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Slap Shot (1977)
One of my favourite sports comedies - a classic
20 August 2015
Hockey is my favourite sport to watch, pretty much the only sport i really watch and am into. I love reading and watching movies about it.Slap Shot is the classic hockey comedy. Directed by George Roy Hill and starring Paul Newman, the film follows a minor league hockey team known as the Charlestown Chiefs who after hearing they will be folded by the end of the season decide to play more violently/dirty in order to attract more popularity.The film has some very funny moments, great performances and is a must-watch if you're a fan of ice hockey or even a fan of sports films in general.This film, Goon and Puck Hogs are the only R-rated comedies about ice hockey I can think of.The sequel to this film is nowhere near as good and I haven't even bothered watching the third film as its Rated PG and seems to be more like mighty ducks, even though I do love the Hanson Brothers.

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The Greatest Biographical Film of a Rap/Hip-Hop Artist or Group
20 August 2015
I credit NWA with introducing me to hip-hop back in seventh grade.Prior to this, I wasn't a huge fan of the genre (except for maybe some Eminem) mainly because I only heard the rap/hip-hop music played on the radio or music video shows, which by the 2000's seemed to decline in quality.I then saw the music video for the song "Straight Outta Compton" on TV one day and immediately I got into NWA which started me on a path to discover classic rap and hip-hop.So of course when I heard that there would be a biopic of N.W.A, I had to see it.

Overall, I was very impressed with the film. The runtime is 2hrs 27min but it felt much shorter than that. The film does a good job of detailing the beginnings of NWA, how a group of young men from Compton, Ice Cube, MC REN, Eazy-E, DJ Yella and Dr.Dre wanted to make music that would make people aware of the dangers of living in Compton and other ghettos, despite the fact that due to the use of gratuitous foul language and depictions of sex, drugs and violence in their music were thought to glamorize the "gangsta" lifestyle.The film shows the controversy which surrounded the group, the police brutality they and many people living in Compton faced on a day to day basis as well as personal issues regarding whether or not their manager Jerry Heller along with Eazy-E were skimming money from the rest of the group which eventually led to Ice Cube and later Dr. Dre's departure. The film also depicts the gangsta rap scene of the late 80's-mid 90's and other issues such as the L.A Riots.The performances in the film from a cast of mostly unknown actors are also very good.

The only issues I had with the film are that I would have liked to see at least some of the Eazy-E/Dr.Dre feud as well as more of MC Ren, who even took to twitter to complain about his reduced portrayal in the film.If you are a fan of NWA or rap/hip-hop in general, then you owe it to yourself to see this film. Even if you are not a fan of this genre of music but enjoy music biopics in general, you would likely still enjoy this film.

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South Park: City Sushi (2011)
Season 15, Episode 6
Interesting episode with some good twists!
9 June 2011
A Japanese sushi restaurant is built in South Park.This causes problems with the Chinese owner of the "city wok" restaurants.He constantly tries to get rid of the Japanese restaurant owner.During one of the incidents, Butters is blamed so his parents put him through therapy.The doctor diagnoses him with multiple personality disorder.However, the doctor is actually the one with the disorder.Butters tries to help the doctor out while fearing for his other "angrier" personalities.This episode is fairly entertaining, has funny moments and the twist is very good.There are references to a few horror films such as Hitchcock's "Psycho".While watching the episode, I was reminded of the film "Raising Cain" with John Lithgow.Both films feature multiple personality disorder.Overall, a good episode.
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South Park: You're Getting Old (2011)
Season 15, Episode 7
Funny at times, quite depressing at times. The ending is quite shocking and depressing but it is an excellent mid-season finale!
