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Victory (I) (2009)
An Excellent movie, excellent performance by Harman Baweja, he can act for sure other than dance
15 November 2009
People are just too silly to give someone a chance, or may be his timing might not be right b/c of his broke up with his gf. Harman Baweja steals the show, and his powerpack performance as cricket star is much better than his ex-girl friend's Fashion movie.

He just doesn't know how to dance but act very well own his own rather than copying someone. His acting is marvelous, and the movie is excellent. The movie shows, the idol of public isn't god, just a human being who makes mistakes and then regrets. Vijay gets selected to play for India and he hits the series so many times. Then, he sales products, so called sells himself for the big companies and endorsements. Later, he can't stay up with his place b/c of new stardom, pleasure and luxury. He is lost in the lust, then he soon begins to find out that this is not what he wanted to do and begins to transform after a dramatic fall, & starts from scratch and rest see it. Harman Baweja can act and please people give him some courage not discourage someone new. Abhi Bachchan gave his first hit after 4 years in the industry and his first hit was Dhoom backed by the yashraj banner and his pa Big B had five years struggle before he became an angry man. Here is someone from filmy background, & people are just trying to act against him b/c he looks like Hrithik. Hrithik is a god, so if someone has similar looks of him than, why can't you let be b/c it's just a miracle. Although, Harman looks more like his own dad, much taller, more wide bones, fat bones actually, just look at those two together, Hrithik is much skinny & different. Harman rocks, he dances in his first movie, he acts in his second movie and he brilliant in this movie. Quiet surprised that fashion worked b/c of meat show and this didn't because it was a new comer's movie. The stories of two similar just targeting the two different glam world, here it's cricket and in Fashion it was glam world. The girl gets all the awards and the guy doesn't get a hit either, people are just weird.

