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TURN: Washington's Spies (2014–2017)
13 March 2015
AMC does it again! Hooked from the 1st episode. Can't wait for April 13, 2015!

So I decided to take some time and let you guys know my thoughts on this one. I absolutely love period pieces, and this one doesn't fall short of the great ones. It's hard to fathom how much information that never becomes public knowledge during a war. Being a veteran, you get to see a lot of things that the public will never know about. So its refreshing to see, in theory, what could have possibly been going on behind the scenes. In my opinion, this plot line is perfect for a lengthy series. I know that several things are fabricated to entice audiences, but they seem to have done their homework on this one. If my history teachers didn't just cover the broad strokes on the Revolutionary War, I would have been more engaged in class. Shows like this expand your thought process, and get you thinking outside of the box. Well Done!
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