9 June 2011
After Stan's 10th birthday, he begins to think everything he used to like sucks now(or has become s**t if you will).The music he used to like now sounds bad, along with other things such as movies and video games.He goes to a doctor who says he has "cynicism".This causes him to begin alienating himself from his friends.Meanwhile, the parents of South Park will not let their children listen to the new tween genre of music as they believe it sounds like crap. Randy will not admit he thinks it sounds like crap in order not to feel old. He begins to really embrace the music and begins playing it, which starts to anger Sharon. The ending of the episode is quite shocking and depressing for a show such as South Park.It leaves viewers wondering if there is a connection between the ending of the show and the current state of South Park, as well as Trey Parker and Matt Stone's relationship.It will be very interesting to see what is in store for the rest of the season.Overall, this episode was excellent because it's mix of comedy and drama and the shockingly depressing ending.
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South Park: Crème Fraîche (2010)
Season 14, Episode 14
South Park vs The Food Network
20 November 2010
Randy has a new obsession.The Food Network, a channel which is basically 24 hours of cooking shows.Due to this, Randy starts trying to cook his own gourmet foods.So he gets a job at the school cafeteria much to Stan's anger.They attempt to get rid of him when Bobby Flay and other celebrities from the food network come and challenge Randy to a "throwdown" cook-off.Meanwhile Sharon who thinks Randy does not find her attractive anymore, starts working out and buys the "Shake-weight", a weight tool for women which resembles giving a handjob.Along with a robotic voice which gives compliments and asks her how she's feeling. A cooling gel is then released and the weight gives cab fare.The episode has some very funny moments such as when Cartman impersonates Gordon Ramsey.I think this episode was another good lighthearted way to end the season after the epic three-part Coon episodes.This mirrors the first half of the season where it ended with "Crippled Summer", a very lighthearted and fun episode in contrast to the episodes "200" and "201".Overall, this season has been fairly good for the most part and hopefully Season 15 will be great as well!
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South Park: Coon vs. Coon and Friends (2010)
Season 14, Episode 13
Good conclusion(minor spoilers if you have not seen the previous episodes)
11 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The story continues with the "Coon and Friends" trying to battle the Coon(Cartman) and Chutulu and try to save the world.Cartman and Chutulu go around destroying synagogues and things hippies enjoy such as "burning man" and organic foods.Chutulu ends up sending the "coon and friends" group into a "dark oblivion" where they struggle to get out.Meanwhile, Mysterion(Kenny) is trying to figure out why he cannot die and we find out some interesting facts about "mintberry crunch".The episode concludes the special three part storyline of this season.It is a fairly good episode with some funny and entertaining moments.There seems to be only one more episode left of the season.I wonder how it will end.
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South Park: Mysterion Rises (2010)
Season 14, Episode 12
Mysterion Rises: An improvement over Coon 2 Hindsight and a great episode!
4 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Continuing from last week's episode, a team of superheroes called Coon & friends(despite the coon not being with them anymore) tries to sell lemon bars to stop Chulutu.Meanwhile, Cartman as the coon, travels to New Orleans and tries to befriend Chulutu to make him kill the coon & friends.The episode has many interesting aspects.We finally find out the true identity of mysterion and mosquito.We also find out the truth behind how Kenny comes back to life after dying all the time.This episode is definitely an improvement over the previous one and has some excellent moments! Hopefully the conclusion will be just as good if not better!
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South Park: Insheeption (2010)
Season 14, Episode 10
Excellent episode
28 October 2010
Stan may have a hoarding problem.His locker is completely messy and he does not want to throw anything away.His girlfriend Wendy is worried about him.He visits Mr Mackey, the school counselor who also seems to have a hoarding problem.A doctor then decides to find the root of Stan and Mackey's hoarding problem by looking through Mackey's subconscious.However, Stan gets trapped in Mackey's subconscious and the doctors call the dream infiltrators(like the ones from Inception) to rescue them.Meanwhile, Mackey's subconscious dream is him as a child in 1974. The younger version of Mackey and Stan are trying to find the root of Mackey's hoarding problem.The episode spoofs the reality TV series "Hoarders"(which I have not seen), and the movie "Inception"(which I thought was fairly good albeit a tad overrated).The episode has some very hilarious moments as well as a scene where something happens to Mackey which may be seen as depressing or messed up.Overall, this is an excellent episode.