Anyways, Harman keep up the good work, just grab the right script and then put your 100 % and pray, the rest is up to god. I'm sure your you will have true taste of success sooner. Like this movie, if a star gets his first movie as a hit, then he or she doesn't know the taste of a true success. Success comes after a true failure, and failures are there to learn from them not letting oneself down. Each failure should make you stronger and know whats right. Exceleent talent possessed in you Harman, try to realize the best strength not just the good directors. Shahid Kapoor had his first movie hit, and then followed a series of flops which made him know the difference and he came back up again with hits after years. So, people stop the bad comments about this guy, he has a talent and he just needs a good script and your attention. Victory is a good script and it's the best work of him till date and he is playing, and acting but few dance moves. I would recommend this movie to all and please watch it. A true star, isn't who sells himself and leaves his family but a true star is a person who holds his values and then put the best out there. Harman gets 8 out of 10. The movie gets 7/10 because they could've tried to improve it. The music is alright, with some rajastani background. I guess, too much real star appearances overshadowed Harman's acting but he stands out this time. Awesome work by Harman, Anupamji, Amrita, and others. Excellent show, and i enjoyed it watching it, after long time a feel good movie came about the real stars of cricket. Harman keep up the good work and there are so many fans who want to see you act. Take all the negative comments as a learning step, and positive comments as a backbone to even work hard. People just are comparing him to Hrithik, people please he shares some looks but he isn't related to him, so try not compare with him. Harman is a talented actor and he wants to stand out but has had his wrong times, and has been overshadowed by many expectations b/c his father was a film maker & he moves like Hrithik. There are so many actors who have chosen bad scripts, given flops & even after giving hits and flops earlier in careers. Salman khan's first movie was a flop film, Biwi ho tu asi, and he acted worse in it until, maine pyar kiya and later own Salman has given so many flops in his career, so please don't judge actors. The movie Victory is a victory for Harman, he is very talent and showcases his best in the film.
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A old traditional way of marriage, the title says it all
15 November 2009
Wrong movie for Harman to act in. He probably got so excited working with Ashutosh who made so many landmark films. The movie is long and is sort of play like, where a guy chooses girls based on zodiac signs. Much of old, and even today many people use this kundli method of marriage. Just city people don't get. But what India's traditional and best way of marriage is showcased in the movie. It's showing someone who is educated, same time modern but has kept his traditional and values of his family. Lot of people in present time are lost in the modern world but this Yogesh the lead in the film is modern and wants to have love marriage but agrees to chose girls based on zodiac sign b/c with signs he knows he can meet 12 different girls in less time. He sees his first girl, and that image stays with him in his mind, in some ways an image in his mind before was unclear after meeting the first girl he carries on that image which gives him prospect to think his dream girl looks that way, so he see each girl the same onwards. Priyanka is sexy, charming but I think even having the title, she isn't that much pretty. I love her work in some of her movies but she isn't pretty or beautiful. She doesn't have looks of a heroine. In comparison with so much beautiful heroines of industry like Sridevi, Madhuri Dixit, Mumtaz, Madhubala, and Meena Kumari, Waheeda Rehman, she is no way near to their beauty even their acting skills but she can act for sure but in this movie she doesn't really have anything to act. She is showed in 12 different ways, by changing her looks. Not even one look is pretty. The actress only posses smartness, sexy body and acting skills. She isn't pretty at all. Even Bipasha beats her in looks area, much duskier, black beauty Bipasha looks better than Priyanka. Movie is good in ways of portraying the traditional way of marriage in Indian culture. The movie has tooooooo many songs which lengthen the movie. Harman just chose to work with an excellent director and in his excitement he probably forgot to look at the script. Even after giving hit of Lagaan he gave Swades, so after Jodha Akbar he was on his way to give a flop. There is a pattern in Ashu's movie. His direction is poor. The movie is good if you have big time to watch it & want to know the traditions of Gujrati families marriages. Such a talented actor but is overshadowed by 12 characters and he lost in what to chose in the movie and who to chose. After watching Victory, this movie is a let down on Harman Baweja b/c he ran for powerful director not for the good story. Watch it for Priyanka's experimental looks and for old rituals' sake. Not for Harman b/c he is a lead but his ex had more in the film than him.
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Do Qaidi (1989)
An old plot but not much wrong or right
17 October 2009
I had chance to watch this movie long ago but i didn't saw it full. With thanks to today's TV we now are able to see movies over and over. I watched for 80s and for Sanjay Dutt. He is along with his pair govinda a con man who us usually lacks a job and steals to feed himself. A typical master of villainous characters Late Puri. Gulu as he is. Strong emotions of fallen apart of sister due to poverty, honest police officer and the real hero in con man. Plot is worth watching if you like 80s action. Good songs and worth watching on DVD or TV. Its not going to sadden you. Both, actors are defined in their appearance and acting. Well, choreographed old songs, of beat dialects. Sanjay Dutt is the old action king so do watch. Some pariodic songs of ding dong, ek duje ke liye and many others. Recommended movie if you enjoy action, 80s movies other than 80s typical drama genre, and Sanjay, Govinda who later after decade join to give comedies like Haseena Man Jayegi and Ek aur Ek guarah and Jodi no. 1. Watch this.
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A movie made wasn't what i expected it to be
17 October 2009
Ajay devgan production, well, thats good since, he can't act so much compared to his fellow colleagues who've gone high like Akshay. He wants to produce now. Good stay on this, and don't act.

The movie is a time pass fun. The fun really doesn't begin until Dharm(played by Sanjay Dutt) the elder brother arrives. Upon his arrival there are series of lies which follow after one and another that point is where the comedy start but very much expected. The movie is given cool look. Sanjay Dutt steals the show basically. Being a Ajay Devgan fan, I expected much more. The leading ladies rock the party as with there glam. Songs are big and cool. The rest of the cast do there job very well. Johnny Lever come'on he can't be that comic with his glass of churaliya hai. If this movie is a sequael of golmaals then, don't watch it cause it's bad sequel. But fresh starters can enjoy some moments but not all. Fardeen gives a decent performance, Bipasha also is charming with her glam. Mogda hardly has anything to say expect for few lines in the movie. Sanjay Dutt is back with his comic charm and does still the lime off from Ajay and Fardeen. Watch it for him, he looks cool, with tattoos and comic scenes. He rocks, but the film is not even a masala mix, it's just whats us usually expected. Veer lies to his brother to get more money every month and upon surprise arrival of brother, there are series of act of lies which follow and that is where few comic moments are fun to watch but otherwise, a worse movie of Ajay. I would give a 4/10. Rohit Shetty the director does his job but needs to work harder to obtain a position in making comedies. Music is good for tittle song only. No story lies in today's movies. Leave your mind and thoughts behind and don't think while watching the movie. Watch it for Sanjay and if you don't have anything to watch. This movie is a time pass on DVD. Paisa Vassoool be nahin. I need my money back.
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Wake Up Sid (2009)
A Ranbhir Driven movie with new and freshness
17 October 2009
Ranbhir can act, this movie shows. I saw saawariya when it came out but it sucked and so did he but Wake up Sid is his movie. He lives up to expectations. He can act and that is for sure. The movie has a new line of story of a college boy and a failed boy from a rich family. His father kicks him out to get his way and find what to do. Today, many spoiled brats are failure and aren't sured about what to do. But within all this, there is something which they are good at, discover that and then go with it. Work hard and get up is the massage of the movie through Sid. Konkana isn't mainstream, why she trying to be one that is a question. She can act but find some movies where she is a central character, this movie belongs to Ranbhir all the way.

