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The most beautiful dream I've ever seen
15 June 2019
Where can one start about a film that looks and feels like nothing you've seen or felt before? Watching it was like entering inside the head of a mastermind artist, with the heart of a child, with all the love, the out-of-this-world settings and visuals, the adorable characters, the love they share, their common purpose, and all this in a once in a lifetime visual experience. I saw it when it first came out and I remember how speechless it left me, and since then I've watched it many times again, always finding new details to love it even more.

I've suggested this film to many people, and they all thanked me. This is a true masterpiece, in the same category of Fellini. Made me feel like it was my own dream. If you like Fellini, or love the visuals, this may be your new favourite movie of all time.
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Well done, but with a horrific impersonation of the super talented Freddie Mercury
22 February 2019
A Queen's movie will always be entertaining since it includes their amazing songs. That's the reason probably, why its rating is sooo high. People loved hearing their songs once again, me too, and of course loved them once more. Malek though. killed the movie for me... I had to avoid looking at his "psycho" reactions through out the movie. Malek is not an actor, I think that he's always playing a character with "esoteric issues." Real Freddie for example also looks and performs like a genius. Mr. Robot suits him fine because the character is someone with esoteric issues that fit him.

In my opinion you don't become Freddie Mercury neither by simply exposing his teeth (ridiculously too many times), nor by raising his arms and opening his mouth every time he sings! The acting was ridiculous, I only saw the Mr.Robot guy with a wig, fake teeth, and the "psycho" deep voice! All this have nothing to do with the real Freddie! If you want to know what kind of a super talent Freddie was, just watch one of his lives. There you'll see all that you missed in this certainly missed opportunity film. .

I love that the audience didn't focus on the impersonation's quality and liked the film, on the other hand I don't think that we'll see another "Queen film" and that sucks, because we're left with this horrible impersonation of the amazing Freddie! God save the Queens!! :)
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If we the "audience" can't get the wreck of SW7, be prepared for even worst Star Wars films!
28 December 2015
I even loved the new ones. Even the Phantom Menace! Got into the theater ready to believe ANYTHING. But, the Force Awakens is so soft on all spots! Huge story holes, super-predictable and the "new" "heroes" lack any emotions and depth and star quality. Unfortunately Star Wars now follows Marvel and DC into making action driven, emotionless and plot hole movies... Our only hope on stopping this on going Star Wars parody is ONLY IF we the audience send the creators a powerful message against this horrible take on the Star Wars myth!

Dear creators:

1)Don't copy-cat older Star Wars.

2)Be respectful to the audience and stop trying to fool us with stupid plot and stupid plot points.

3)Create a NEW myth for the new heroes. Built it and convince us that the Force is soooo strong in them.

We fans are READY to believe! Stop f@cking us around! We are not stupid!
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At last a sci-fi film with a story that makes sense! Thank you!
17 November 2014
If you have watched a million si-fi movies before, yes, you won't learn something you didn't know before; but, this movie is special because, at least, IT MAKES SENSE! I'm personally weirded out by almost all of the recent big budget movies, with stories which don't even make sense. SO many stupid big budget films, which directly insult our intelligence, and this is an exception! Amazingly shot and VERY archetypical in its approach, makes one at least think for a bit, what might happen IF the Apes of today ONLY learn how to use tools. They will pretty much take over... Love the series and the idea behind! The film is FUN and makes sense!
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Wasted Youth (2011)
Obnoxious, irritating wannabe teen film
30 May 2013
I was deeply disappointed with the film. It felt all through the "naration" that it was trying to take commercial advantage of the horrific events that really happened with Alexis and his shoot-down by cops in Greece few years ago which begun the riots in Athens. No story to follow, no characters to explore, just a camera following without any reason or emotion or plot or anything at all. When the film at last ended I couldn't believe that I was watching all this nonsense story for no reason at all & it's a shame that they cloned/copied Alexis's real story just to visit a few festivals. It's probably one of the worst films I've ever seen.And it came as quite as a surprise, since the creators have done very good films on the past.
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Sucker Punch (2011)
Snyder's Mulholand Drive about traumas and fighting them. Analysis.
25 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This isn't Mulholand Drive (the masterpiece), but I think it follows the same principals. As in Mulholand what you see on screen it's not the reality, it's just subconscious fantasy.

