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No matter how much you enjoy Looney Tunes...
15 August 2006'll dislike this one. I first saw 'Fresh Airedale' on the compilation 'Canine Corps'. I am an avid fan of Looney Tunes and impressed with their idiosyncratic blend of enjoyment, humor, and cleverness. 'Fresh Airedale' is a gross aberration: unenjoyable and outright difficult to watch. The plot, which is painfully simple, features an unscrupulous, nasty, and greedy dog named 'Shep' getting his own way. That's basically it. His house-mate, a faithful and heroic cat, is framed and left out in the dark. OK, it's just a cartoon, but cartoons are supposed to be fun, and I don't understand what message Chuck Jones was trying to convey. This episode certainly does not seem fit for a compilation.
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