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Death Note (I) (2017)
Not much to enjoy
12 December 2017
It was obvious that this movie never would have the same sort of feeling to it as the anime. But I was suprised to find no traces at all when it came to any of the characters or evolving of the story.

The movie is filled with moments when you realize the writes just didnt give a sh*t. Light is slightly douchy, makes some "funny" oneliners now and again. He gives away being a murderer to a girl he has talked to for 20 seconds (and that after she has sold him out earlier). Very strange.

He seemed to hesitate before the first murder, but that changed with one "aww come one" from Ryuk.

The story is very weak. The characters are neither likable nor belivable.

Disappointing on many levels.
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The Purge (I) (2013)
Not bad, but a bit boring
8 August 2013
This flick is actually not that bad. The acting is OK considering the genre. However, it does not make me feel anything (well, maybe a little. But not much.). Most of my feelings are directed towards the "moviemaking", rather than the subject of the movie.

I do not buy the premise of this movie at all and therefore it is impossible to watch it with interest. It feels like the psychology behind this is sooooo weak and thin.

If the actors were amazing and the cinematography were stunning, this movie still would not reach a high rating. However, if you are obsessed with watching trapped people, and do not care about anything else, this movie is quite good.

I, however, cannot accept the purge itself. Its not Believable in any way. The script is way too weak for me to ignore it.
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Very nice movie!
5 October 2012
Wes Anderson has created an interesting movie once again. Yes, there is a lot of surface, aesthetics. Yes, there are a lot of "unexpected", almost (but only almost) too fabricated, dialog. The setup is coherent as always.

The characters are distant, unreachable but somehow they are able to reach you. Its not clear where this movie are going. I like that. I am fed up with knowing how a movie will end.

The cinematography is not the regular style which is pleasing as well. The style of filming is to follow the events and allowing things to unravel and develop. There is no unnecessary rush in this movie.

Just start to watch it. I think this is a movie when you will know within 20 minutes or so if it is worth watching.
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Friday Night Dinner (2011– )
awesome, but in a slow kind of manner
18 August 2012
Love this show. At first I actually thought the acting was weird, just to be weird (which can be extremely awful). But boy, was I wrong.

This show actually have characters that could swing on the black side of comedy or the white side of comedy. Its success is in the timing! This show is just funny but in a smart way. Not a regular American comedy which almost every time is Painful to watch. The only bad comment I have is on the last episode. That is when it is obvious one of the brothers are more lucky than the other one... all the other episodes does not have that feeling which makes me glad. I Hope the second season does not simplify everything and have characters that you KNOW all too well and doesn't provide any intelligence at all.

But so far, so good. 5/6 episodes are awesome!
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