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Downtown a Street Tale is a "must see' film
2 May 2007
I saw this movie with a couple of friends at the Apollo theater in New York while on vacation. And must say this movie 'stayed with me' for days. It is incredible. So much so when I found it premiering back here in Los Angeles, after wrangling some tickets I went to see it again with my family. This is one of the most gripping, in your face films I've come across in ages. Kudos to the writers.... And the fact that so many Oscar nominees invested their time in the film alone, says a lot. I was so touched at the plight of those kids, it brought me to tears. I wasn't alone. There were also a number of laugh out loud scenes, making it a good mix. This is a must see film for every parent. And for kids that get mad at parents. Even those kids that have running away from home - in the back of their minds will certainly change their perspective. Wake up America,,,,,,,,, For those taking time to write trash about the film, where are your heads???? I can see that 'You' simply don't get it. Go - take another look ---this time with an open mind. I personally hope this film is shown in every city in the country. And the sooner the better. Music wise Irene Cara did a great job. But my favorite was the Petula Clark song 'Children of Color'. Hear it once and I'm sure it will become a classic. Again the acting was great and I advise everyone not to miss this film.

PS. It should be known the night we were there 1500 people packed the Apollo Theatre while another few hundred had to be turned away..(I learned later) And all of these folks gave standing ovations several times. Which prompted me to write this not so idle comment.
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I give it a rating of 7or even 8 out of a possible 10
25 May 2005
I really liked the show as far as it went, but in my opinion it could have gone further with a little more harmony among the parents and the school. Plus a lot more escapades among the children their friends or neighbors. It seemed more like a formula film complete with the predictable death of the pet. In general though I not only like what was filmed, but would have made it with a more impressive impact allowing for more community involvement ending somehow in some national acclaim with the symbols of encouragement subtly expressed yet easily recognized by the audience. We all have our own ideas after the fact - I would still stop whatever I am doing to see Steve in whatever he does. >>>>Please forgive grammar ...english is not my first language...Sorry
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