, but this one is such a downer. And they really beat you over the head with the LGBT stuff. Hope they focus on her hacking in the 2nd season. But I am a huge fan of her lover Freema Agyeman. I am used to her being a goody two shoes in Doctor Who, so this is quite a departure for her.

Kala Rasal: (Tena Desai) ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ (yawn). Well at least she is really pretty.

Riley (Tuppence Middleton) another snooze of a role. Apparently she brings absolutely no skill set to the group. At least Kala can perform pharmaceutical tasks. Riley is just kind of sad all the time.

Wolfgang : (Max Riemelt) Bad ass German criminal. Very cool character. Great back story. He rocks!

Will Gorski : (Brian J. Smith) Nice average cop guy juxtaposed with all these strange characters gives a nice balance. All around good guy, trying to do the right thing. I like the role he plays.

Lito: (Miguel Angel Silvestre) : Definitely my second favorite character and by far the funniest character in the series. Love the whole triangle thing going on with Hernando and Daniella. All three are flawless in their delivery and their chemistry makes them believable.

Nice to see Naveen Andrews again.

I am hoping for a 2nd season. I think they need to do more with the ominous villain Mr. Whispers lurking in the background. The show lacks a serious antagonist. He should be a more prominent character. There is some serious talent behind the show. Even the credits are cool. Over all despite a rather slow start, I would have to recommend the series. Well written, well acted and completely original. But you have to watch at least 4 episodes.
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Dohee-ya (2014)
Everybody Needs Love
9 June 2015
Very sad film depicting the brutalization of a helpless child. She desperately latches on to a new authority figure in town a policewoman (Played by the great Doona Bae) to escape her personal hell.

Sae Ron Kim gives an outstanding performance as the troubled girl. So sad because we know this kind of thing goes on all over the world. This is just a Korean version, but could have taken place anywhere.

Doona Bae won the best actress award in the "Asian Film Awards" for her performance, so if you're a fan of hers, it is a solid performance.

There were some minor sub plots, that really did not need to be in the movie, but that is only a minor criticism. I would recommend the film, but not for the faint of heart.
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Ex Machina (2014)
Awesome Science Fiction
21 April 2015
This is a well polished film. It keeps you guessing from beginning to end. Great special effects: but not a film based on special effects. All of the actors (all 4) were impressive. I hope it gets a wider release. It is an indie film, after all. Word of mouth the best ad.

I have seen so much over hyped terrible science fiction like "Interstellar" "After Earth" and Transcendence, that I was apprehensive before I saw the film. So I was delighted, when the film did not disappoint. It is intelligent and believable sci-fi. A breath of fresh air these days.

Ex-Machina did not rely on special effects so much as intelligent dialouge. And some great twists and turns.

3 thumbs up!
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Interstellar (2014)
Long Boring and Just Awful
17 April 2015

There are so many things wrong with this film. People land on a water planet with an ocean 1 foot deep, and get hit by a 300 foot tidal wave. Huh?

They need huge chemical booster rockets to escape Earths gravity, but launch effortlessly from a planet with greater gravity.

The whole dying Earth thing makes no sense at all. If dust were destroying all the farms, I imagine, we would start building dust free greenhouses.

None of the science makes sense in this film. It is a shame that there are so many people being paid to write fake reviews.

The only reason I gave it a 2 instead of a 1 rating, is that I kinda liked the robot.

Since I dished out so much money for the Blue Ray, I felt that I had to watch the whole thing. But I was praying for this crapfest of a film to end. Don't waste your time on it.
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Astonishing Special Effects
7 February 2015
I must say, the critics of this film seem overly harsh. If nothing else, the film is worth seeing for the special effects. I thought Mila Kunis was better in Black Swan, but she wasn't bad in the lead role. The plot was very strange, but that is what the Wachowski's do best. A lot of small rolls and cameos from big stars. And I wish Doona Bae had a larger role, as she stole the show in Cloud Atlas.I can see, why this movie cost 175 million dollars. The sets were brilliant and very imaginative. The 3d was also cool. If you are looking for something which isn't your boiler plate science fiction, give this film a day in court.
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Man of Steel (2013)
Amy Adams is a Horrible Lois Lane
4 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers

This was not Superman. Although I liked most of the cast, Amy Adams was the worst Lois Lane ever.There was no chemistry between Lois and Clark. And since when is Lois Lane a blonde? Two thumbs down for Lois.