Wake up today's youngs and face the reality, the real world isn't what it seems like. Not everyone can have a place to live or finance once they are kicked by someone. Movie is worth watching, do watch it and learn a lesson.

Saawariya was a bad start or so called bad step taken on a laddar but still Ranbhir is a fresh talent and he needs great roles to showcase his talent. Bachena aye haseeno was a sillier movie even he acted and danced in it. It was paying tribute to Rishi with the tittle song. But here a movie which don't have biggy songs although tittle remix but still the movie shines with Ranbhir and Konkana. She needs to stay parallel. Recommending the movie to movie goers and youngsters. Ranbhir ruled, he compared to his debut film and his earlier film. Long way for him to go, so he should chose the right script if he wants to stay. Dancing around the trees or romancing around the trees is old and today is a modern generation which wants to see something new and different.
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A risk taking movie and starting off career with scientific fiction film.
7 August 2008
A movie which is totally different from all the Hindi movies. When you walk into the theater and begin seeing it, it doesn't seem like bollywood scientific fiction. Visuals are great and it seems like a Hollywood film but only one thing lovers sing songs in Indian movies & not in Hollywood.

Harry Bewaja launched his son in good start. I heard his interview long ago and he mentioned that this story was in his mind since before 1998 or 1999 and at that point people would ridicule it and today more sci fi are in & it was the time to make the movie financially & story wise. I saw Rakesh Roshan's interview about Krish & Koi mil gaya long ago as well he said that today we can make these type of movies & they will work & in 1990s or earlier these would be silly things to audience. The taste of people has changed over the years. We are tired of seeing same old type of dramas that says one lover is poor & the other is rich and somehow the background & same socio difference comes up & all. etc.

The movie is excellent in many terms. Although it has been taken from all the Hollywood flicks, scientific fictions, so was krrish taken from superhero movies. We loved it & so did millions of other viewers.

Hary Bewaja directed the movie brilliantly. The plus points are the locations, visuals and above all Harman Bewaja.

I have read all the other comments on this IMDb. database for Lvs.2050 but i think if you can't watch a copy of Hollywood film then you should even watch bollywood movies because most are ripped from English movies & put mas ala equals bollywood.

This movie might not have received good collection but it surely is a proud production to equal Hollywood movie standards. Long ago who would thought humans can fly planes & it was considered silly earlier but today people do. Movie has some silly names like Winky Dinks, Boo and Q.T. Kids wish to have Boo types of teddy bears but only when they are young.

Harman Bewaja does look like Hrithik Roshan but more than Hrithik he looks like his dad Harry Bewaja. Harman has similar voice toon to Hrithik but his dialect was his own.

He might've had same choreographers or tried to imitate Hrithik's dancing thats a minus but even to copy Hrithik's dance is an achievement for someone who is new.

