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The Orville (2017– )
Things that need to change on this show so it doesn't get axed!
2 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I actually like this show a lot, but then I'm a Seth McFarlane fan and a sci-fi nerd too.

I have to agree with some of the critics who say it's trying too hard, it is.

I think the characters are all pretty good, with exception to the blob character - he needs to go, he's a waste of space.

That would be change one for me. Another change would be just having the main characters get over their divorce because the constant references to it are annoying.

Another change I would love to see in all these shows, but won't, is make the place look a little untidy. Everywhere is so pristinely white and it makes it look fake to me.

I think, given the time to develop, this will turn into a good show that people will really enjoy, in much the same way that shows like Buffy started out a little iffy, but really found their feet.

So far, so good on this one for me, but jettison that blob, OMG, it's gotta go!
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The 5th Wave (2016)
A good book, spoiled.
7 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
If golf is a good walk spoiled then it surely applies that this is a good book spoiled.


All the things you didn't like about this movie were probably things they changed from the book, so I'd advise reading this trilogy (there are two more books after the conclusion of this particularly titled one).

Cassie, Evan, Ben and even Vosch are all real characters in the book. Huge elements of the story were pointlessly changed or sanitized perhaps for a lower rating.

Vosch is a monster and Cassie knows it from the camp. The camp is not just a place they stumble into as a family, it's a place people have run to, it's a place where loads of people died, there's an ash pit where bodies have been disposed of, it's chillingly horrific and when Vosch arrives as the savior, he's clearly no savior.

Zombie / Ben barely survives the epidemic, he is trained by a sadistic soldier to kill, all of the kids are.

Evan is an alien, he shoots Cassie but she makes him feel something human again. There is so much more to him and to the Cassie / Evan story.

Vosch and the Others are definitely bad guys, there's no subtlety - they blow up the camp after killing all the adults and Cassie barely survives and Vosch thinks she's dead.

The implants actually can explode and kill you if you're not performing as a good little soldier.

Don't all of these things seem important? The 5th Wave was a good book turned into a weak-assed screenplay.

They will never make the other books because they screwed this up so badly. Maybe in 10 years or so we can start again?

Shame on you Hollywood for ruining what could have been a scary, ominous alien invasion story and making this lame toned down version.

I give it a 6, it could have been a 9 or 10!
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Dirty Dancing (2017 TV Movie)
OMG, just awful.
25 May 2017
I'm sorry, I don't know what they were thinking wanting to remake this movie, because there is no one quite like Patrick Swayze. I mean, Swayze wasn't super good looking, but he had charisma, swagger and he was a great dancer.

None of the dancing in this rehash is up to par, I'm sorry, but it's the truth. It's OK dancing, but in the original the dancing was vibrant and real.

The guy playing Johnny is OK, he just doesn't have what Swayze had in spades.

But the casting of baby, yikes, I think it was so wrong. They should have put Sarah Hyland in that role and see what she could do.

The music was as great as before, but again, just buy the original soundtrack.

It's hard to grasp why this is just so painful a rehash / remake, since it has a great cast.

I think it's just one of those cases where the original cast was just superior and you can imitate it but it just won't work.

If you liked this, watch the original and you'll feel the steamy heat between Swayze and Grey!
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Rogue One (2016)
It's a good movie, but it's not a great one by any means.
18 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
So, I was dying for this story to come out, I mean who doesn't want to know how the rebel alliance got its hands on the plans to the Death Star so they could destroy it.

**SPOILER** So we get a female hero, yay to that, but did she have to be ANOTHER abandoned child? I mean really? She gets found by Saw Gerrera, played in Razzie winning fashion by the usually great Forest Whitaker. We don't really know what happens after that because it's glossed over very glibly, but somehow she turns into a criminal, etc.

So much of the movie is just a gloss coat of story. I would have liked to hear the characters telling of their back stories at least, but there really wasn't much development there at all.

The story itself was OK - we see our hero gathering together her rag tag band of heroes, and off they go to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Did I care that they didn't make it out? Nope, didn't really care about any of them at all.

Did I care when Han Solo got killed by his douche of a son in The Force Awakens? Hell yeah. I was like NO!!!

The best parts of the movie were when Darth Vader was in it (briefly) and when R2D2 and C3PO made an appearance. Those parts cheered my Star Wars fan's soul.

It wasn't like it was a bad movie, it was quite good - but will I buy it when it comes on DVD, well maybe to complete my collection, but I doubt I will watch it over and over like the others.

