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Trust Me (2009)
I love it - Welcome back Tom & Eric
26 January 2009
I have to say I love it. But I would have loved it no matter what. Love that it has a great set up - a Chicago-based Ad Agency. Along with the sexiest men around - Eric McMcormack (I have so missed him) and my heart stopping crush from "Ed" the always lovable Tom Cavanagh. To be honest if the show was horrible I would love it just for that. BUT IT IS NOT! It actually has a great beginning. The barbs back and forth between Eric & Tom are great. Monica Potter looks like she fits in. Also loved seeing Jason Mara (even if it was only for a minute) I heard about this show about a year ago & I have been waiting for this show for a long time. I hope TNT gives this a chance to grow and does not kill it early like they did with "Saved" (the Tom Everett Scott drama from 2006) TNT please give this show a chance to grow - I can not wait to see where it goes from here.
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Tom is Brilliant - Movie is chilling 10 of out 10
8 June 2008
I followed the story of the Green River Killer as the country did. After watching "The Capture of the Green River Killer" I have to say I too am in awe of Tom Cavanaugh's performance. I have loved him as the adorable Ed and in his romantic comedy's like "Grey Matters" and "Snow", but I too have to say that his role as Dave Reichert was just spell binding. This is a mind blowing TV movie. Better than most at the movie theater - very much like "The Lovely Bones", as the victims talk through out the movie. I was riveted by his and the whole cast's performances.

Just a fantastic movie.
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Kung Fu Panda (2008)
I just saw the screening of this movie in the Chicagoland area
17 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I Love it! The story was great and the background was beautiful, it really felt like an ancient Chinese city. This original story is one of the best since Shrek. And the meaning behind the story may be even better! The story is about Po, an overweight panda who is the son of a noodle maker, who dreams of Po following in his footsteps. But Po longs to be a ninja fighter. Po is as you know is a panda bear and the film's unlikely hero: as the bigger than life and completely lovable bear voiced by the comic genius Jack Black. Po is a Sweet but clumsy, bear who hears the news the ancient and long awaited dragon warrior will be named, so he runs (as much as he can) to hear who will be named at the celebration.

Without giving too much away, when an "accident" seems to name Po as the dragon warrior (much to the horror of Master Shifu (voiced perfectly by Dustin Hoffman) and the disappointment of Furious Five: Tigress (Angelina Jolie), Viper (Lucy Liu), Mantis (Seth Rogen), Crane (David Cross) and Monkey (Jackie Chan). Shifu must find a way to train him. One hilarious moment after another continues until Shifu recognizes Po's true driving force. This is just in time as the villain Tai Lung (Ian McShane), a snow leopard has returned as he believe is the true Dragon Warrior.

I can not recommend this movie enough. Certainly this is marketed for the kids – but the whole family will enjoy it.
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Without a Trace: Second Sight (2005)
Season 3, Episode 19
This episode is In Loving Memory of Nicole De Huff
24 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
In this episode we deal with Viv's illness and we really see the love between Jack and Viv. This episode is really marked by the outstanding job Marianne Jean-Baptiste does as we see her dealing with her sickness. As always I love Jack and the missing girl has a touching ending.

As for the dedication at the end it is for Nicole De Huff Nicole De Huff was the beautiful woman who played the wife of the battering husband in episode Underground Railroad. Her death was so tragic as she was so young and it was so unnecessary as it was such a simple mistake. she died after two doctors allegedly misdiagnosed her pneumonia, recognizing it only after it became untreatable.

She was also in CSI Miami and Monk. She was most known for her role in "Meet the Parents"

RIP Nicole

see her page here at IMDb
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Stanley's Gig (2000)
A gem of a film
9 August 2003
I am so glad I caught this in Black Starz this weekend. A beautiful story about the things that are really important in life. And it asks the ? Is what you really want - what you really want? Sometimes you can back into what you were born to do.

If you get a chance see this movie.
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Mary and Joe (2002)
What an amazing and thoughtful film
22 December 2002
This is an incredible re-telling of a familar story. This movie asks the question "what if we were still waiting for the messiah?" In this movie..Our adorable couple Mary and Joe (who are totally devoted to "waiting for marriage") find themselves in the most amazing storyline. God has heard the prayers of His people and has sent "the Messiah" to a young NY woman from the house of David. She must somehow tell the man she loves that God has told her - she is pregnant with the Messiah.

From the first minute you can not help but love "Mary and Joe". Mary is so fresh, young, full of life... Joe is so in love with her.. The casting of the two lovebirds is what makes this film so great and the story is so powerful. It makes you consider - how did the real "Mary and Joe" feel going thought everything leading up to that awesome night.

More than anything this movie really makes you think.. which is what I consider the ear mark of a great film.
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