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In Bruges (2008)
Hilarious--You retract that bit about my bleep bleep Kids!
11 July 2008
So British with its perfect blind of comedy and drama. The acting is superb, the story is simple, tight, and entertaining from beginning to end. So nice to see such a well done small film. I'd like to see a dozen more this year.

Though the plot is simple, Bruges,Ken--Brendan Gleeson, and Ray-- Colin Farrell's profane, crass Irish assassins are as funny as it gets. Two mismatched friends who kill for money but really might die for each other, but themselves are both totally lacking in sophistication bring a little Archie Bunker to Euro Cinema. And if thats not enough, much to the delight of even Ray, there's even a midget!
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Jericho: Pilot (2006)
Season 1, Episode 1
Turn Down the Music
20 September 2006
Are you kidding me? The music was SO LOUD in this show I could often not even hear the dialog. And the music was nothing great. Anyone know what Jake's mother said when he walked in the door??? And the mushroom cloud looked pretty close to have so little instant devastation. Anyone research the effects of nuclear fallout before writing this one. I felt like a bunch of sit com actors were sent on location and didn't know what to do with dramatic dialog. And what does a Kansas teen know about shopping in Soho....couldn't we have had a better line here? Was bored to tears and only kept awake by the jarring blare of the over-mixed way to loud music.
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Match Point (2005)
You have GOT to be kidding film, I say no.
15 January 2006
Another reviewer here seem relieved that gone from this film was the NYC Jewish dialog, but was that not the only endearing thing about Woody Allen films? Infidelity has long been a favorite topic of Woody Allen, who in truth has made a genre out of infidelity. The only new twist is the WASP never even dates a NY Jew, but instead chooses a sexy blonde white trash girl from Colorado (equipt with beauty pageant sister and all).

The only aspect of human existence Woody can comment on seems to be infidelity. After a few decades, this has become tragic and dull. Aside from the foreign setting and lack of a Jewish element, there is NOTHING new to this story. We've seen Woody do it a dozen times, and others have been telling this tale for centuries. Nothing triumphant in this return for Mr Allen. Yawn
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Munich (2005)
Who is kidding who here
15 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I am shocked by the chorus of praises being sung here. What if an unknown director made this film...with its ridiculous ending that went on far too long. Did the movie not end when the assassin abandons Isreal for his only real "family" now residing in Brooklyn? What was the need for the sex scene flashback? I hope no man having sex is obsessing about a hijacking he was not actually present for. Why the obsession? And what was the point of ending on a shot of the twin towers if not to ensure the audience hate Arabs? The editing is trite, a bad attempt to make us feel we are indeed back in the 1970's...and likely an afterthought as the shooting style is not as 70's... I do not remember any hand held camera movement in those cool 70's film that inspired this retro look, so there again, this film fails The end spoils all.
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Brilliant information
23 April 2005
The value in this film is in the content and subject matter. The story about the girls is merely a vehicle to string together all the facts and make them somehow comprehensible to those of us with our degrees in physics. The topic is brilliant, and the interviews are fascinating. Try to follow the educational information as it is revealed rather than focus on the rather simple and dull story that threads together all the overwhelmingly interesting information. The animation is great and makes the concepts easy to understand, even if it does remind you of a sex ed film a bit. The story and the message embedded within it are what make this film. Go with it and be enlightened.
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Wish they'd brought back one of the old directors
18 March 2005
This was a poorly directed clip show that looked like it was done by anyone other than a real fan of the one of America's classic TV shows. It broke my heart to see such a choppy junk show made about such a classic. Spoiled were the Happy Days memories smooth as the Fonz himself....this was as spastic and dull as cable TV junk shows are now. What a disappointment. I would like to have seen this directed by one of the show's original regular directors like Frank Buxton, Peter Baldwi, or Mel Fisher, God rest his soul, he probably rolled over in his grave when he saw this one. And where was Gary Marshall when this was being shot and cut? This was so dull, was he asleep? Well, it shows.
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What the heck?
9 January 2005
This movie is so slow and pointless it was painful. I love David Bowie, but his music has been RUINED for me. How is it that all these wonderful actors can come together to make such a painfully slow and meaningless film. The story is caught, no, LOST, somewhere between the yellow submarine and PBS on PCP. Maybe downers. This story is slow, and never did gel. Who was the son, why did he come, what was the point of their relationship? Is this an insult to Jacques Cousteau? What inspired this film and why was it made? It is so disappointing to see filmmakers make one smart film and think they have more clever stories in them to tell...there is nothing clever about this one. his worse film even. In the end, I had to walk out.
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Love Actually (2003)
Unwatchable, what is there to like about this movie?
10 May 2004
A bad attempt to use the format of an already bad movie--4

rooms--and "Hollywood" it up with flirting and a feel good dance

around the house scene.

