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Every 9 Seconds (1997 TV Movie)
I think the movie portrays women in a weak light. The star character claims she needed a man that showed abuse toward her mom come on.
14 October 2006
This movie is absolutely HORRIBLE you are portraying women as weak and dumb. I can comment on it because I was in an EXXXTREMELY abusive relationship being stomped unconscious and having my eyes and lips swollen at least 2x a month. I felt like I didn't have a way out. The way you portray all of these women is crazy even in the worst of situations someone has sense enough to reach the police NO ONE would leave and come back in a situation like that without calling the cops and the slow response time of the cops is crazy. PLEASE.You have no clue. The end is so far fetched it is unheard of that even in 1997 this is so outlandish.
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