It's too bad Terrance Stamp was too old to revise his role as General Zod. That guy was awesome. The General Zod in this film was too one- dimensional.The film took too many liberties with the original Superman story line. How come a civilization, which had a huge intergalactic empire, and spaceships galore, could not evacuate everybody? Or even some people. Why did Superman endanger so many people in his fight scenes? He would never do that. The special effects, were top notch, but that could not save this film.
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Snowpiercer (2013)
A train wreck of a film.
29 October 2014
Warning: contains spoilers.

I decided to watch this film, because of all the positive reviews. How anybody could give this piece of garbage more than 2 stars, is beyond me.

I really liked Joon-ho Bongs' Korean blockbuster "The Host". And in particular the Snowpiercer actress Ah-sung Ko, who played the young girl in the Host. And I expected more from great actors like Ed Harris and John Hurt. But nothing could save this ridiculous movie.

The train cars were much bigger on the inside, than the outside. The path covered the whole world. Why not just go around in circles in a smaller area. Where did they get the beef and chickens? Where was the feed for the animals? Why did the super high tech train need 5 year old children to operate?

The prison was just drawers, where they froze you, with no apparent side effects. Why feed them cockroaches and where did they come from? Why not grow something else: anything else to feed them. Nothing in this film made any sense.

I think the most stomach turning scene had the Chris Evans character talking about how all the people in the rear were starving, so they started voluntarily chopping off their limbs to eat. (And that babies taste best.) So the owner of this amazing high tech train, who willingly let everybody on, did not even think of food?

This film is just awful.
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Cloud Atlas (2012)
Outstanding Film!!!
23 May 2014
Someday Cloud Atlas will get the respect it deserves.

A completely original film. Doona Bae steals the show, in her first English speaking role: An incredible performance. One of the greatest casts ever assembled. Hugo Weaving, Halle Berry, Tom Hanks, Xun Zhou and many more all playing a wide variety of characters, races and genders. There is nothing not to like about this film. At over 3 hours long, I was sorry to see it end. It never lost momentum.

The movie flips from 6 different times over and over. sometimes in rapid succession. In most other film, this would be annoying, but in Cloud Atlas, it really works.

The special effects are very convincing, and the dialogue, was obviously written by intelligent people. Both creative and thought provoking.

I am so sad, it never got the recognition it deserved. I think. this is one of those films, which will stand the test of time.
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Tampopo (1985)
What a Great Little Film
21 October 2013
Tampopo is a wonderful lighthearted film. There is no antagonist in the film except for possibly "insincere noodles". The film centers around the quest of a shy humble restaurant owner to improve her product. She has no idea what to do, until her hero Goro (a truck driver)arrives by chance in her restaurant and reluctantly agrees to mentor her in the art of noodle creation. Sounds boring, I admit, but it is not. The movie bounces from one absurd scene to another, with one common theme: food. There are even a couple of bizarre and hilarious sex scenes centered around food. Very funny stuff! It also features a very young Ken Wantabe in one of his earliest roles. If you don't mind subtitles, this is a gem of a film: a completely original comedy.
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Air Doll (2009)
Air Doll worth the time
13 July 2013
Ever since I saw Doona Bae in "Cloud Atlas" I have been fascinated by her unconventional beauty and have been checking out her earlier work in Japan and Korea. I have not been disappointed. I particularly liked "Linda Linda Linda". She is finally being noticed in the US and I am glad to see she will be in the Wachowskis next film "Jupiter Ascending"

Although the concept of "Air Doll" might be off putting to some, if you give the film a chance to develop, you will see that it is handled tastefully and is far from perverse. It is beautifully filmed and well acted both lighthearted at times and quite dark at others.

Doona Bae excels as the wide eyed innocent, wandering around Tokyo and discovering the world, for the first time.

Air Doll has a lovely emotional musical score from "Worlds End Girlfriend" perfectly fits the movie.

The main criticism, I am getting from critics, is that the film is too long. (about 2 hours). I myself, never felt bored. And at the end was quite misty eyed.

As long as you are able to suspend belief in the concept, the film works. I would give it many thumbs up. A breathtakingly beautiful film.

Doona Bae is a magnificent actress. Air Doll is her masterpiece. I have watched it many times and it always gets better. A truly unique film.
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