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Gutland (2017)
Step by step transformation of a man
9 June 2018
As someone who lives in Luxembourg for several years I went to see this movie this evening. Just came back. Be warned this is not the mainstream kind of movie with car chases and pouring with gun shots (although there are some in it ;) ). But if you like beautiful scenery, great cinematography, flawless acting (and some sexual scenes) and a great story - this is it! It is in the style of The Wicker Man or Bergman movies. The story is catching from the very beginning. While it develops slowly, step by step, it is almost like a teasing - I never felt bored. The end is with a twist and the story is actually a metaphore trying to capture the soul of this country. It lives you with an emotional aftertaste which only great movies can deliver. I look forward to buy it on DVD to watch it again later.
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unnecessarily sadistic
26 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The movie has some tough scenes, as described by other comments. However, except for presenting the japs as a bunch of brainless sadists, the only message of the movie would be that the war could give the power to individuals to do horrible things to another human being. The movie fails to convince me due to 2 factors: 1.lack of reason behind the experiments shown and 2.the movie transpires of Chinese nationalism and, naturally, subjectivity.

I just didn't see the reason for the majority of experiments/scenes, just a few examples:

1. What is the reason for the frost bitten hands experiment? Except for the sadistic pleasure of the "doctors" other reason I cannot find. The purpose of the squadron 731 was to create chemical and biological weapons, so what did that have to do with it?

2. The death in the compression room - again, pointless.

3. The cat scene, which I am sure it was REAL, shows the pure sadism of the Japanese "scientists". But then again, as the scene was real, and the movie was made by Chinese, what is the difference between the producers of the movie who re-did this and the japs?

The film fails to explain these, and others.
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