The music was great and the special effects were stellar as always.

The casting was ho-hum, but mostly it was the 2 dimensional scripting that bothered me. I like to have back stories, I like believable motivation in my characters.

Mostly, I expect to give a damn who lives or dies.

This latter point bothered me the most, and to be totally frank, when Forest Whitaker's character died, well, it was a relief because his over-acting was awful and his character's arc made little sense.

I gave it 6/10 because I wanted to be honest, as a Star Wars fan of 39 years and counting, that it wasn't as great as I have been hearing from everyone else.
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Bull (2016– )
Hmm, the jury is still out on this one for me!
21 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Firstly, I should say I am a huge NCIS fan, so when Michael Weatherly was announced for this show I was really excited for it to come on as the premise sounded intriguing and I thought it had promise.

I still think it MIGHT have promise because Weatherly was great - he was likable, personable and a great lead character. As to the rest of the cast, well, they were OK and might improve with time.

What I didn't like was the weird mini pictures at the beginning and the talking to "real people" about their ideas on the law - that came across as both lame and fake. Then there was the whole part where Weatherly looked at the jurors and started imagining what they were thinking, which involved the actors looking at the camera and saying their thoughts. I cannot even express how much I hated that part, if that remains a weekly feature of what is going on in the show, and also the shadow jury parts, then I will switch off and not watch again because that surely detracted from the whole look and feel of this show.

I will persevere for a couple more episodes, so let's hope I can up my score in a few weeks, otherwise, it's Hasta La Vista Bull!
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The Muppets. (2015–2016)
My daughter was waiting for this all summer - she was not happy!
24 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I consider the Muppets to be a family oriented show so for me it should be funny for all the family. What we got with this first episode of the NEW Muppets was like watching a reality version of the Muppets, with the meetings etc, and my daughter didn't find ANY of that entertaining at all. I can't say I really did either, although I could perhaps appreciate what they were trying to do, but it just didn't work for us at all.

We may give this a second chance next week, but if the format and content is the same, well, for us, they sucked ALL the fun out of the original Muppets and it's just not the same.

I gave it a 4/10 for the effort, but anything that gets a 4 in my book will be canceled in a few weeks, or else it better improve pretty dang fast!
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Home (II) (2015)
OK movie, MANY BOGUS 10 scores!!!! Beware!
29 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This was an OK animated movie - not a great story at all by any stretch, very predictable BUT the two lead characters were voiced well and were very appealing. Rihanna and Jim Parsons are carrying this movie for sure, which is a good thing.

Now to the BOGUS "10" score reviews - check out how many USA reviewers gave this movie a ten score and have been members of IMDb for the EXACT SAME AMOUNT OF TIME - at the time of writing this I believe it was 1 week and 2 days for every single USA IMDb member review that gave it a ten and they NEVER reviewed any other IMDb movie at all - only this one - ooh spooky? Or ballot stuffing? you decide!

This says to me that the studio got a whole load of their people to create accounts and log in here and "big up" the review score because they didn't think it was going to do so well by itself.

Make sure when you're reading reviews they are from someone who has reviewed SOME OTHER TITLE and not just this one single movie as their first movie and they just joined a week ago.

Bogus 10 scores to get parents to take their kids - very uncool! So, my review is, if you have a little extra cash and your kids are really bored, they will probably like this, just don't expect a Toy Story level movie, because if Pixar gets an A, then this gets a D+, maybe a C- at best because the script wasn't well developed at all.

Congrats to Rihanna though, she did a great job!
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Insurgent (2015)
Liked it a lot BUT worst 3D ever - go for 2D instead!
20 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Firstly, I want to start with how much I enjoyed the movie, although it was a lot different from the book, but I still liked it. They developed the characters nicely enough, but there were no real major twists.

It definitely lacked the pace and action of the first movie as some of the action in this one was a little boring and too much centered on simulations.

Having said that, I have a MAJOR peeve with this movie - I went to see it in super wonderful 3D and it WAS NOT WONDERFUL.

I would say it was possibly the worst movie I have seen made in the modern 3D (I was around for the 70's version which was horrible).

There was no need at all for 3D in this movie in my honest opinion and you'd be better off saving your money and just seeing the 2D, you'll have more for the concession stand.

There were a lot of birds flying around - ooh, how exciting - and there were things falling and coming apart, and then there were just scenes with people walking around that was enhanced with the 3D, to what purpose I'm not sure - just for the hell of it? Just so they could make us pay more thinking it was going to be this major 3D event?