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South Park: Coon 2: Hindsight (2010)
Season 14, Episode 11
Coon 2, not as strong as "Jersey Thing", "Insheeption" or even the original "Coon" episode, but still pretty good
28 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Cartman returns as the vigilante hero "the Coon". This time he has a team of superheroes who are together known as "coon and friends".At the scene of a fire, they meet a superhero named "captain hindsight". His superpower is to tell people what they should have done to prevent the tragedy. Coon wants Captain Hindsight to join their group.After he refuses, he tries to blackmail hindsight by photoshopping him drunk and naked with Courtney love(actually Butters in a dress).The rest of the group have other plans to protect the world.Meanwhile, BP causes another oil spill and opens a gateway to another dimension and releasing demons(basically causing more problems by trying to fix them).While the episode is not as strong as the previous episodes "It's A Jersey Thing", "Insheeption" or even the original "Coon" episode, Coon 2 is a fairly decent episode with some funny and memorable moments..The "clockwork orange" reference was very interesting as well!
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South Park: It's a Jersey Thing (2010)
Season 14, Episode 9
It's a Jersey Thing(some spoilers)
14 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
People from Jersey are moving into South Park. These people are very loud,obnoxious, annoying and stupid.So now, the people of South Park must find a way to get rid of them, or else South Park will become "West Jersey". Meanwhile, we find out that Kyle's mother is originally from Jersey, so therefore Kyle has a small amount of Jersey in him.The episode mostly mocks the reality series "Jersey Shore".I have seen only one episode of the series, as I am not a fan of reality-TV.Like shows such as Jerry Springer, it is stupid yet at the same time oddly intriguing and humorous. Of course the show is nowhere near as good as Springer is.The episode also features the characters "Snooki", who is portrayed as a gollum-like monster, and the "situation" who gets beaten by Randy during an interrogation. Overall, the episode is fairly good, a bit better than "Poor and Stupid".Also, it was fairly interesting to see a different side of Kyle's mom.We usually know her as the angry, concerned parent who hates foul language and toilet humor, yet here we see her acting as loud and foul-mouthed woman from Jersey.
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South Park: Poor and Stupid (2010)
Season 14, Episode 8
Typical South Park episode, has it's moments but nothing special
7 October 2010
"Poor and Stupid" marks the premiere of the second half of Season 14.The first half was very interesting with the very controversial "200" and "201" episodes.Hopefully the rest of the season will have some more excellent episodes.This episode was decent.The episode featured Cartman being a very ignorant person yet again. Cartman wants to become a NASCAR racer, however he believes he cannot because he is simply too "poor and stupid". He decides to give away all his money and starts eating vagisil to damage his brain cells.After stealing and crashing a NASCAR, he decides to try again, this time with Vagisil supporting him.The episode had quite a few laughs, but it did not really stand out.Overall, a decent episode.
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Kick-Ass (2010)
30 April 2010
I got back from seeing Kick-Ass a few hours ago.I really wanted to see it as I'm a fan of superhero movies, especially darker R-rated ones.I loved Watchmen! Kick-Ass is both a superhero movie and a pretty funny comedy.Based on the graphic novel which I have not read, the story is about a nerdy teenager named Dave who decides to become a superhero named "Kick-Ass".The problem is that he is not very strong or skilled.Meanwhile, a father and daughter superhero team named "Big Daddy" and "Hit-Girl", who are much more experienced than Kick-Ass is, decide to meet up with him, and end up saving him from some violent drug dealers, which the drug dealer thinks kick-ass is responsible for.The father-daughter pair plan to kill a rich drug dealer because he framed Big Daddy for drug dealing years ago.Meanwhile Dave falls for this girl who thinks he is gay due to a rumor being spread at school and the drug dealer's son becomes a vigilante named "Red Mist", just so he can bring the trio down.Kick-Ass works as a superhero/vigilante movie, but it also works as a teen movie.We see examples of Dave being a nerd as well as various pop culture references which would pertain to teens.This is probably the first R-rated superhero movie to feature teenagers.The character "Hit-Girl" is probably the best character in the film due to her funny profanity-ladden one-liners and ability to really do damage to the baddies.The actress did a great job portraying her.Overall, if you like superhero movies or teen movies, then Kick-Ass is the movie to see!
