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Elementary: The One That Got Away (2015)
Season 3, Episode 12
Best episode of Elementary so far ...
1 February 2015
I can't stop thinking about this episode and the relationship of Holmes and Kitty Winter. Elementary has brought such an awesome edge to the Sherlock Holmes stories and have handled such mature themes as Kitty's rape and torture with so much class. You can feel all the pain Kitty has gone through along with Holmes deep wounds these two were perfect for each other. Holmes being a much needed mentor and Kitty as someone who needed a caring father figure for all she's gone through. Holmes and Watson have always had a different relationship where they work great together in solving mysteries and crimes and Watson can handle Holmes eccentric behaviors and keep him in check. Sherlock and Kitty were great for each other in that they share similar dark pasts and without speaking about it really show how much they each mean to each other. What a great dynamic! I can't wait to see what is in store in the future for all the characters for Elementary, and the flash back stories are awesome as well. Here's an episode idea ... A whole flashback episode with just Sherlock and Kitty in London taking on one of Kitty's first cases. I'm glad I DVR this series so I can watch this over again!
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