The film is a sequence of failing to be funny funny or dramatic

scenes cut together with no rhyme or reason.

What is dramatic about thinking you are getting a gold locket and

getting a Joni Mitchell CD, then doing nothing about it?

And then the audience is to expect that by putting the locket

receiving mistress in the flat next to the Prime Minister's foul

mouthed office assistant there is some story connection here?

And this assistant, someone that the P.M. realizes on Christmas,

which he, the Prime Minister is spending alone after his

flashdance around the big house, that he is in love with, or has

some attraction to that is not quite clear. Hey wait, Hugh Grant is

the Prime Minister???? So bad it is not even funny!

And a crazy American living in England is really NOT going to loose

her job though she spends the bulk of her work day having

senseless conversations on her cell phone with her institutionalized brother?

Someone stop me, I have had enough! I WANT MY MONEY BACK!
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One good line....said over and over
1 December 2003
There is only one good line in this entire film...FIRST CLASS INTERNATIONAL...and that is a much better seat than this flick can ever hope to provide. Dull as a plastic airline knife, this movie is hopeless. Gwenneth has slipped a long way down from Oscar winner.
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Best Foreign Film
6 November 2003
I know Whale Rider was good, but this movie is even better. It is

such a great story--horrid as it is--and so well done. The acting is

a 10. What a fantastic film. MUST SEE. This reminds me what real

artists should be doing--commenting on society not making self

indulgent movies.
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Moving Alan (2003)
A film that needs new music.
6 November 2003
I saw this one at the Bev Hills film festival and was disappointed. I was hoping for Thelma and Louise with more of an Indy twist, but the bad video projection and total lack of a cool score or good composer ruined it for me. Someone really cut off the money too soon. Potential never realized.
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Great Zombie flick with pointless twist
13 July 2003
This movie for the most part a very good Zombie movie for the 21st

Century. However, this whole I PROMISED THEM WOMEN twist

dilutes the story. I think there would have been a better way to

develop the struggle between good and evil with the two military

officers and still keep the story moving without distracting us with

this rape twist. It really took me out of the Zombie Zone which was

otherwise enjoyable.
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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2003 Video Game)
Not as good as the show.
18 June 2003
The game, with its WAY to easy crimes, is flat and dull. It tries to mimic the show but the experience is far too flat to enjoy. If you buy it, you may only find it fun once. It is not good as a game, and not as good as the television show. Die hard fans will find it a let down.
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31 March 2003
This story is so real, so important, so touching, so human. How

often do writers really expose themselves in a story? Perhaps this

film and Adaptation are the only 2 examples of genuine

self-examination on celluloid I have seen in a long time. Antwone,

a brave, real life character!
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Stuck in traffic
18 April 2002
I felt like I was...stuck in traffic. Hard to sit through. As much as you

are not supposed to like Ben Affleck's character, his acting is flat

too. His character has not depth and either does his performance.

Hmm, which came first...chicken or egg here? The story idea is

great, but it does not clip along at a good pace like a story taking

place in a day like this one should to feel right. I could not sit

through this movie. I left almost at the predictable end and got a

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Not so Cool
18 April 2002
I just saw this one. Is it so cool? Cool or just cold? I think cold.

Flat. Dull. Very smart for those twins to hit the movie scene with

this story, but there is not much to the story itself. Just one of those

off the wall indy films that really is not about much at all. Could

have been a better short film.