Harman is extremely talented and he will be proving himself different in the future films. Not all stars hit box office with first films & there is a long list of those stars. Amitabh Bachchan wasn't star until he was 5 years old in the industry with continuous flops. His own son Abhi wasn't a star with his first film. He had to wait till doom to become hit even though Yuva gave good critic toward him. Rahul Roy's first film was a hit and music of Aashiqui was mind blowing at time and he was a short lived actor who couldn't make a name for himself. And so many other bollywood stars. Akshay Kumar the king of present box office was tagged only as Action hero for so many years and it took Hera Pheri to break that tag. He is all rounder now. If someone stands tall and faces all the storms with positive attitude and positive mind and doesn't fall then no one can stop success coming to them. Ranbhir Kapoor sucked in Saawariya and there was nothing in that movie expect him in towel and he received all the awards & is signed for so many future coming films.

Love Story 2050 is a great start for Harman Bewaja. He should be proud of it and keep positive attitude toward life to succeed. The media makes people a star now days before the film comes. He is already in hearts of many and he needs to prove that he can good. It takes years to come. I think rather than discouraging some newcomer its always better to encourage.

God has made him similar to Hrithik and his voice similar to Hrithik. But before Kaho Na Pyar Hai, who knew Hrithik. Once the movie hit then he faced many flops until his father Rakesh Roshan gave him Koi mil gaya. I am die hard Hrithik fan but since reading comments about LOve Story 2050 made me to write my comment after long time.

Harman Bewaja is worth watching in the movie. He is extremely talented and off course since he looks like Hrithik so he is extremely sexy. He has more fat then Hrithik on himself, maybe because he is young. But he has wide bones then Hrithik.

He is excellent at his dancing in the film. He can definitely act and took a risk to start his career with such risk taking film.

Music is foot tapping and this time i think lyrics aren't that fab. Cinematography is good and there is not much about story. I would say it starts good as many other films but maybe it could've been even better.

Harman gets 7 3/4 out of 10 because he needs to stand out of the rest of the crowd. He was good in the film as an actor, dancer and cute lover.

Overall the movie is worth watch at least one if you want to see Bhel Pori of sci fi films. It is also a good film to watch if you believe in tech-no.
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Tohfa (1984)
A picture perfect
24 July 2007
Great performances, dances and songs. Above all Sridevi is brilliant. One of her super hit films with Jeetendra in her early career.

Jumping jack is great in film. Sridevi is absolutely outstanding in this one. I can't understand telugu and i don't watch telugu or tamil films but even though its a remake of whatever its still brilliant.

Someway this remake is needed because for wide audience because more people watch Hindi films world wide even at that time even more did. Excellent music, cinematography, and beautiful locations, able performance by Jaya Pradha. Its a gripping story. Considered as Screen rivals SRIDEVI and jayapradha are 2 sisters and love the same men when Jeetu only loves Sridevi but as they say love the one and marry the other. So things are shapy. Shakti kapoor's famous dialogue is in this movie as well. He is a crazy villain in the film as well. Kader Khan has also some nice part in film. Great pair Sridevi and Jeetendra. Watch it if you like to watch Sridevi's films and her. brilliant songs and dances.
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Mawaali (1983)
A must see one
24 July 2007
A movie to watch with anyone you want.

A great clean comedy.

Great pair Sridevi and Jeetendra.

Jeetu and Jayapradha.

Jeetu in double role which is brilliant and both heroines can satisfy themselves because they aren't losing anyone here. Great comedy film. I think its worth of owning a DVD or you can rent it as well. One of early hits of Sridevi. Its surrounds a murder but a brilliant comedy. Kader Khan and Shakti and their best. Above all Jeetu is the best in here. No way the crying film like Tohfa. Great going for Trio i would say.
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Yaraana (1995)
A movie where Madhuri tries to be Julia Roberts
24 July 2007
Its basically a remake of sleeping with enemy. Julia Roberts in this movie is Madhuri Dixit and the movie is bit shaped in to comedy here. Sleeping with an enemy is offcourse a novel turned in to a film where Julia Roberts is amazing but i must say madhuri has watched the film because few shots are just the same Mads disguises in to a guy to see her aunt and Julia disguises as well the water fountain shot is just exactly the same

This movie is basically a remake but here Madhuri is wed with Raj Babbar without her will and runs away that nuptial night and as Raj behind her she tries to disguise herself in to a fancy doll that Rishi kapoor gets attracted of and then because he is still a bachelor and his grandpa wants him to marry so Madhuri becomes the fake wife and acts and there is lots of silly comedy involved and Madhuri is brilliant in her dancing.