The action in the whore house and the action part is a subconscious alternate reality. The disgusting reality is in the asylum.

The impressive dance is certainly not a sexy dance that none can resist. All dances are in reality the patients re-acting of their traumatic experiences. Baby dolls' dance is amazing to all because her story is simply amazing, as we've seen in the superb first 7 minutes (I must have already watched the emotional galore of "sweet dreams" like 10 times).

The cgi/action scenes is actually Baby Doll fighting her demons, sometimes the step father appears with the veeery long spear, with a little help from her new made friends (now she has help, she's not scared, she will fight and win). Sometimes I could make sense of a few details, most of them I didn't get them...(anyone did please let me know??)

In reality their plan inside the asylum of getting the map etc is very naive. They stole the map from the office, and didn't photocopy it, so obviously the "dr" got the plot since there was no map behind his desk, same thing with the missing lighter--how can he not notice it missing.

By the way i think that the psycho doctor's speeches were accurate in both levels. What he says works for both worlds and is actually baby dolls "plot points" for both worlds.

The map, the key, the knife and the lighter are just her last memories before the lobotomy. Her subconscious took them, put them together and there you have your story.

To conclude, this kind of movie for a commercial creator is a big surprise. No wonder that his action packed fan base was frustrated and disappointed. They should have been warned that this is another universe from his previous films. Here, the action scenes are metaphoric and they don't drive the plot!

Personally, I loved many parts of the film, especially the haunting sweet dreams and the white rabbit. Especially the first one is one of my most haunting film scenes ever. It almost convinced me to fight my demons as baby doll did!

I won't give a 10, only because Snyder didn't succeed on helping us understand her subconscious--her real fight. There could have been many ways of hinting us more things here and there or at least at the last part of the movie spend it in the asylum...Many ways for helping the audience getting it and be in awe.

Its visuals and the directing/editing emotional value reach a superb level, it only needed a little more to become a masterpiece. Honestly.
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What a trash...! If u got brains simply avoid it!
16 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The social network to me is just another proof of recent mass hysteria where we can't distinct good from bad. This cheap drama-soap dramatically rewrites the history and I guess that's what made me angry. This is too much of a recent history and they're using real names in a docudrama setting. To me, this is history manipulation and not dramatization of a real story! 1)How lame that the Napster founder is played by the girls idol Justin. 2)How lame that he's talking about social networking as if he discovered it! Geez! Facebook just added a few very smart add ons, the social networking is certainly not their idea! I'd rather see a movie about the guys who actually did come up with the social networking idea i.e. profiles not for dating, but for friends. 3)Facebook is based mostly on cheating, lying, copying and misleading (i.e. Did u forget that back in the days we all used to receive this "friends invitations to join facebook?" Do u remember that facebook once u joined misled u on entering Ur e-mail password and then hacked into Ur address book and sent ALL of them an invitation to join face-book without our permission??)

This film is a horror film about how horribly well things work if Ur smart and unethical. As far as the film goes it technically work fine, it's interesting that Mark is somehow honest about himself not being such a nice person, but under my humble opinion this whole film is made to fill Mark's vanity issues and wanting to stay in history as the founder of social networking, which is simply a lie.
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Over-dramatic,silly, lame, wannabe documentary
11 April 2010
I had the unfortunate chance to watch it in a theater. This is a TV documentary and not to be seen on theater!!

Many things bothered me, but the fact that the narrator was repeating the same informations 3 times through out the "docu" completely annoyed me.

It was very annoying how much effort the creators put into making it a shockumentary. But it was o-so- lame. Over dramatic narrator pointing out words like "pain" and "virgin" and "fish" and the dramatization focused on very handsome naked teens instead of the brutality and the character and the causes of Albert Fish. It only gave us a spoonful about Fish and repeated the same informations again and again and again and then "naked teens" and "virgin" and only had 2 interviewers!!

The worst one was this psycho horror artifacts creator who was mainly talking about himself and his origins and a few words about Fish as if he had something important to add to Fish's story. And the other one was a woman obsessed with Fish and his sexual life. At a point they had access to Fish's psychiatrist records and they didn't use real Fish's voice at all, and his sayings for not more than 5 minutes! Why??

