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what an utter bore
16 February 2008
I'm so bored i don't even know where to start...having read a review from IMDb, i eagerly awaited this movie only to find myself, bored out of my mind.

The dialog is poor, the plot unimaginative, and the acting mediocre.

There was no story line that could keep you interested and one was left with no clue as to what was going on.

Apart from some gore and blood (which I do enjoy in horror movies) there was little to keep from yawning.

My wife was equally bored, wanting me to skip ahead in the movie, just to get to something exciting. However, I wanted to know why these vampires rocked up in the first place, where did they come from, and why they were doing what they did (apart from just being vampires). Answers I never got either

Sadly, I do not recommend this movie and would have given it a lower than 1 if there was one.
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