As to the movie and the development of the story, it was OK, I will go and see the final chapter, or most likely it will be chapters as they love to make 2 movies for the last book of any series and that's just a money grabbing effort in my opinion too.

All in all a good movie with some interesting cinematography and special effects, just not quite as good as I was hoping, and especially not the 3D part.

I gave it a 6 which in my book says solidly watchable, but not one I'm likely to be quoting lines from any time soon.
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OMG, this is SO bad.
13 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I have to say right from the start that I read the entire first book and that I thought it was absolutely horrible - badly written erotica at best with a lame plot and a horribly pathetic female lead and a very unlikeable hero (who was no hero to me).

That out of the way, I saw Jamie Dornan was cast and heard they changed a lot of the story for the movie script and thought maybe it would be OK, but it wasn't.

I counted 10 people who left at some part during the movie and never came back, which is rare these days as people tend to stay to get their money's worth out of the price of the ticket.

The settings are nice at times and so is the music, but the acting (Jamie what were you thinking????) was so wooden. It was almost like a Saturday Night Live skit, except they weren't playing for laughs in this movie they were serious, but it was cringeworthy at best.

Christian Grey is no hero, and Dakota Johnson was so understated it was like she wasn't even there at all.

Not a good movie - definitely not a date movie (I was so irritated by it by the time I left, no one was getting lucky!).

The good parts of the movie - really the music is the best part and the end, because it was finally over - could have been a good 20 minutes shorter! The bad parts - the script was like a really bad 1960's Mills & Boon romance, and it was so slow you could honestly fall asleep if the acting weren't so painfully wooden.

If you are looking for a good mainstream movie to watch to get turned on, find one on Netflix, Google movies that are sexy, you'll find something much more titillating.

I am so glad some of the actors who were originally considered decided to say no, this movie could be a career killer! I hope it isn't the number 1 movie this week purely because it would be a shame if this drivel is what Americans actually want to watch and think is sexy. Men of course will enjoy the naked parts, of course they will, Dakota has a nice body, but as a woman, I don't ever want to be as wussy as Anastasia and I sure don't want women in general thinking it's OK to be abused by a guy in the name of sex.

Being tied up is great in a committed relationship, it's fun, it's NOT abusive - BUT in this movie, it's creepy, borderline degrading and just uncomfortable.

The funniest part for me (apart from the script!) was how uncomfortable the men who had clearly come in with their wives thinking they were going to get lucky later, and clearly wanted to leave and couldn't. Hilarious! I gave it a 1 out of 10 because you can't go any lower and the music really was quite good, but everything else, give this one a miss and wait for the UV code to come out - at least you won't waste as much money as 2 movie tickets, drinks, popcorn etc, and there's an OFF button on the ROKU, so you can switch this crapola off and just go have sex with your partner instead.
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Days of Our Lives (1965– )
This used to be an OK show for a soap...
5 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I really would give this show a 1, but it used to be OK, maybe 5-6 at best, but it was OK. The actors can for the most part act, in the way that is expected from soaps, which is slightly exaggerated, and some of the prior actors have moved on to make prime time shows.

But the writing is what is bringing this show down to a dreadfully, mediocre show at best.

**SPOILERS** We have a female character drugging a priest to make a sex video, and then we have another female character drugging another male character to take compromising photos. Every character who comes into the show has a horribly shady past, going so far as murder perhaps in some of the latest story lines. People get murdered regularly, they get people kidnapped and attacked, they drug people, stalk them, they break up and have incessantly ENDLESS conversations that go for episodes and episodes (broken up by other silliness in the episodes).

Is it any wonder so many people are getting out of this show recently? EJ's character murdered (oh, yet another murder!), Sami (let's face it, this actress can definitely do better!).

I don't know what the ratings are on this show but I am done with it because the latest story lines **SPOILERS** college boy in bed with his girlfriends mother who is the one who had him drugged to take compromising pictures to break him and her daughter up AND ALSO Theresa being pregnant and Kristin paying for her to disappear AND the whole reappearing Chad thing.

I can't watch this anymore, it's turned into a parody of a soap and I keep expecting Dustin Hoffman to rip off his wig and declare who he really is.

NBC, I'd really really rather watch Access Hollywood in this time slot again!
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The Mysteries of Laura (2014–2016)
OK, changing initial review - which rarely happens!!!
18 September 2014
My initial review was on the pilot and I said this has the makings of a decent show. It has a great cast, great location, limitless crime stories to take from real life and fictionalize.