Mera piya Gar aaya o ram ji song is in this movie and music goes along as well. People have done their jobs but i think it was a flop film but if you have nothing else to watch you can watch this film with family or by own self. Its a time pass bollywood flick mas-ala mix.
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Nagina (1986)
Amazing, beautiful, gorgeous
24 July 2007
A beautiful film with excellent performances by Sridevi, the snakes, Amrish Puri, Rishi Kapoor and Sushma Seth. I adore Sridevi and she looks beautiful as ever. I am not a fan of her but whenever i watch this film or Himmatwala i just love her. The acting, the dances, the eyes, the costumes are just amazing.

I don't know if its a remake or whatever but i love the film. Rishi Kapoor looks gorgeous and acts well. Sushma i think played Rishi's mom in many films but her acting talent is shown as a mom in this one. The snakes act very well. When Sridevi dances shes like a goddess. She can dance and look beautiful at same time. Main teri dushman, dushman tu mera, i loved her in that song as well as all the other songs on her in the movie. Its a super hit film. If your a bollywood freak and don't mind watching old films of 1980s i think you should check it out. Sridevi fans can love her in this one. She is a dream of every women to be like her, look like her, dance like her. Sridevi dances to seduce her hubby but she is covered with clothes in that song when people today try to show more sex in seductive songs but cinema at its best to watch with family and at that time its a perfect one.
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Daraar (1996)
A flick where Juhi tries to be Julia
24 July 2007
Even though its a remake but its a fun one to watch. Just can't believe actor like Rishi Kapoor has acted in both remakes of sleeping with enemy. Acting here is bit serious then in Yaarana. Juhi is in Julia's shoes and its very much the same movie but with few changes. A masala mix that every bolly film has. Songs and love and comedy by Johnny lever. Johnny Lever adds on little fun to a violent film. Juhi gets 5/10. Arbaaz Khan was excellent at most of movie and he gets 9.5/10. Overall i think its worth of rental or free watch. People watch so many others film that are weird but this one isn't that bad either. It has twist at the end which Sleeping with enemy didn't had and just few things are added and changed but its exactly the same. A novel turned into a motion picture and then to a bollywood remake. Its better than Yaarana if you aren't Madhuri fan.
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A stupid movie i ever seen
10 April 2007
A weird same old stories. When will bollywood learn to change their minds. They make millions of movies on same topic. Same old type story a rich girl loves the poor chap. Or they will switch rich boy falls in love with poor girl. Same old stories told again and again. Rich girl played by Karisma Kapoor and poor chap played by Aamir Khan. As always they create situations how a rich girl meets the poor guy and always opposite attracts. The situations are created and they will fall in love and then the parent of rich girl doesn't agree. Always rich parent doesn't agree one person goes ahead and marries that person then what more a step mother, step uncle play tricks. Same junk old stories. Suneel Darshan probably had earned money from that film but its a stupid movie. As far as performance its brilliant by Amir, Karisma and Archana. Nadeem Sharwan music is brilliant. I watched the film just for its hit music. Otherwise its just waste of money. Same old stories retold but they just make different situations and at end happy climax as always. I would give Amir 5 out of 10 and Karisma 6 out of 10. Music is 8 out of 10. story wise its 0 out of 10. Same old based stories. Singers had done their job fine. All movie is just waste of time and if you are fan of Aamir then watch him in Andaz apna apna and sweet karishma in that film. She changed her name so she could get more. Weird people. Watch it if you like bollywood music and dances that sit. darshans makes movies so people can dance only.
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Risk (2007)
A Vinod Khanna's great comeback but watch only for him nothing in film
5 February 2007
If your a Vinod Khanaa fan than you must see it he is brilliant as he always been.

Vinod Khanna's comeback after long time. He surely is a intelligent actor and he does his best.

Each moment Vinod comes on screen he rules. The film isn't great but fine work of action and creepy type story.

What Ramu's camp tries each time works for only few times not every time.

Ramu's camp should make films that are not only underworld type. He has been taking a habit on making stupid movies.

