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It is a wonderful life!
7 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
(Please note: this may contain a spoiler) This film epitomises what a good film should be - humoured, heartfelt, funny and touching. 'It's a wonderful life' is not only viewed as a classic but also lives up to the audiences' expectations - a truly satisfying experience.

Never having previously experiencing Capra's work I chose to rent this film - arguably one of Capra's finest achievements.

The film follows lovable character 'George Bailey' a man whose life is filled with love and friendship. Like many people, he does not always realise the great support and affection he holds with the people close to him. Bailey was an ambitious, determined child with hopes of building bridges and buildings, touring the world and seeing famous sights. Bailey's dreams come back to earth when his father suddenly dies and he is asked to fill his place.

Slowly, Goerge builds a new life with his family (and of course..the girl!). They don't have much - for Bailey's heart is slightly over-sized and his business makes little profit but does much good for the citizens of his town. But things don't always go smoothly and when Bailey's uncle misplaces a large sum of money, they face severe financial crisis, as well as criminal.

Bailey's life has apparently come crashing down around him..until he meets somebody - an angel to guide him on his way. The Angel shows Bailey what his life would have been like had he never been born. Bailey discovers unnerving things - his town is completely changed and nobody knows him - they shy away from him. His family doesn't exist and his wife is a lonely librarian..George Bailey's stark realisation - his life made great impacts on the people of the town..his brother didn't survive - because he wasn't there to save him. Bailey realises - his life impacts so many things - and if he wasn't there, everything would be different..much worse.

This film is perfect - not too overpowering to watch and not too bland. Stewart's character shines as a lovable and sweet man - caring, sensitive and completely selfless. Capra's ingenious movie brings to light a very good topic - how one single person's life impacts the people he/she meets and everything can be so completely different - how fate and reality go hand in hand.

The production is fantastic as is every other aspect of this picture - unique and memorable. Even in black and white! A must-see for all the family, for every film buff and cynic - children and adults alike - a truly memorable piece of cinema that will forever shine a true mastery.
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A fabulous film
19 July 2006
I first watched 'What's eating gilbert grape' at the age of eleven or so, just after I'd developed an interest in Leonardo DiCaprio's work.

The film follows Gilbert Grape, a young man who lives with his disabled brother and clinically obese mother in a small town where 'nothing ever happens'. Gilbert is having an affair with an older married woman and feels trapped in the town he lives in - his father is gone and he is the main provider for his family.

The film portrays public scrutiny well, as people don't accept Gilbert's mother - as well as conveying a sense of doubt and isolation, Gilbert's true frustration with a world that provides him with little solace.

Watching it now, with a more mature and adult perspective, I see what was always present in this film, how truly remarkable each element really is. The acting is absolutely spot on, Johnny Depp is a phenomenal actor and portrays Gilbert well, Leonardo DiCaprio's portrayal of disability is also fabulous - such a hard thing to accomplish. I can't fault much on this film, it's emotive and thought-provoking as well as unique and interesting.
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Dawson's Creek (1998–2003)
A great show
17 July 2006
Dawson's Creek was a fabulous show and covered a wide variety of topics throughout its six seasons. The topics were covered well and evenly throughout each season.

Dawson's Creek covered so much ground in its time, explaining the convictions of being a teenager, homosexuality, scrutiny and adolescent dramas - involving the audience. The must-watch programme also covers the excruciating pain of unrequited love.

The show is set in the East-coast town of Capeside, a quiet and slow town where 'nothing' ever happens, set by a meandering creek and spectacular scenery. The predominant characters are Dawson Leery and Joey Potter - two best friends who do everything together. But adolescence is to get in the way as Joey realises she may love Dawson and teenage paranoia kicks in - the once shared bed is now questionable to both teens. What unravels? Joey realises her feelings and Dawson (the typical teenage male) appears completely blind to anything remotely romantic when it concerns his 'best' friend.

Cue Pacey (Dawson's male friend) and New arrival Jen, a beautiful and attractive girl from New York - to cause a little trouble. Dawson's besotted, Pacey's amused and Joey's disappointed.

This is a must-see programme, one of a kind. The actors are talented and convey teenage emotions and desires fabulously. Will the characters ever realise their true feelings?
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