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Prodigal Son (2019– )
Great start
25 September 2019
Michael Sheen as a manipulative serial killer father? Win. Messed up son as anti hero? Pure win. Some of the dialog, particularly for Malcolm was a little on the nose, but that is a common issue in pilots before the writers and actors have really worn the character in so I expect that problem will be quickly resolved. The performances are great and effecting. The fan-girl M.E reminded me strongly of Molly Hooper in Sherlock which I quite liked but others might find irritating if she becomes a regular feature. I expect Malcolm/Dani will play out as the main focus for romance/shipping and the set up of hardened female detective developing empathy for broken genius, friends to lovers will follow a tried and true formula. Still, formulas work for a reason. Its familiar and we love it. I look forward to more of this.
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