And the editing...just cutting off slates. Makes the movie go by even

slower. I am sorry, but I don't get how this was a hit. These boys

need to snap up the story telling.
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Best Direction, Best Sound
23 March 2002
This film is wonderful! The timing and direction and cinematography were superb! The entire story takes place in a

little over 24 hours, but it is an excellent tale to tell. I felt for each

and every man caught in each very well directed moment in this

stressful and often unappreciated hell our soldiers must at times

face. The sound is excellent so see this in a good theater.
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Acting - 10, Story - 5
14 March 2002
Tom Wilkenson, Sissy Spacek and Nick Stahl are super in this

film, but the story falls apart after Nick's character, young Frank

Fowler, is killed. In the beginning of the movie the "bedroom"

connection is explained to us as a large female lobster is removed

from a trap. We are led to believe that one of this story's

women--Mrs. Fowler, or Frank's lover Natalie--who will step up to

the plate and take revenge. But no, after many long, slow

discussions, it is the feeble father who buries Natalie's

white-trash, abusive husband who murdered his son. The story

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Race to Space (2001)
Great Movie for the Family
14 March 2002
Super cute story! Great camera work and very high production value for such a small movie. There are some super performances in this film including young Alex Linz who does an excellent job, and Mark Moses who plays Alan Shepherd. A movie that will warm your heart and make you laugh! Take the kids!

Good clean family fun with a story to tell!
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I Am Sam (2001)
Thumbs up story and acting; thumbs down camera and editing
18 January 2002
Hello, can you make me any sicker watching this UNcool hand held camera stuff! I get it...Sam is left of center, the world is confusing, but on the big screen this makes me want to vomit my popcorn! The acting is great! The story is moving, but I kept getting taken out of what may have otherwise been a great moment but jump cut editing....what, was the coverage that bad....maybe it was because the camera work must have been done by someone who came straight from a Frat Party! IT BLEW! It ruined the film.
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The Majestic (2001)
Excuses Excuses
18 January 2002
I bumped my head I am not a communist.

Who cares, you are a boring character either way.

This story is a weak attempt to bash the US government for the

post war red scare. Ok, bringing those writers before congress

was lame, but not as lame as this script.

Boring, dull, who cares?

But hey, Martin Landau is one good actor isn't he!
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Bill Rocks but Gwyneth bored me out of my mind
18 January 2002
This movie was great without Gwyneth so why cast her. She is so

DULL. The story is unique as expected and EVERYONE BUT

Paltrow ROCKED. But she bored me to tears and I began to dread

her lines. The movie would have been a 9 with a little

editing....editing her out....and snapping up the middle where the

story started to slow down. Go to the 7pm show as she could put

you to sleep if you watch it later.
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Refreshingly Unpretentious
14 July 2001
This film is what it is! It is an unpretentious comedy about the pretentious world of Ivy League Law school. I loved it, and I went with no expectations. The movie is full of laughs, but has some very smart moments as well. Reese does a great job in her roll as a bubbly blonde Cosmo reader with brains enough to get into Harvard and street smarts enough not to buy into the mousy haired, pearl wearing pretentiousness that is the epitome of the ivy league woman.

Don't you love it that those Harvard geeks still cannot get the hot blonde in the end?
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Sexy Beast (2000)
14 July 2001
This film was a bit of a let down and did not live up to my

expectations at all.

The opening sequence, though one of the few truly funny scenes

in the film, is awkwardly shot and cut, and a little less "snappy"

than I expected from a film reviewed as a "hilarious British


Is there humor is seeing Ghandi (Ben Kingsley) as a blue collar

English gangster that is, in my book, anything but intimidating?

Why were these ex-patriots living the good life in Spain so worried

about a short, sociopathic illiterate coming to visit? I could tell that

man NO and get on with my life no questions asked. I would not

need to sweat over it, and repeat myself a dozen times to get my

point across. Is this what British humor has been reduced to?

The movie is poorly paced and at times so slow I felt I was trying

to back up a car stuck in mud. Then the film, like the mud bound

car, frees itself from only to surge forward in a sloppy manner.

Maybe I just don't get it, but it is not a funny film.
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Girlfight (2000)
The truth about Tom Boys
20 June 2001
Loved the honesty in this story. This is a great indy film. Wish it had made it into more theaters so more of my friends could have seen it on the big screen. Loved seeing a woman overcome the men in her sexist environment. She captures the power that is woman and does not let it go.
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