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True Blood (2008–2014)
Make Way for True Blood ---
13 September 2008
There is no doubt in my mind that True Blood is developing it's die-hard cult fans even as I write this.

Director Alan Ball has successfully adapted the show from the southern vampire series penned by Charlaine Harris. The show incorporates the gritty, down-south, feel that permeates Harris's books. The imagery, whether in landscape or in outfits, is incredible and really gives the viewer a chance to feel the atmosphere of the story.

The music is unbeatable... The opening credits rolling by is enough to hook a person right there.

The acting by lead characters is great. Anna Paquin as Sookie Stackhouse is incredible. She's captured just the right tones of innocence, lively spark, and morals that personify Sookie. The only thing that might be noted is that her accent seems a little off, I can't say how specifically it just sounds wrong which is understandable as she's a Canadian.

Stephen Moyer as 'Vampire Bill' is great as well. I thought his accent was great, much more realistic than other characters who I had definite red flags pop up when I heard them speak. His screen presence is unbeatable and he fits the role of a vampire almost eerily well.

I'm looking for some better character development in Tara, Sookie's close friend, she seems to fit a stereotype a bit too well for my taste. Hopefully writers will mix things up for Tara a little, give her some great lines.

So acting is a 8 out of 10, Screenplay and Scenery get a definite 10 out of 10, and the score is 10 out of 10.

True Blood is the kind of show that comes along and while it has every opportunity to fall flat, sinking into the rut of so many other 'vampire TV shows', it rises above and makes its own cut into the genre.
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Outlaw (2007)
Almost something big...
14 April 2008
This film could have been something big, something really impressive. It missed it's mark though due to the writer(s) bad taste in climax and in structure. The plot itself is deceptively simple, a group of men feel justice isn't being met by the law and decide to take matters into their own hands, the movie delves much deeper though and the style of filming was very well done considering the concept of the film.

The film portrays England's underbelly very well and the gritty realism in the scenes puts out an unmistakable talented and accurate feeling of crime and the corrupt system. The acting was good, surprisingly good, though I had of course expected something good of Sean Bean. Bean's character wasn't written well enough to give the actor the full potential of the character but he still managed to pull of a great performance, very convincing. His supporting cast is what surprised me more, their acting was great, very detailed and very realistic. You didn't get the feeling you were watching a movie at all.

Overall this movie could have been something really great but lacked the big guns to pull it off completely. However, it is still definitely a film worth watching if your willing to invest an hour and a half into really thinking through a movie and getting a feel for the corruptness and perversion in the system.
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