I still stand by my "pilot episode" review in which I said it was irritating. I don't care if a cop has kids and a soon to be ex husband, that's fine. But the kids were so cartoony and cliché it was just painful to watch.

The characters in the police part are great, but NBC needs to either cut the kids part in the show to a bare minimum, or stop with the ridiculous behavior that they are trying to pretend people's kids get up to. I mean, everyone's kids are naughty at times, but these kids were so OTT I wanted to turn it off.

Well, since the initial pilot episode this show has improved weekly, to become a pretty strong police procedural type show. Debra Messing is a good actress and the rest of the cast has grown on me since the pretty poor first episode.

Maybe NBC has some people watch the first few episodes and give feedback as it seems the kids are featured much less, and that is how it should be - they are too young to be of any great use in the plots of a detective show anyway.

I'm going to see how this show goes for the rest of the season run - I have upped my rating to 7.

My only real peeve is PLEASE stop her from wearing the baseball cap backwards - I don't know when that became passé but for someone her age, it was a LONG LONG LONG time ago!

7 out of 10 - probably the most improved show from a pilot - doesn't usually work this way, usually they go more downhill!
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Sharknado 2: The Second One (2014 TV Movie)
So completely and utterly silly but entertaining!
30 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I gave this movie a 6 because it was thoroughly entertaining, once you switched your brain off to how totally ludicrous it was.

There were moments where Ian Ziering should get nominated for SOMETHING simply for saying the lines and keeping a straight face.

There were sharks, lots of sharks, in places where you will never ever see a shark. Sharks in the streets, on stairwells, falling from the sky, swimming down NYC streets - yep it was completely silly.

But, I still enjoyed it because all of the actors did a fantastic job of B-movie acting - not a single one of them acted like they thought the premise was stupid, or the dialog corny as all hell, or some of the special effects unexpectedly dumb.

If you're going to make this kind of tongue in cheek type disaster movie, this is the way to do it.

Great fun, beyond belief, but an entertaining way to spend a late night couple of hours.

It's got to be seen to be believed - don't just listen to what your friends say about it - watch it, it makes every other cheesy movie pale by comparison!

Favorite part? Ian Ziering's "shark walk" - watch it and you'll see!
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Blended (2014)
I went into this movie praying it wasn't like Grown Ups 2 AND it was NOT, it was funny!
4 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I have to say I am an Adam Sandler fan and I really enjoyed this movie.

It really was on a par with Grown Ups (the first one!) and 50 First Dates and featured family friendly humor for the most part, and there were these guys who kept popping up and singing and that was hilarious to me too for some reason that some others might not get.

Humor is very subjective, so if you've never liked one of Sandler's movies you might not like this one.

Drew and Adam are a perfect pairing - the story features them both as single parents and they are struggling and many of us can relate to that. Factor in a horrible blind date and a set of circumstances that sees both of them and their families on vacation in South Africa and you've got some really funny, touching, cute and hilarious moments.

I have an 8 year old and it's suitable for her, any sexual innuendo type jokes go right over her head anyway.

This is a return to some A grade comedy from Sandler and is easily going to be in profit just from a couple of weeks of its USA release, so it's going to be a money maker overseas.

But again, if you have never liked an Adam Sandler movie then I really don't understand why you would bother to review this because it's likely you're going to hate this movie.

If you're on the fence because of Grown Ups 2, please reserve judgment and go see this movie - it's a cute date night movie because it's not so romantic that you'll be uncomfortable on a blind date yourself! I rated it 10 because I will buy it when it comes on DVD and no doubt watch it a few more times.

5 stars and a 10 rating from me!
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Great movie for the under 10's and for Sophia Grace & Rosie fans!
22 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
My daughter is 7 and is responsible for the 10 rating on this movie.

Obviously it's not an Oscar winning movie, but it is on a par with the movies that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen used to do when they were young.

It's a cute story about the Ellen Show sending the 2 girls to an invented country to report on the coronation of a new queen being chosen from 3 princesses, one of whom is socially inept in almost every way. This is where the girls excel by helping the hapless princess to discover her true inner princess.

There are lots of cute songs, lots of genuinely cute moments as these adorable kids take over the whole movie.

If you have kids under 10, especially girls, they will likely have a lot of fun.