Watch only if you like Randeep Hoda. Vinod Khanna is amazing thats what to watch nothing else.
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Dhoom 2 (2006)
An extra going for HRITHIK , he is sexier, cooler, and rules all the way, love you duggu
4 February 2007
A great performance by Hrithik. He has done it again outside his father's production. He is sexy and cool as he has never been in any other film so far. Sanjay's direction is mind blowing. Dhoom and Dhoom 2 no comparison between. Dhoom was brilliant so is the sequel. I loved first one but i feel Dhoom 2 is just the best.

Bollywood is trying to go westward but it's a great little copy from the 2 fast 2 furious. Bollywood gave great movies in 2006. Loved many but love Hrithik in all the way. I enjoyed watching Dhoom 2 in theater for 10 times already. I loved Hrithik's stunts. The action is brilliant. Hrithik looks very sexy in each time he's on screen. The costumes are brilliant so is the music. Ash looks sexy as ever. Bipasha beats Esha's bikini scene. Bipasha looks sensual and very sexy. She really fits in that bikini. Uday is just adding a great humor to film. He is good in his part. Abi has improved since the last time. I didn't liked him in first Dhoom but surely i liked him here. His acting has improved so much that now he is rulling. The lyrics are brilliant and Pritam's music is outstanding. Dhoom again song is just brilliant by music and Hrithik only. Little minus points on that but hrithik makes you dance and the remix of each songs are brilliant. The choreography is marvelous. Duggu is wordless even after krrish. I loved him in krrish and in here. I wasn't a Hrithik before i saw Koi mil gaya and Krrish but after saying him in koi mil gaya and krrish and Dhoom 2, i would say this guy is here to create a history like Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh and Amir khan. He is no way less than Shah Rukh even Shah Rukh is the King Khan but wait till 10 years, Hrithik is here to create a history. Hrithik's dance's are better than Shahrukh's dance. Hrithik looks sexy charming in Dhoom 2. Great work Hrithik. Ash your just a woman with beauty with brain and the world knows it and i don't want comment on that. Bipasha great going year for her as well. She is sexier than she was in jism. I can't wait for Dhoom 3.
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Vivah (2006)
An other Soraj's great work
4 February 2007
What can i say, i have grown up watching Hum Saath Saath Hain, Hum Aapke Hain Koun and Maine Pyar Kiya. Soraj have always been different. Movies are part of our lives in evolutionary times Soraj creates something thats hard to find. Love and joint family that loving and great. Vivah is journey for a couple that are getting arrange marriage that turns on arrange and love marriage. Shahid has done fine work. Anupamji as always brilliant. Amrita Rao quit different even though I felt that someway the other to me she doesn't suit in that role. We've seen her in Ishk Vishk and Ab ke baras, and Main ho on Na. So quit different role that she isn't in to. She is been excellent in Main ho on Na and ishk vishk but may be she could've put little more in the role. Anyways great going work by Barjatya. This movie rejuvenates the values that we forgot. Sweet film of the year. Great music and lyrics. I am not sure if its a remake but anyways brilliant story that is original. Soraj's movies have been brilliant all the way so we always expect something different from him. Great work by all the cast the crew and everybody. Lovely family film to enjoy with your parents, siblings, friends and love ones. I give it 10 out of 10.
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Fanaa (2006)
A well made film by Kunal, different film from others
6 November 2006
A great made after the comedy Hum Tum. Kunal have done a brilliant job. He had wrote the dialogs, the story brilliantly. I think its totally different film of Indian cinema. As bollywood freak I recommend this film to all audience even to kids too. Its has huge stars and brilliant director. Kunal gave his best even more than Hum Tum. Way to go Kunal you surely winning in this year. Nominations for sure even awards too. I believe you deserve more this year than Karan Johar from KANK. The direction you made has been the best. I even liked KANK but after I saw Fanaa I think its a way different film and making its mark separate from all films from past. The direction of Kunal has been the best direction I seen so far this year. This film should win the best-playback and direction as well. The film stars huge cast for sure. It has Rishi Kapoor whom I really adore. He is brilliant even in small role of a father. Aamir Khan is superb just superb. I can't even say in words how he gave his performance. Great comeback from KAJOL. I am a huge fan of her since I began seeing films. Kajol is the best actress ever of new generation.

