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Make It The Last
7 August 2001
I have nothing against the movie. It wasn't great, but it wasn't bad. I did like it over JP2 but after the third time and not jumping in scare once, I have realized that I had enough of the JP series.

Perhaps Spielberg realized that too. New creatures were a treat but the raptor thing has been done to death. Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum chemistry was the best (neither appeared together after the 1st and both looked lost without the other).

Overall, the first was the best because it was a new experience. The experience has come to an end but with a huge take at the box office, I suppose I will find myself watching JP4 in 3 years.

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Bruce Lee nostalgia
24 July 2001
I was hoping this movie to be better than 'Romeo Must Die' and I was not disappointed. I truly believe this is Jet Li's English coming out movie (too bad it was released in the summer when other bigger movies come out).

I did not go to see the movie for the story line and those who don't won't be disappointed either. The action was great especially the final scenes. Bridget Fonda did not do much (found her irritating in some scenes) but then again, did not watch the movie because she was there.

Believable, maybe not ... Jet Li as the new Bruce Lee, most definitely!

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