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High School Musical (2006 TV Movie)
High School Musical
21 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Ever since that harmonious day when high school musical danced into my heart Zac Efron made me bop to the top! I saw this this film with my partner, we laughed, danced along, sang along, even at the climax of the musical pulled out our saxophones, and recorders and jambed along as well. This film has the trio of comedy, romance, and drama all wrapped up in a golden paper mac-he box with a red silk bow on top. This film will have you shedding a tear, blushing with love, and giggling all the way through. So plop down on that couch grab a bowl of popped-corn and a soft drink and get ready to bop to the top. Bop To The Top!!
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the pursuit to crazy
8 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was pretty darn good. I love movies about people who live in the hood. Will Smith and his son look nothing alike, which can only mean mom most look like a monster. The mom in the movie could have acted a little better. I thought her acting was somewhere between Dylan or Cole Sprouse. Even though this movie was hard to watch because of all its chronological errors of miscellaneous objects it turned out to be pretty amusing. Yet if we all go see this movie than we we'll all pay and all of our money will go straight to Mr. Will Smith and his crazy looking son, so all that says to me is he acted as a poor man to make millions. So by saying that we've established that you can stand on the corner of the street in some old tattered clothes and put on a little skit with some ugly kid and live like a king. And if we've established that than soon you will find more and more hobo looking people on the street. And if we do that than the actual hobos will get no money from all the sympathetic little whiny girls in the cars that drive by and hand out a couple Washington's. And if they don't get any pity money than they will die. Which could be OK for some people who think we need to clean up dirty places like the ghetto. But for others that would mean more dead people. But actually to both it just mean more dead people and people always say to be optimistic so that would mean that we are all glad that the hobos died and if we're all glad that the hobos died than we;re all crazy and if we;re all crazy we're all crazy and if we're all crazy than there's a bunch of crazy people driving around in crazy cars because they were made by crazy factory people that put all of the crazy parts together to make a crazy car and if we're all driving around in little crazy cars than we'll never get to work or school and if we never make it to work than we'll have nothing because the truck drivers won't deliver all of our crazy food grown by crazy farmers and if we have no food than we'll all be forced to grow our own crazy food in our crazy backyard in our crazy gardens which of course might be a nice way to pass time since we'll all be crazy but other than that there is no good coming out of being crazy which is crazy so now that we all are not going to work we have no money which means no money for all of our crazy little kids to be taught crazy things at a crazy school taught by crazy teachers so if our kids don't go to school than they'll grow up to be crazy which means the whole generation will be crazy which can only lead to more crazy things which is a crazy chain reaction of craziness's so every one in the world will be crazy poor and we'll all be on street corners trying to get money but there's no money to be given which would mean that we all will die which could be good to suicidal people and bad to other people but people always say to be optimistic which would mean we're all suicidal which in reality is not optimistic so people will not know which way to feel and I'm sure that would be pretty crazy. So I guess the only real way to stop this is to not see this movie. Which will make Will Smith poor so than we might be able to watch the movie because it would be a reality show. So you can pick what you want to do but I think its pretty easy to tell that we should all just stay the way we are and not see this movie and maybe start watching Gilmore Girls as I have seen nothing wrong with that show except the whole show itself.
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Epic Movie (2007)
Not terrible but not great
27 January 2007
This is just another "date movie" to be very honest. I saw it and thought it was just a little better than "Date Movie". One problem with the movie is there is never and good jokes or very funny parts. I laughed a couple times but not very hard. I liked the way they made fun of special effects and made them as cheesy as possible. I also thought they meshed all the movies together very well, they just needed to make it a bit funnier. Adam Cambell apparently hasn't learned his lesson. He was in "Date Movie" another spoof movie that didn't do well at all. I don't see why he came back to do another one. But what I don't get is how you can hate it. It wasn't so bad that I would vote a 1 out of 10 stars, and everyone that was in the theater would agree with me. I was really the only one not laughing a whole lot.

Once again it was Not terrible but not great. They just need better writers to throw some more jokes in there.
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dodge ball
12 January 2007
In the movie "dodge ball: A True Underdog Story", we see a couple of average Joes that run a low maitenace, unsuccessful, dirty, in debt work out facility. Across the street is a multi million dollar dream gymnasium. Peter (owner of the "gym") woke up when a girl appeared in his office. After peter makes sleazy remarks she says she works for the bank. Ben Stiller's character said he is going to buy Peter's gym to make a parking structure for his members. In order for Peter to keep his dump he must come up with $50,000. His only members (one of which thinks he is a pirate) try to think of a way to raise the money. So the people who are underdressed to go to Walmart, decide to pull a classic, have a car wash. After having that fail massively they are forced to play dodge ball to get the money. To see if they win or perish in a horrible cry for help in the middle of the Sahara will be left to you to watch. This film is surprisingly funny and has a great ending that I never would have suspected. With comedy that will bust your spleen and crack your back, but hopefully not give you a heart attack be sure whether you rent, buy, or go to an out of date theater, to watch "Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story".
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a poem of reviews for you to view
9 August 2006
This movie could have done better, The main plot was not all that clever, Some may enjoy this major motion picture, Even though it is not a 10 star movie for sure, I must say I do own this, Some say its a movie that they reminisce, The movie made me incredibly bored, The script,plot,idea was more dull than a wooden sword, I believe it was to be a comedy that was funny, Yet it was not worth one cent of your money. The movie was one of the worst, I'm must say the set was cursed, this film gave me sympathy for they thought is was to be successful, and yet all it did is make me stressful. It makes me sad that some people can actually call this film adorable, When in reality the movie was just down rite horrible.
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The Truman Show
8 August 2006
The Truman Show has brought me to a new level of suspense and wonder. It captured me with the great plot and script. Jim Carry is at his best in this film. All of the emotions were unbearable and are sure to take your breath away and add a tear to your eye. Other movies try to conciel the emotions that are possessed by the main characters. This movie will have you guessing all the way through only to find you were wrong and the extreme twist us unraveled. This film is like opening a new door to wonder and suspense and you will want to open the door and never come out. The Truman Show is flying on an eagles wings soaring to new heights in the movie history.
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Titanic (1997)
Truly inspiring review
8 August 2006
This motion picture is beyond our time, and for everyone who has not seen it but hears it is great, your thinking of the movie is only a whim of your imagination. For all of the films that try to obtain such power and emotion as this film can only be brought to sorrow, as I must say nothing can up-root this film from our minds. Let alone the great performances of all the actors,actresses,the plot, the picture, the script, the whole movie let it be, is something so mind blowing so full of love it beats your heart and deepens your compassion. Something that keeps us going something that captures us with such a hearty grip that can only be shown in this once in a lifetime major motion picture film, TITANIC.
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