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South Park: Crippled Summer (2010)
Season 14, Episode 7
While not as strong as "200" and "201", crippled summer is still a good episode with some very funny moments
29 April 2010
This episode sort of parodies the A&E series "Intervention".Towelie(one of the few characters who did not appear in 200 or 201) returns for this episode.He is now not only a marijuana addict, he also gets high on crack, heroin, crystal meth and computer cleaner! The boys send him to the intervention show in order to help him get cured, after he gets fired from his job at a summer camp for handicapped children.Meanwhile at that very same camp, Jimmy and another handicap boy are battling to be king of summer camp.The other crippled boy fights dirty and tries to have Jimmy killed throughout the episode, however his plans always hilariously backfire.There are many hilarious references to old cartoons such as Bugs Bunny and other Looney Tunes shorts.Crippled Summer may not be as strong as 200 or 201, but it is a fairly good episode.The first half of Season 14 is over and now we must wait until October for the rest of the season.
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South Park: 201 (2010)
Season 14, Episode 6
Excellent follow up to "200"
29 April 2010
This episode would probably have to be the most controversial in South Park history.After the episode "200", Trey & Matt received death threats from various extremist Muslim groups.Due to this, comedy central censored the episode greatly by bleeping all the references to the name Muhammad and even Kyle's final speech at the end.The episode is basically a continuation of the previous episode with the people of South Park trying to decide whether to give Muhammad to the gingers or the celebrities.Meanwhile, Cartman finds out who his father and the twist is very shocking to say the least! Many characters and plot points are re-referenced in the episode.Overall, 201 is an excellent follow up to an excellent two part episode!
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Excellent Monty Python film
21 April 2010
And Now For Something Completely Different was the first of the films released by Monty Python.Most people only consider Holy Grail, Life Of Brian and Meaning Of Life(those are the only ones in the box set).But they should add this one as well.Yes it is basically skits from the series somewhat remade and combined into a feature film, but it is also a collection of some of the best skits from Monty Python flying circus.We have the dead parrot sketch, the lumberjack song, the old lady gang and many other classics! I find Monty Python's Flying Circus to have great skits, but also it's fair share of mediocre skits.This film does a great job of taking all the good ones.It is also combined with Terry Gilliam's brilliant animations.Even though you may have already seen it before, any Python fan should check this film out! They should also start considering it as a film in the series!
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South Park: 200 (2010)
Season 14, Episode 5
Absolutely EPIC!
15 April 2010
South Park finally has reached 200 episodes! So therefore it would be necessary that Trey & Matt make a great and epic episode to celebrate it."200" is a great episode! One of the best in recent years! The episode features every single celebrity (at least most of them), threatening to sue the town of South Park for all the slander they have been receiving from them.They are led by Tom Cruise.He says he will drop the lawsuit, if the town can bring them the prophet Muhammed.So now they have to figure out how to give them Muhammed without him being seen, fearing terrorist attack.Meanwhile, other plots from previous episodes such as the "who is Cartman's father?" plot is being brought up again."200" is a great episode because it makes plenty of hilarious references to previous episodes and many characters return.Overall, "200" is an excellent episode.Oh and its probably a two-parter!
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South Park: You Have 0 Friends (2010)
Season 14, Episode 4
Excellent spoof of social networking!
