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Beat-Club (1965–1981)
Loved this show
29 October 2006
I used to watch it back home in Chile after school. I wonder if they are available on DVD's. This program was so good that even my parents used to watch it with us kids. I have seen some of the current music videos and yearn for Beat Club, maybe is a romantic feeling, but it was a clean show, we saw all the top artist, some are still around today. It was sophisticated, pleasant, decent show. There was no foul language, no criminals turned singers, no uneducated masses making millions of dollars, certainly they didn't promote drugs, easy women, vulgar men; lyrics were important too, I don't recall listening to "shoot the cop" or "hitting and abusing women" and so on, you get my drift. Music videos today are a disgrace, nothing but profanity and vulgarity.
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