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Well-made, very stylish comedy!
13 April 2011
The 'real-life superhero' genre has become almost as familiar as the superhero genre itself, but Homemade Vigilante is a very original film which clearly has a lot of love for the comic books and films it occasionally spoofs.

The film is the tale of a down-and-out loser who dons a mask to become the startlingly ineffectual 'Wolfman'. What follows is a series of mis- adventures with jokes and characters which stay in the memory. The film is well-shot with stylish visuals and commendable effects portraying Wolverhampton as a shadowy noire city. The film has fun with many superhero clichés and manages to be original.
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Primeval (2007–2011)
An unexpected surprise.
20 February 2007
After seeing the trailer for this six-part ITV series. I thought it to be another cheesy attempt to cash in on the current British sci-fi phenomenon. The tag line 'Time For Adventure' was the real put-off for me, though. And I thought it to be another clumsy clone of the massively popular re-make of 'Doctor Who' After watching the first episode (mainly out of pity) I had a change of heart. Sure, the special effects could use some dusting-up, but the show seems to have it all. Massive dinosaur fight scenes for the kids, a love-triangle for older viewers, witty one-liners even a missing wife for all you 'Lost' fans out there. The one thing that worried me, though, is the scenes of Abby jiggling around in her panties due to her humid flat. Now, I have no personal problem against this, but it seems like ITV are just asking for trouble from over-worrying mum's by making a show for kids at around eight on a Saturday night and then going straight on and plonking that in there. My underline: May not be to everyones tastes, but worth a shot for any 'Doctor Who' or 'Life On Mars' fans.
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