After K3G she has made a great come back. Her performance is just brilliant. Its just marvelous. She was truly character in the film. It for one second you can't say that she is not acting as blind. Her acting is better than Rani from black. I don't say Rani didn't act good but she was good but Kajol is the best in blind role. The film is a must see. When you think you know whats happening but the second next you don't. The dialogs are written brilliantly. The lyrics are just very touchy. The music is worth it that you can't even comment because it's from the soul. Sonu sang the song beautifully. The Tere haath main mera haath ho. This song is sang by Sonu Nigam beautifully. I think he should win awards this year from this song from Fanaa. The tittle song from Kank he also sang brilliantly but he sang this song even better. Yashraj are still ruling. Making the greatest movies. Bollywood awards sometimes are differ from our choices but if i was the jury I would the award for best director of this film. I would also give Sonu for best playback singer from Tere Haath mein Mera haath ho. I would also give the award for best story and dialogs . An excellent film. I am sure this film is getting many awards but these i mentioned I think it should be the winners. As far as acting Kajol is the best and should get an award too. Aamir is brilliant but I think Shah Rukh has acted better in KANK. Kirron Kher is in both so i can't say but she is not much in this film. I give this film 1000000 out of 1000000.
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AAn other flick by Rajesh Roshan
21 October 2006
An amazing drama copied from Hollywood film. I think it was Hrithik who was the best in the film. The story was copied of Hollywood film. E.T 's copy well done Rakesh Roshan for making such an great copy.

Hrithik was the best ever.

Music was fabulous so is the the super six. Preity looked fantastic so is Hrithik.

Editing was great so is the flick copied from the E.T

Rekha was excellent. The direction was great but I tell you each bollywood film is copied from Hollywood film. Those directors do amazing jobs and than here bollywood copies. They don't get original ideas. I mean why can't you make great movies like original like water and like DDLJ. K3g and original like anand film.

Always running behind Hollywood. Dhoom and Dhoom 2 is an copy of a Hollywood film as well. Be original damn you people. Get real and to take the plagiarism of other films. this flick was good copy but be real.
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AA A beautiful, brilliant film ever made, come fall in love over again
3 September 2006
I just loved this film. I have seen it many times but still it's very entertaining, and a great family film to watch. Great story and brilliant actors in it. I just love Shah Rukh Khan and he is the best in this film along with other as well. Kajol is looking great and performance is the best too. If you have missed out this film then that means you have not watched a film that you can never forget. Come fall in love with it all over again. By seeing this movie you can feel like that you also want to love Raj or Simran too. Movie just brilliant movie. I can't express so much words but I think its just the best romantic movie ever made in film history. It had won the largest amount of awards that any other film has got. Shah Rukh as best actor, Kajol as best actress. Adi as best director, Best Film of the year, best play back singer Udit. Best supporting male and supporting female. And so many other awards as well. I just say that don't miss this flick. I give it a 1000/1000.
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AAAA A An Amazing story film I ever seen and wonderful story with stars.
2 September 2006
Amazing film ever made in India. It has changed the style of making movies in India and most expensive movie ever made in India. I have read few comments here but Mr. Karan Johar don't listen to nonsense and you have taken a step forward in the industry yes that is true even after marriage you still can find the soul mate and in relationship their is the passion that was missing with Abhi and Rani. You chosen the most topic of marriage sometimes on the rocks and then a husband sleeping with someone else's wife and having an affair. I think the way Karan has portrayed is the story of many people and he shown it beautiful with so much of brilliant direction and brilliant screenplay. I have already seen the movie for like 5 times and still loved it. Maybe some don't like the film's climax but I think it has changed the way of Hindi movie climax. Usually in Hindi films like Hum Dill de chuke sanam Ash goes back to Ajay because she discovers the love for her own husband rather then Salman. But from KANK it has change so much of making films writing brilliant stories. The movie was wonderful and the music was foot taping and Stars were brilliant.

I think Shah Rukh Khan has done the best has Dev and this has lead behind the best in his career. I think he is just the best best ever seen on screen. No one else would have done justice to this role except him. Lyrics are amazing also. Karan have done a brilliant direction. He had written the role of Abhi very nice and has taken him a step forward in his success. Preity is brilliant and its the role of the wife that she never had portrayed. No heroine in history had done such a brilliant role and brilliant acting. Rani's role was the toughest role she ever done but I think she has done the best after Black. Black was the number one best of her career and this is the second best she has done. I think a heroine like Sridevi after Rani could do justice to the role but Rani was the best she has let behind so many heroines.

