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A movie for two generations
18 June 2008
"Notte Prima Degli Esami" is for the most part a teen movie, but a great one indeed. It depicts the last days of high school of a group of friends before the final exam (maturità). I always love the first scene, when Luca do what is the dream of every student: to tell his hated teacher what he really think about him, the relationship that grows between them and then the very final scene of the movie (I won't spoil it!). Most of the themes dealt are typical of comedies like this: love, coming of age, friendship, various accidents, but are presented in a way which really feel true. Most of the character are not really developed but are enjoyable anyway. Some dialogs are really funny and well written. But the two things that makes this movie great are the ones that makes it enjoyable to two different audience: the ones who were young in the '80's, the time when Notte Prima Degli Esami is set, who can appreciate the great soundtrack and many subtle details, and the ones who are about the same age of the characters now. I made the "Maturità" exams three years ago, and every time I see this movie it always reminds me the emotions that I felt those days, because it just feels so true: the anxiety, the accidents, the stress; but more than over the friendship that bound together me and my friends in those days just like the characters in "Notte Prima Degli Esami"!
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