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Flipping Vegas (2011– )
The show isn't so bad
11 September 2016
I actually have fun watching this show. Scott can be very funny.

However, I don't understand how he can gut 2 bathrooms & a kitchen plus make a pass through between kitchen and living room, put up new cabinets (or put up stained cabinets), granite counter tops, beautiful back splash, flooring, add stove & refrigerator, install shower, toilet, small cabinet and toilet in each bathroom, install Aimee's feature wall, add tile to the living room, dining area, kitchen flooring, flooring for both bathrooms, THEN put in carpeting for stairs, upstairs hallway and all bedrooms and FINALLY, paint the inside & outside of the house (coming back later to correct mistakes Scott & Aimee have found), and pay LABOR - all for $12,000 to $18,000. Whoops - almost forgot - if an A/C is needed or items stolen, it "blows" his budget and we can't forget "landscaping" where he gets a bunch of rocks and dumps them in the front & back yards.

Isn't there a minimum wage law in Nevada? I get the feeling he picks up day laborers who stand on the street early every morning to get work.

I'm pretty sure it's Scott who sets the time line for showings and that's what drives Aimee nuts. I don't blame her - one job was 3 days! Needless to say, they went over his time line!

I know Scott can be outrageous but he has a good sense of humor and, at the end when they do their final walk through, he does tell Aimee her designs were good.

I wish they showed some affection for each other. Putting his arm around her shoulders or waist; she could put her hand around his waist or lean her head on his shoulders. Call each other "Honey" once in a while and stop blaming Aimee if the house turns out to have bugs. That would improve the show 100% alone.

At times Scott calls the homes names like, "dump" and says, "Let's just go with cheap materials - no one will ever know", etc. If I just purchased one of his homes and watched the episode, I'd be a little upset, especially if I was told the kitchen was "all new, cabinets to floor" when the cabinets were stained.

One more thing - the flips are "his". The company is "his". He talks about firing her (and divorcing which is not funny, Scott) - I don't know about NV law but she's been a big part of making his flips go so well - how can she not get a piece of the biz if they do divorce?
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Tattletales (1974–1977)
Memories of Good Game Shows
26 January 2016
The description of the show has already been written about so I'm not going to repeat it here.

I used to watch Tattletales when it was first on but not everyday - I was a kid. A few months ago, our cable company added the BUZZR channel which is all old game shows from "What's my Line?" to "Let's Make a Deal" to "Tattletales", etc.

For the first few days, I didn't change the channel - watching the game shows brought back so many good memories.

Tattletales is one of my favorite shows on the channel. (It seems every other game show was hosted by Bert Convy!) The people on the show looked so loose, everyone there seemed to be having fun - I just love it.

Way back, I took all of the shows for granted. Now, while I am thankful for what is on BUZZR, I've noticed many of the shows that I watch are one year only such as "Match Game '78" so there are a lot of reruns already for most of the shows, if not all. I hope other years of these game shows are added plus adding other shows to their network such as Tic Tac Dough. (Yes, I'm greedy!)

Back to "Tattletales" - From the tacky green fake grass look on the set to the outfits worn then to hearing a bit about the celebrities lives, I love it all now. (One thing I do is look up the celebrities to see if they stayed married to their spouse from the show).

It's kind of bittersweet, though, to watch all of the old game shows. I look at the celebrities and so many are gone or very old. On shows such as Tattletales, they were young and vibrant. Even the hosts such as Bert Convy - gone... but, on the other hand, we're lucky to have them on video. And Tattletales was/is funny.

I believe there was something in the credits that, while the contestants didn't have the questions, they were interviewed about certain subjects in general so I think that's why the celebrities were so quick at the buzzer.
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The Sopranos: Employee of the Month (2001)
Season 3, Episode 4
A defining moment for Lorraine Brocco's character
23 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I won't repeat the details of the program as they are already explained here. I just wanted to add that I wonder how many viewers were silently (or not) yelling at the TV screen for Dr. Melfi to tell Tony what happened to her.

That's the brilliance of the writers and actors of The Sopranos. We WANTED Tony to commit murder and it wouldn't have seemed wrong if he had.

Lorraine Brocco's portrayal of Dr Melfi was absolute perfection. We could see the struggle within her just by her eyes and facial expressions. Although she couldn't encourage his "lifestyle", she seemed to actually be tempted to ask Tony for justice. If she had, though, she knew she would be no better than him and Tony, who was a manipulator, would always have something to hold over her head.
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