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An excellent feel-good movie
9 September 2006
Had the chance to see an advance showing. Looking for a movie professional reviewers will ooh and ah over? Forget it! There are no real surprises, twists or turns ... no artsy-fartsy foreign director trying to impress the Hollywood types and hoping for some directing award. This movie comes only with some solid actors portraying what could easily happen in real life. Looking for high speed chases or Tom Cruise-like stunts? Don't bother with this film. Just bring your heart if you want to glean anything from this one.

Filmed in the real town of Senoia, Georgia, one 'Chicago Sun-Times' reviewer describes the fictional town of Armour Springs as "... one of those Southern towns that exist primarily in the minds of screenwriters". Apparently he's never been south of the Mason-Dixon line and we personally don't care for his type down here anyway. Senoia is only one of many small towns that do exist and have retained remnants of the America that was once innocent ... where kids could be kids and adults acted like adults. The same reviewer seemed impressed with Kelly Preston as giving the only "solid" performance. She did good but she wasn't at the top of her game. If you score her in comparison to the performance of the "rookies" (Toby Keith and Lindsey Haun) Preston wasn't that great.

While I loved the movie there are a few disappointments. The character of Anna Maria Horsford should have been expanded. She is an excellent actress and could have been given more exposure. A "situation" involving Dixie (Haun) and some guy seems to be left hanging. The movie could easily have been a television series by expanding both characters and plots within this quiet little town.
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A Lost Masterpiece
29 July 2006
This is one of the best movies I have seen in quite some time. Although it only won an Academy Award for Best Cinematography, it is deserving of many more awards. You can easily see how it would win for the camera work. The landscapes throughout the movie are breathtaking filmed primarily in the Rocky Mountain foothills west of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. While Anthony Hopkins and Brad Pitt show phenomenal acting skills the same can be said of every single cast member. The emotion Pitt portrays throughout the story, through his character of Tristan, is amazing. Since Johnny Depp was originally offered that role, and turned it down, it is hard to imagine that Depp could have done a better job. The story will hold you on the edge of your seat from the open title to the sensational ending when .... well, you just have to see it!
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