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It's just fun :)
3 February 2007
I don't want to lie to you, I'm not a Diane Keaton fan, nor am I a Mandy Moore fan. Besides asking yourself why I even saw this movie, you should wonder how it managed to get a 9 from me despite my tastes.

Well, I went because my friends wanted to see it. And I gave it a 9 because I thought it was surprisingly good. It's not intense, it's not fast-paced, it's not a mind-bender. It's just a fun thing to watch. Diane Keaton is energetic and so much fun - and I promise you that by the end of the movie, she'll have (in some way or another) reminded you of your own mother. And Mandy Moore is very good as the quirky daughter who is, in reality, very much like her mother. It's just a sweet tale - most likely for women only - that reminds girls and their mothers that they're not alone in the battles. (Though viewers be warned - there's a little sexual content. And a little more conversation about sexual content...)

There's nothing terribly unique about it, but the writing is good and the plot is entertaining. There aren't going to be any surprises, it's just entertaining, lively, and very sweet.
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pretty much the biggest let-down of my existence
17 January 2007
It's incoherent. Bad editing, horrible music and volume, flat affect by everyone save for Fiona Shaw (who was the only mildly entertaining part), and lack of a moral character. Really, in the end you don't care what happens to anyone because there's no one left to root for.

I went into the movie with very high hopes for an entertaining and well-paced movie on an interesting subject. I found myself bored, disinterested, and almost laughing at some of the forced dialogue.

Through the entire thing, I was waiting, hoping for it to get better, hoping that I could walk away satisfied. Instead, I was glad to be done with the big fat mess of it, wishing I hadn't watched it and preserved my previous images of the otherwise talented cast.
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