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Z Nation (2014– )
whats wrong with people? its entertaining!
20 September 2014
i don't know whats wrong with people here,have you ever watched an original old zombie movie? z-nation is much closer to the real deal than TWD. i liked it pretty much and i know i wasn't the only one. i don't know if people getting paid to write bad reviews , but i assume ,yes -- the acting is how it supposed to be,and again,just watch some old zombie movies to compare. its a good cast,too.It is easy to remember the characters. The story is funny and it has some new ideas ,which TWD couldn't pull of.i was surprised that is was a scyfy series,i thought it was fx. :-( overall a nice series,hope for many seasons despite that paid trolling.Just watch it instead of just writing bad reviews cause you think thats the wave to float with. :-)
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