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Criminal Minds: The Fight (2010)
Season 5, Episode 18
25 October 2010
Nothing like Criminal Minds previous episodes (and I hope future ones!) The new team were unlikable, the acting pretty poor and the case itself was run-of-the-mill. All of this combined to make an episode that when thinking back, actually angers me. Nothing psychological (or any behavioural analysis) here. Definitely skippable, and easily the worst episode to date.

The dialogue between some of the characters was laughable, in particular between Prentiss and the English guy (who, despite being from Newcastle, sounded a little Irish to me?), and the sniper sequence at the end was just the icing on the cake of cheese.
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Genie in the House (2006– )
Quite strange.
5 July 2006
OK, so the acting is awful and you can't really deny that. I'm not sure whether the actors are British and bad, or American trying to be British, but either way, their accents cannot be real. No Brits talk like that. The story lines are predictable and some of the scenarios the characters find themselves in are ridiculous. The show is obviously low-budget, as is made clear by the average special effects. The genie, Adil, has the most stupid voice and makeup on, it's almost laughable. I feel embarrassed for him. But ultimately, I think the show is designed to be silly watching. Like the other Nickelodeon UK show, Renford Rejects, which was really quite awful.

On the positive sides, I can imagine the show being a bit of fun-watching for younger children, such as below 11. Also, the two sisters and very attractive and well worth a look. Give the show a few tries, and once you adopt to its unique style, you may find it interesting.
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