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The Surprise (2015)
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14 June 2016
I went to see The Surprise with no expectations, not high not low, but unfortunately I ended up being disappointed. The Surprise is a Dutch romantic comedy with a dark tone, that (for me) failed to be entertaining. For start, being a comedy I didn't find it very funny but what made this film a disappointment is the following: the plot is somewhat predictable from very early on i the movie and the acting is weak at many parts of the movie.

I wouldn't classify this title as a bad movie, but certainly for me it's not a film worth the cost of the ticket. Find something else to watch, watch it at home at most.
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Very well done Documentary (No matter what you believe)
31 July 2008
This is a well done and entertaining film/documentary.

Whether you believe every single word said on it, or you don't at all. You wont get bored, since this a very interesting presentation of another point of view of the events of 9/11. Maybe some very specific facts can be wrong, but that doesn't means this movie is not worth watching. I would recommend this film, since you can watch it for free from different sources through the internet.

I am amazed by number of Reviews rating this movie with 1, that I actually consider the possibility of people being paid to rate it that way. Eg. Look How most of the negative reviews are twice or three times longer than the positive ones...
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