Comment on Big B would be silly because he is the god of acting today so he can't miss something. Sexy Sam was great. Kiron Kher at her best. Rishi Kapoor(Abhi) was the best in his role as well. John was great in theappearance. So is the others were brilliant to. Some silly thing that from Grand Centrall NYC he is living to Toranto no that train won't take him to Cannada no. Like good movies this movies had changed the way people think and if you are such relations you must think. For some people it was not fair leaving husband like Abhi and leaving Priety and then you also have a child its a tough thing. It's worth watch film. I loved it and would recommend to all. After watching the film if you are in such relation then think what you should do because life is once and you should try to live happy.
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Bandhan (I) (1969)
A Brilliant Film Ever Made
29 August 2006
A amazing film. One of the best couple of Bollywood screen Rajesh and Mumtaz in this film. The film is great and with great locations, songs and brilliant clothes. If you are fan of Rajesh Khanna and Mumtaz then you should watch it even your not a fan still great film. Jeevan is amazing as he is. Mumtaz looks stunning and Rajesh looks damn good. The direction is at its best also. Great Music and Songs as well. The singer on playback is different then usual. I think its a fun film that you can watch with anyone either friends, family or with your Bf too. I have watched it so many times too and its excellent film. I am a biggest fan of Mumtaz and she has done a great job like she is in any of her other films so watch it.
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Himmatwala (1983)
AAA an amazing film to watch
29 August 2006
A great film made in Madras, I thought they make Tamil films only but no that not true. Its a worth watching film and Ragu is a great director. I heard the song of the movie but not seen the movie but when I saw the first time its so brilliant, with great performance and music, dance numbers. It is just great to watch Sridevi dance along with Jeetu. The rest cast is amazing in their roles and cinematography captures beautiful locations amazingly and I loved this film since I watched on DVD. Its 8 out of 10. And one of Jeetu's best work ever. Bappi Lahiri have given a great music for the film. The singers have done great job also.
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Balika Badhu (1976)
AAA you will fall in love
24 August 2006
AAA very great film. I just loved the film and it's a beautiful story of child marriage. In ancient times in India there was a time when child get marry and then when the time comes they live together. This film surely tells the story of that marriage and tells it greatly. The acting by Sachin, Rajni Sharma, Asrani, Kajri are brilliant and Asrani and Kajri had won the supporting film-fare. But I think Rajni did deserve an award but didn't got any. The direction is amazing and the sets are great. Costumes are beautiful and photography is brilliant. Rajni as Chini looks so beautiful that you will fall in love with. Sachin a gochu looks great and you can fall in love with him in this film also. I never knew that he could act so brilliant because I have seen him in other rolls along with stars but think that he is just a extra actor but he is brilliant in this film. The film is worth watching. It's very gullible cute film. Rajni just beautiful and even she is in Sargam of Jaya Prada but there she has grown old but as a teenager she is adorable. I give this 100 / 100 .

Worth watching more than once and I enjoyed even watching 3 times on the DVD . One of best story and best work put together that you can't see. I recommend this films to all even non-Indian because it's telling Indian culture beautiful.

A great love story.
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aaaaaaaaaaa good since of story
10 August 2006
-aa very good film.The cast was brilliant so was the direction. One of the best film Vijay Anand directed. The movie stars Dev Anand, Pran, Hema, Prem Nath, Padma khanna,etc. Dev Anand is brilliant, so is Pran. It's a great story and lovely music. Hema Malini looks gorgeous and her dresses r great. Padma has a small role but she have done great job. Her dance number with Prem Nath is brilliant also. Prem Nath as usual a great villain. I saw this film long time ago when I was a kid but even today I see it still enjoy the film. It has a great suspense, action, comedy and romance. The music that you can never forget. But as far as trimurti films concerns, I think Dewaar was better but this film was not bad at all. The scenes from this film has been copied in many latest films but this was the best film of original. I give it 9.3 /10
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