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Nip/Tuck (2003–2010)
This series could use an extreme makeover.
23 July 2003
Fans of FX's other hit original drama, The Shield, will be stunned at the shoddy quality, stale writing, and blah performances that dominate Nip/Tuck. Christian Troy and Sean McNamara are two Florida plastic surgeons who rake in cash by the ton by overhauling the looks of their hapless patients. Only problem is Dr Sean is beginning to question if what they're doing is right.

In the pilot, Dr Sean's family has self esteem problems of their own. For starters son Matt wants a circumcision after he's taunted in the locker room. While wife Julia contemplates a boob job. It doesnt help matters that Sean turns away burn victims as his partner mulls over new marble tile for the recovery steam room.

Sound vapid enough for ya? You bet it is. But the series main problem is that they've missed the boat. In the right hands a show about two morally bankrupt plastic surgeons could be dark and funny. But Nip/Tucks jokes fall flat and it's dramatic plots can be spotted faster than a bad face lift. The series tries to shock with it's bloody re-inactments of surgical procedures but those too are a yawn. ABC's Extreme Makeover real life surgeries are far more stomach turning than these and without the cheesey camera work and bad music. Nip/Tuck is a desperate attempt by FX to be a basic cable alternative to Six Feet Under, a dark soap whose humor actually works. Stay away from discount Botox and this series.
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Grab your bong and enjoy!!!!
10 February 2002
Yes this movie is stupid and yes it's bad but you have to admit it

has a certain charm. It's been on cable a lot lately and I kind of love

it now. And at least Tara Reid or Tom Green arent in it. Seriously,

rent this movie if you feel like laughing. Or if you want to see

Ashton Kutcher and Seann William Scott make out.
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A nice send off for the last intelligent series on MTV.
30 January 2002
The dry, sarcastic humor of Daria was always a breath of fresh air in the stale t&a reality driven universe of MTV. The farewell movie is it college yet? is no exception. All your favorite twisted characters are there and so is Daria's dead pan humor. The movies plot revolves around the Lawndale High gang approaching graduation. The usual ribbing of greed, television, popularity, and success are in full, biting Daria form. Watch this movie and pray MTV has another witty, well written animated series up it's sleeve.

Hard core Daria fans will love the animated cells at the final credits.
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Coyote Ugly (2000)
Funny but for the wrong reasons!
30 January 2002
Coyote Ugly is essentially an after school special about a young

girl named Violet who leaves home to pursue her music career in

New York City. Violet, played by Piper Perabo, soon gets hired at

Coyote Ugly, an infamous New York bar know for it's sexy dancing

bartendars. Plot cliches are served up fatser than the on screen

cocktails. The performances (especially those of Perabo, Tyra

Banks, Maria Bello, and an embarrassing John Goodman) are

laughabley over dramatic. Coyote Ugly is so tawdry, sappy, and

brain dead that it becomes hysterically funny. Watch out for a

scene where Perabo stops a bar fight by performing a Blondie

song!! I dare you not to snicker at a scene where John Goodman's

"inspirational" speech to Perabo from his hospital bed. If you can

enjoy a campy cheese fest, then rent this film. If you're looking for

something more intellectual, avoid this film and go to a real bar!
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H.O.T.S. (1979)
The Citizen Kane of 70's T&A films!!!!
26 January 2002
Topless touch football!! A wet t-shirt contest!! A jockstrap raid!! This "SheAnimal House" has it all. Except a plot and good actors. The film consists of several pranks and catfights between the H.O.T.S. girls and the bitchy PI house. The dialouge is a scream and the soundtrack is sublimely brilliant. Over the past couple of months it's been popping up all over cable, so do yourself a favor and watch out for it. H.O.T.S. is so bad it's good!
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Those of you over 12 will be bored!!!
28 November 2001
Being a huge fan of the book , I had a lot of expectations for this

film. Unfortunately, Chris Columbus ignored the wonderful

narrative qualites and dark vision of the book and made a big

splashy special effects film. The acting of all the adults was

wonderful especially Maggie Smith and Alan Rickman. The child

actors were however suprisingly flat and too cute. A movie

centered entirely around child characters needs strong actors

otherwise it falls apart. The special effects are wonderful but the

movie has no soul.
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Get Over It (2001)
Like it or not the opening sequence will suck you in!!!
2 September 2001
I avoided this movie like an STD when it hit the theatres. I mean Sisco? NO thanks. So I was suprised when I watched it on dvd to find out how sparkling, cute ,and enjoyable this teen flick actually is. The opening of this film is one of the funniest and most creative openings I've seen in a while. Martin Short, Swoosie Kurtz, and Ed Begley Jr. (whom I usually detest) all give hilarious performances. Kirsten Dunst as always manages to once again charm the hell out of you and the rest of the young cast fairs well. As for Sisco, well the Y2K version of little Richard cannot act his way out of a paper bag but mercifully her highness is only in a few scenes and has few lines. Get over it is a cute no brainer that has some good one liners, funny musical numbers, and clever direction. Rent it the next time it rains and you miss the teen movies of the eighties.
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Nine to Five (1980)
Perfect Performances all the way around!!!!!!!
23 July 2001
From the sparkling acting debut of Dolly Parton to the comic genius of Dabney Coleman 9 to 5 is one of the best acted comedies of the 1980s. Jane Fonda and the brilliant Lilly Tomlin round out the lead cast with hilarious performances in this screwball revenge comedies that was one of the first films to champion "girl power". Even the smaller characters like Marien Mercer (as Missy Hart)and Elizabeth Wilson (as office snitch/bitch Roz)get in good one liners and laughs. Rent this movie. No wait - BUY this movie. You can watch it again and again.
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Hollywood Wives (1985– )
80's Cheese at its finest!!
19 June 2001
Suzanne Summers! Candace Bergen! Anthony Hopkins! Shoulder pads! How can you go wrong? Well, actually this mini-series is a whole world of wrong but thats part of the fun. I especially enjoyed Bergen's role as a compulsive shoplifter who lives in Beverly Hills. The movie is too long, too melodramatic but the sleazy characters and the campy dialoge will keep you laughing till the end. Once this trash fest starts I dare you to turn it off!!!
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