9 April 2010
You Have 0 Friends is a very funny and great South Park episode.This one spoofs the whole social networking thing(Facebook, Myspace etc).The episode has everybody getting facebook and adding friends.Stan does not want a page but his friends make one for him. he says he is not going to get to into it and eventually after pressure from everybody around him, he basically gets "sucked in", as in gets sucked into his computer and has to find his way out.Meanwhile, Kyle finds this one kid who has 0 friends and he feels bad for him, so he adds him.He soon finds that his other friends are starting to delete him.Some parts of the episode are extremely accurate, while other scenes are overexaggerated a bit.However, this episode is an excellent and hilarious spoof of social networking.
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Gross, disgusting yet also hilarious, a fairly underrated film that was ahead of its time
8 April 2010
I have heard about Pink Flamingos for quite a while, but I only actually saw the film recently.It is the only John Waters film I have seen to this date, but after watching this I might check out more of his films.Yes this film may be cheaply made, it may also be extremely revolting.The film was made in 1972 and is still one of the few films which actually deserve an NC-17 rating, that's saying a lot.But it also has some very hilarious quotes and scenes.The plot is very basic and involves a family who are competing with another couple as "filthiest people alive", the film basically involves shows the two groups, what they do and them competing against each other.There are some very disgusting scenes in the film which I will not say here.Just be warned and don't let the fact that the film came out in the 1970's fool you.Overall, Pink Flamingos is a very gross, yet often hilarious little film.The soundtrack is also very good with some catchy 1950's/early 60's songs.
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Fresh (1994)
Very good ghetto film
8 April 2010
Fresh was one of the many urban ghetto films which came out in the 90's, around the same time gangsta rap was at it's peak.Films like Boyz N The Hood, Menace 2 Society & this film showed the dangers of urban life, while other films such as Friday showed that it could be fun.If you dislike these types of movies, you may still like fresh.It is actually a fairly smart film with a good storyline, acting and some funny moments as well.The film is centred around a young twelve year old drug dealer and his relationships with the dealers he works for.He is actually a very smart and calculating child and hatches a plan to end all the drug dealers in the neighbourhood.The score by Stu Copeland is great, however they could have incorporated some early 90's hip-hop/rap in the film.Some may like it better if it didn't but I find that it adds to the whole feel of the film.Anyway, if you like urban ghetto films, you owe it to yourself to watch Fresh, it is probably one of the better ones.
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South Park: Medicinal Fried Chicken (2010)
Season 14, Episode 3
Medicinal Fried Chicken
3 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Randy takes the boys to KFC after their soccer practise.They find that the KFC has been replaced with a store that sells medicinal marijuana.Randy is excited but then finds out that he needs a doctor's approval in order to buy it.The only way he can get it is through cancer, so he tries to get cancer.He gets testicular cancer by sticking his testicles in a microwave and his testicles grow huge.The episode debates whether or not we should make medicinal marijuana legal or illegal.Meanwhile, Cartman is angered at the fact that KFC is closed everywhere.He is addicted to it and later finds an underground illegal KFC operation.He starts to work for them, in order to get KFC, however as in the film "Scarface", he turns on his boss and becomes the main KFC dealer.Medicinal Fried Chicken is a fairly good episode.Not as good as "Scrotie", but still an interesting episode with funny moments.I also really enjoyed the "Scarface" references.
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South Park: The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs (2010)
Season 14, Episode 2
Brilliant episode!
27 March 2010
After the mediocre "Sexual Healing", The Tale Of Scrotie McBoogerballs is once again another excellent south park episode.The plot revolves around the age old issue of controversial novels.The boys get assigned to read "Catcher In The Rye" for school.They dislike the fact, but after hearing that the book is "controversial", they are excited.They then find that the book is not actually controversial at all(especially for today's standards), so Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny decide to write the most disgusting novel of all time.They do so and despite the fact that everybody who reads it throws up, they love the book! The boys just meant to be as gross as possible, however everybody else keeps analyzing the deeper meanings of the novel and praising it.The boys thought they would be in trouble for writing it, so they use Butters as a scapegoat, therefore he gets all the fame and glory.The episode also pokes fun at actress Sarah Jessica Parker.The episode raises the questions "should we ban disgusting novels?" and "what(if any) are the deeper meanings of them?".There have only been two episodes so far, but if Trey and Matt continue like this, the season will for sure be great!
