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Lizzie McGuire (2001–2004)
Pretty Good. <3
27 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The only thing that i hate about this show is ethan craft i wish they got a hotter guy to play him. & also kate sanders is so annoying. in the lizzie mcguire movie she is okay. i admit she is pretty but she just really irritates me. anyway this show is cute , and talks about real life issues , some of the episodes are bad but everythings mostly good. i really like the episode where kate and miranda were wearing the same outfit that was a funny one i know some of you hate lizzie mcguire but you know stop criticizing hilary duff shes only a teenager. even though this isn't as great as "thats so raven" its still a pretty good show. wellihavetogowatchsoyouthinkyoucandance<3 --babyangel.
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Titanic (1997)
I Loved It Like So Many People Do.
27 December 2006
Titanic is the most romantic movie i saw. And I know that all of you haters are thinking that the movie should have been about the titanic not about some romantic mushy stuff. but the titanic was filled with couples and the same thing that happened to rose and jack must have happened. i even read in a titanic book about an old couple and how the wife said the exact same thing that rose said when she didn't want to go on the boat without jack. And when you guys say that the movie was too long then you are wrong because when it ended i actually wanted to see more and was sad that the movie was over , and i know a lot of people agree with me on this just the same amount as the people who disagree with me.
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High School Musical (2006 TV Movie)
Alright But Just Too Gay
16 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was alright i mean i am excited for the sequel but it was just so gay. OK if you haven't seen it this is basically it :a girl and a guy meet over new years eve at a party they sing together to "the start if something new" they give each other there digits and then after he sees her at his high school OMG WHAT A Coincidence anyways back to the story they both enter a musical and they have competition againest Ryan and sharpay who have been in the schools musical since kindergarten and sharpay and Ryan are mad because Gabriella (the girl) and troy (the boy also very good basketball player who is on a team) are good at singing. troy and Gabriella's friends don't like it and think they should stick to the "status quo" so they make troy say something bad about Gabriella on webcam she crys then sings a song then they make up.then sharpay and Ryan but the school decathalon (which Gabriella is going to) and the bball game (which troy is going to) the same day as the musical. the end is also very predictable and i hate that girl Kelsi she talks weird and is nerdy she only looks pretty at the end when she is wearing makeup oh and i also hate Mrs.darbus she is the worst and most retarded drama teacher in the world.well if you have seen this and like it this is just my opinion so you can go say it rocks but i think it is stupid and predictable . thank you.
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Air Bud: Spikes Back (2003 Video)
30 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Well this movie wasn't all that bad but there were some very noticeable things first of all how can a dog play volleyball or whatever yes you can train a dog but why would they let a dog play and how would the dog learn the rules?Tammy is the worst actress in the movie,Andrea isn't as bad but she is the best one in the movie.The main reason i hate it because it was too long and i wish they would get it off family i mean I'm watching a good movie and guess what i see "airbud coming up next your watching family" its really annoying.well i have to fill 10 lines but i only have 8 so anyways if you like this movie then don't be mad at me go ahead and say airbud rocks but i don't think the same way OK bye!
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Very Bad
26 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I would just like you all to know that you should read the book before the movie. "the sisterhood of the traveling pants" is a horrible movie but a good book. i agree with pghpunk1 "the pants did perform a miracle they brought me to you" is one of the most cheesiest things I've every heard , how could you get luck out of a pair of stinking pants ?! "wow they fit all of us lets all wear them and never wash them!" and i also agree with teonanacatl where Carmen asked god to bless the pants thats really disgraceful. Well i would love to stay here and chat about this crappy movie but i have better things to do. PS: have you noticed there are more people who liked this movie then hated it , thats what really pisses me off the most.
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