As a parent, I found it cute and not as annoying as some of the cheaper straight to video kids movies out there.

In all, I'd say definitely rent it, your kids will be giggling and you'll be dancing along with all the catchy songs.

And remember, it's aimed at under 10 year old girls really, so don't expect rocket science and if you really don't care for these 2 girls then avoid this one like the plague because they are in virtually every scene. (In my opinion they steal every scene with their totally lovable personalities!) As an adult I'd give this a solid 6/10, but as I said before, my 7 year old is the one I based my rating on and she said 10/10.

I can see a lot more movies for these girls, perhaps with a slightly better storyline!
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Sorry, did not love this at all - very average fantasy movie.
16 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The basic story from the book is good - but it reads better in the book because you get to fill in the scenery and actors with whatever you want.

This movie had an average script, which was based fairly well on the book, but somehow came across as dull and lifeless. The fight scenes were a little fake - it was like I was watching actors doing a pre-rehearsed fight scene - which is exactly what I was watching, but in a good movie I don't think that. I think wow, I think ooh scary, and maybe I might think wow this CGI is amazing. In this movie I frequently found myself thinking, well, this is the worst fight scene ever, but then another would happen and I'd realize the first bad scene had friends.

The romance in this movie is completely unbelievable too - at no point was there ANY chemistry between the 2 main characters at all and yet I'm supposed to believe they have feelings for each other... really? I mean, really? There is a reason this movie hasn't even come close to making back it's estimated costs budget - it's because it just isn't that good.

If you don't really care if anyone lives or dies, then a movie and it's script and director have failed abysmally - and this movie failed to connect with most of its audience, save a very few.

it's over 2 hours long - use those 2 hours for something more fulfilling instead!
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The Sound of Music Live! (2013 TV Movie)
I love the movie and the stage musical, this was just dull and flat.
6 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I so wanted to like this because I think Carrie Underwood is a talented singer, but unfortunately she is not much of an actress yet.

The stand out in this TV special was the singing of the kids and the mother superior, I won't name them all, but they were really good, exceptional in the case of the mother superior.

Carrie's singing was great, but not as crisp and clear as the women usually cast to play Maria's part, which made it sound like she was shouting sometimes, which wasn't nice to hear.

I think the biggest issue this "live" performance had was the LACK of live audience reaction, it would have been so much better with that perhaps, but even then it really was quite dull and lifeless.

If this was an experiment by NBC, I'd say it failed pretty badly.

For me, Carrie should stick to singing, she is amazing at that. Stephen Moyer was OK, his singing was about as bad as Christopher Plummer's was in the movie, but the one thing he lacked that Mr Plummer HAD in spades, was heart and passion. Mr Moyer, you were about as wooden at times as my nutcracker on the mantelpiece.

I would honestly say give this one a total miss - it's long, it's not gripping in any way and you really don't care too much about any of the characters, which is kind of essential in a story about a family escaping the Nazis in WWII.

In conclusion, I have one very important question that no one has ever been able to answer for me, what does The Sound Of Music have to do with Christmas anyway? Nazis and nuns, I mean the nuns at least have a connection, but Nazis and Christmas??? I gave this a 3 out of ten because it missed the mark in just about every way it's possible to miss!
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Free Birds (2013)
Not worth the price of a ticket!
7 November 2013
Bear in mind, I am writing this from the perspective of a parent who just shelled out for kids tickets, my ticket, concession stand, and it wasn't cheap, and then to have this movie be SO awful and SO boring (yes, my kids called it boring!), well, I am very disappointed.

All of the funny-seeming parts were in the trailer, and when you see them in the context of the movie they aren't very funny either. I was in a packed theater and there was hardly any laughing going on at all - that is a very bad thing. Laughter is contagious, but not in this film!

The voice acting was average at best, although Owen Wilson was good, but one turkey cannot carry an entire movie, especially when the plot was so lame.

The animation itself was OK, but without a decent story and characterizations, a movie is going to fail, and this one did big time! We didn't expect factually accurate obviously, you'd have to be crazy to think it was, but we were hoping the humans wouldn't be portrayed as either total morons OR really evil and vicious. Pixar doesn't show humans that way in Toy Story, neither did Turbo or Despicable Me 2.

This movie is a definitely wait for it in Redbox etc, or even wait for it to come on TV. If you have 2 kids or more, you're going to be paying out a lot of cash for a trip to the movies to see this and you will be horribly disappointed.