In a few words don't waste your time with it, it's just super lame.
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Strigoi (2009)
Dark-creepy Romanian take on the vampire myth
11 April 2010
Unfortunately this is a hard to find movie, but trust me if u ever get a chance you'll certainly enjoy it!

The plot starts where our hero young doctor returns from his internship in Italy to his in-the-middle-of-nowhere village. He finds that a kind of weird old man has been dead. In Romanian tradition when someone dies his friends must stay up with the dead body for three full days, just to make sure that nothing goes out of the way...! He sees five villagers staying up and drinking next to its coffin. But, they hardly liked the dead man. And this is where all creepiness starts taking place...

Through out the film everyone seems emotionless, they all talk slowly, amazing things happen and they act like it's everyday routine. This bizarre non linear beat of the movie is what makes it creepy and kind of disturbing. To add to all this bizarre world comes moments of dancing to Bregovic music...!!

If you ever been to Eastern Europe you do get that weird feeling as if everything is heavier than it should be and that people do have this distinct- chilly- unemotional tone in their voice. It always creep me out, and that's exactly what I got from this film.

Certainly a gem, certainly out of the ordinary and a great idea to watch an "original" Romanian take on vampires. If u get a chance, do watch it!
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Star Trek (2009)
I missed the adventures in alien planets
8 May 2009
I think that there was a hype about the new Star Trek. They film isn't bad, but it definitely isn't great. I wished the origins would last like 30mins and then we would actually watch some REAL adventures. All this friendship drama and how they got united felt like a TV episode and not a movie to pay for. I wasn't surprised at all and didn't feel any excitement through out the movie. Quinto was excellent,but the guy who portrayed captain Kerk was very very boring and too"all American." I missed the style, i missed the "where no man has gonebefore" and the unknown. Under my opinion, there's potential to the newseries, but i'd wait a couple more of their films until the Enterprisecrew reaches it's full potential and we can actually enjoy a really exciting sci-fi adventure.
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The Fall (2006)
An excitement that never happened
29 November 2008
I went on seeing it having read the reviews on IMDb and i must admit that i was disappointed by the film. Storywise, it was very generic and predictable with every cliché possible. I found myself patiently hoping that any moment "the real" plot will start. Unfortunately, that never happened. The main story with the heroes was boring and the story with the little girl was even more boring. Obviously the looks of the film deserve my 5/10. Costumes, locations, art direction were stunning. As in Cell the story doesn't pay off and is naive. I wish Tarsem next time will pick up a not only visually interesting project, but also something that matters and has something to add in our cinematic lives.
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Mamma Mia! (2008)
Feel good comedy we Greeks loved it!
5 July 2008
Went to an open theater last night here in Athens-Greece and all the audience was laughing their hearts out! Who cares about showing a bit of grotesque concerning "modern Greece," i wish the real Greece was as shown in Mamma Mia--all dancing and singing. Awesome! It might look a bit too much of a comedy, but that's the whole point. Just enjoy it,laugh your heart outs, don't' even think about criticizing it and just have a wonderful night with it. Entertaining at its best! When will you ever get a chance to travel to an ideal Greek island with Meryl Streep, Peter Brosnan, Julie Waters etc, all dancing and singing with super high comedy involved. No wannabes here, just chaotic entertainment!
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8 ½ Women (1999)
Worst Greenaway film
15 August 2005
I'm a big Greenaway fan, his movies always inspired me visually. Sometimes his stories doesn't work, but always his visual sense is astonishingly beautiful.

Except with this film. It feels like Greenaway lost his touch. Many "lame" visuals and corny shots, reminding more of leaflet photography rather than something visually interesting.

There were a lot of interesting thoughts expressed through the father, but that was pretty much it. If you're a Greenaway fan you'll be disappointed, but you have to see it anyway... If you haven't seen any of his movies I recommend his older movies.
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Catwoman (2004)
It's so beautiful to look at, just turn off the music :)
20 March 2005
My opinion is that it was so gorgeously magically beautiful to look at. The cinematography, the angles they used, so cartoonish and surreal. No wonder that the Director was the Visual Effects Director in the City Of Lost Children and that the cinematographer did all these really beautiful film in the past.

I can just stand there staring at those pictures for hours and travel to another dreamy dimension.

But then again, the music killed everything. It felt like someone turned the radio on in the middle of my fantasy. What a horrible music choice. Just put your own music on and enjoy it!
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