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2 February 2021
Looking for a gateway from reality? This micro short film is for you. ''Mammoth Meditation'' by Matt Check is a tranquil vision that truly doesn't have a lot going on, yet still succeeds in delivering a meditative calming atmosphere.

Taking a dive inside the mind of our extremely amiable flower protagonist this one-shot film showcases the struggle of remaining in a single parallel universe while meditating. This art piece doesn't take any risks but also doesn't play entirely safe. In conclusion, a very laconic vision of Matt Check materialized in this 3D lucid dream aesthetic.

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11 January 2021
''TO KILL A TRUTH'' is a dark political thriller located in Greece and directed by Kiriakos Kotsinis. This short art piece delivers a huge commentary to the corrupt journalism of the country.

We witness the story of a famous immoral journalist who's been abducted by a team of aggressive political activists. The cinematography does a great job creating a mysterious neo noir atmosphere.

Well written and well played although the color palette is poor and leaves a lot to be desired. Unfortunately the film lacks of a climax, it feels like it is constantly building up to an escalation point that never arrives. On the other hand there are a lot of iconic shots and you can tell it is a well crafted piece of art created with passion. The main protagonist conveys a lot of emotions without ever telling a single word and the filming locations are on point.

Kiriakos Kotsinis manages to showcase an art house political drama successfully. These are the first attempts of him in this genre and the future looks bright and optimistic for him.
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The Ribbon (I) (2020)
A very powerful story with a heavy message
4 January 2021
The Ribbon is a short but deeply emotional film. Do not get fooled by the playful bright colors or the smooth animation. The Ribbon tells the story of a young girl in her own majestic kingdom. Later on we find out that this fairytale like world is her escape from her tough medical condition.

The candy visuals and the love drawn into this project are obvious. The spiritual creatures and movements bring strong Miyazaki vibes on the table. Out of the happy valley there is a strong and shocking plot twist. A very rough and emotional scene.

All this is served with the amazing score of Jonathan Galland. A bittersweet trip that just under 5 minutes delivers a lot of emotional weight. The original score helps to deliver the message in a caring way and manipulates the emotions of the viewer, sad when it is needed but also hopeful, optimistic and freed.
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Birthday Girl (II) (2020)
The Autocatastrophic femme fatale Ellie
20 December 2020
BIRTHDAY GIRL is the student film of the young filmmaker Zachary Edward Zebrowitz. From the first scene you can already tell this is going to be the melodramatic trip of a young girl on the day of her birthday.

Zebrowitz is very playful in his lighting techniques, decides to capture the emotion via pink and grey light depending on the psychology of Ellie.

Although you can tell this film was made with a good heart and love for the medium. Zebrowitz falls in the trap of the femme fatale auto catastrophic teenager cliché. The film has some very good pacing and does not play safe for a student film. The directing is solid but the acting leaves more to be desired. The cinematography looks very pretty with literally candy on the screen and as expected for student films, sound design is treated as a secondary attribute.

In the end this is a very hopeful first step for the you filmmaker. We cannot wait to see what he is preparing next. Overall BIRTHDAY GIRL is a very optimistic first attempt on filmmaking.

For the record the poster art looks incredible, has something Homeric.
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