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South Park: Sexual Healing (2010)
Season 14, Episode 1
Decent season opener
19 March 2010
"Sexual Healing" is the first episode of South Park's fourteenth season.Since the season 13 finale, there have been many events that Trey & Matt could parody.This episode revolvs around Tiger Woods and the affairs he had.The plot of the episode involves people trying to figure out what makes rich men have sex with various women.They test the boys for "sex-addiction"(which is what they think the rich men and celebrities have) by showing them a picture of a naked woman and asking the color of the hakerchief the woman was holding.Kyle, Butters and Kenny do not notice and the men think they show early signs of "sex-addiction".Meanwhile, Stan and Cartman play a video game relating to Tiger Woods fighting his wife, which makes them take an interest in golf games.The episode is a fairly good parody with some hilarious moments, but overall it's nothing special.
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Not as good as "Training Day", but still a great movie with terrific performances and a good storyline
6 March 2010
I just got back from seeing Brooklyn's Finest.The film is a crime/drama about three intertwining stories of police officers in Brooklyn, New York.It stars Richard Gere, Ethan Hawke, Don Cheadle and Wesley Snipes.The first story features Ethan Hawke, a family man and police officer who has about 4 kids and is expecting twins.He does not have much money so he decides to start killing drug dealers and stealing their drug money.But how long can he keep it up before he gets caught or killed? The second story features Don Cheadle, a cop who has been undercover in the drug trade for quite some time, and he wants out.However, he does form a bond with one of the drug dealers(Wesley Snipes).The third story features Richard Gere, an old police officer who is about to retire.He is an alcoholic who does not care about his job.When he finds out that a missing girl has become a prostitute who works for some violent pimps, he decides to save her.The performances are very good.It was interesting to see Ethan Hawke, who played a straight-laced rookie cop in Training Day, to play a somewhat corrupt cop in this film.This film is also Wesley Snipes first theatrically released film since 2004.He plays a drug dealer though definitely not as crazy as the dealer he played in "New Jack City".Brooklyn's Finest was an interesting and entertaining crime/drama and if you like the genre, then you should definitely check this film out.
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A very entertaining thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time
3 March 2010
I saw Shutter Island yesterday.It was based on a book which I have not read, all I knew going into it was that it was directed by Martin Scorsese and was a thriller.After watching it, I can say that this is an excellent film.This film is a bit different from director Martin Scorsese's previous films, the majority of which involved the mafia and criminal activity(Mean Streets, Goodfellas, The Departed, etc).Shutter Island is a story about two field marshals who investigate the disappearance of a mental patient from the secluded "shutter island", a place where the most dangerous mental patients reside.One of the field marshals(played by Leonardo Di Caprio) was a World War 2 veteran who experienced a few horrors as he was there.His wife was also killed in a fire a few years back.After some investigating, him and his partner feel that there is something wrong about the practises that go on at the island, and they set out to investigate that.Shutter Island is filled with various surprising twists and suspenseful scenes. The film definitely feels much shorter than 2hrs 20min.The acting is also top notch.If you are a fan of suspense, you owe it to yourself to go check out Shutter Island.
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The Cleveland Show (2009–2013)
Not as funny as Family Guy, but does have it's moments
15 February 2010
The Cleveland Show is a spin off of the popular and hilarious Seth McFarlane TV series "Family Guy".I have been a Family Guy fan since even before it got cancelled in 2002.I have seen pretty much every episode and it's one of my favorite shows.When I heard about The Cleveland Show I was sceptical.Cleveland is hilarious at times, but I did not know how a spin off concentrating on him would turn out.It's been on for a few months now and it's decent.Still not as hilarious as Family Guy, but does have some clever jokes, funny characters and situations just like Family Guy did.It's a bit better than American Dad in my opinion.If you like Family Guy, this show is worth a look!
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