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The Thin Blue Line: Rag Week (1995)
Season 1, Episode 4
filming location: Watford
12 February 2008
I live in Watford, and I am proud to have it the location for numerous TV and film scenes. the bank robbery took place on Market street, opposite the Burger king and where Folwer went into to Deliver the Pizzas was the old Natwest building. its now a pub. Ironicly, where the police cars pulled up and Fowler was giving orders to the other officers was where the new Natwest is now. I would show you a picture if i could, maybe I'll set up a yahoo group. oh, and thin blue was very funny, too bad there no more of em. I did not like it when they got rid of the music introduction in the second series; the Fowler introductions were terribly unfunny, you weren't sure when the episode had started or not.
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boring - sorry
7 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
i think i watched this on a Sunday night, and it was BORING. even my parents couldn't stand it.

i have to say though, its better than "THE CORE"

the beginning scene where Grint crashes his car on a driving test was a laughable start, but it went downhill with the slow road trip that followed.

the annoying parents also put me off, although other would say that they were there for comedy relief.

there's one stage when you see Gritn and Walter first meeting, and you wander if they're going to end up in bed together; UGH! that never happened thankfully.

i never stayed to see the end, i hope everyone else who saw it got a better time out of it than me.
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Captain Scarlet: Syrtis Major (2005)
Season 2, Episode 7
Where the enemy isn't Mysterons!
25 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Spectrum discover a drilling plant on Mars has been reactivated since the Mysteron threat, and order the crew who are there to be returned. Arriving on Mars, Scarlet, Blue, Occurs, Destiny and a company rep are on constant guard. eventually, Black turns up, with his full attention on Destiny! But spectrum are to discover that the real threat is actually within! This episode proved that spectrum has a lot more to deal with than just aliens! You can feel the tension in the characters faces, and the twist with black is completely unexpected! Also, Blue's belief that Scarlet has been reposed by Mysterons again makes the viewer heart sink. I recommend this episode highly, but not as high as Grey Skulls.
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24 July 2006
What can i say except enjoy this great musical. Timmy gets to rule the world, at least for a while. The songs are addictive and terrific, and the plot is cool too; a conspiracy of pixies taking over fairy world and the real world. References from other films include Superman when a baby is catapulted in a rocket to stop it from being killed in a runaway train, only to be used by the pixies in their plan. An emotional moment in part 2 is when Cosmo and Wanda sing "As long as I'm floating with you" when they reminisce about there time together as husband and wife. The only reason i don't give 10 stars is that there is little conversation with Trixie or Vicky, although there's a brief segment with Tootie. i long for the day when Timmy finally dates Trixie or Tootie.
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