Highlight of the movie was the trailers BEFORE the movie - which showed us a couple of upcoming animated movies that might actually be good.

The one thing I will say for the movie is they had great marketing - they suckered us in on election day in VA when we had nothing better to do, but let this review be your warning, go see SOMETHING ELSE!
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Grown Ups 2 (2013)
It's an Adam Sandler movie, stop expecting so much!
15 July 2013
I gave this movie a 10 because I enjoyed it, I laughed, I liked the characters from the first movie and how they moved on into this movie.

Was it really a movie deserving of a 10? Well, that depends on whether you're an Adam Sandler fan or not - I am, he makes me laugh.

This movie is ridiculous, silly at times, features stupid and sometimes crude humor, but if you liked the first movie, you'll like this one.

Please don't go waxing poetic about how bad it is if you're really not an Adam Sandler fan because really, you should have saved your money and not gone to this movie - you had to know you would hate it before entering the theater, it's not like Adam Sandler just announced he was going all Shakespearean or something! I won't spoil anything about the movie at all, except to say, I really liked it because I'm a fan, and if you are too, then go see it.

If you're not - avoid this movie like the plague, you will hate it for sure!
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So Undercover (2012)
Not that bad, what I'd call a fluff movie - easy to watch.
5 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I gave this movie a higher rating simply because I don't think it deserves the lowest scores it has. Miley Cyrus can act, I think people are put off because she has a pretty deep voice compared to a lot of girls her age and it can sound a little strange. The story here is nothing original - she's undercover at a college working for the FBI, etc, etc.

The story is maybe a C+ story, but I think Miley carries herself well enough, and if she was given something a little better to work with she could surprise all the naysayers on here.

Unfortunately for Miley, she's at that age that many former child actors struggle. It took Jason Bateman years to prove he was better than the show Valerie gave him credit for.

This movie reminded me a lot of Ms Congeniality, but was only a sub par version of it. It was like Clueless meets Ms C, but it missed the mark a lot in both areas as it didn't seem to know what audience it was aiming for.

I have definitely seen far worse, and it is one of those movies that you can watch without expending too much brain power.
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So much fun for all ages - great family movie!
7 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I saw the trailers for this way back and thought the concept sounded like a good one, but Disney don't always deliver well on the promise of a good concept. This time they did it really well, this movie is fun, not too long, has likable characters, humor and a really nice story with a message that isn't preachy at all about how people get put into a little box in life and it's really hard to get out of it.

We all know that feeling, and Ralph knows it only too well. You've seen the trailers, he's supposed to wreck stuff and only do that, but he wants more than that.

I won't give you any spoilers, I will just say the screening we saw had kids of all ages in it from toddlers to teens, and parents, grandparents and some adults without kids with them at all.

John C Reilly is great, Sarah Silverman (who I don't generally like in live action stuff), is brilliant, and the voice talents chosen were spot on.

It's not Pixar, but it's the best animated original story Disney has produced in years - take your family, you'll have fun!

*** One note *** The Wii game of the same name is NOT good - it does NOT follow the movie plot and it's just a bad game.
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Magic Mike (2012)
It's Boogie Nights with strippers basically.
2 November 2012
OK, so my title is a bit flippant, but honestly, as I watched this movie I did keep thinking about Boogie Nights and how similar the plot was in its basic concept. I have to say Magic Mike was a more likable character, but honestly I couldn't tell you what all the fuss that has been made about this movie was really about.

Yes, good looking guys took a lot of their clothes off and MOST of them looked good (there were a couple of guys who weren't all that hot).

In my honest opinion, Matthew McConnaughey has a great body, but from the neck up he looks old now (I know he's past 40, but he is looking ragged in the features), so I didn't find his stripping appealing at all really.

There were a lot of musical montage parts and not as many scenes developing the characters into real human beings.

Perhaps I just shouldn't watch stripper movies because I am really not into male strip shows at all, and I am embarrassed by how crazy some of my female friends got over this movie (grown, married women acting like hormone crazed teenagers).

All in all, a watchable movie, pretty slow in parts, and probably not one you really want to watch with your husband or significant other, unless they are VERY secure in their masculinity, because let's face it - if this were reversed and your guy wanted to watch a movie about female strippers who looked hot, would you feel 100% comfortable seeing him drool over how perfect they were? I think not.

It's worth a $1.25 rental from Redbox, but I am so glad I didn't shell out $11 for the movie (plus drink/popcorn).

I gave it a 6 because it did have a story - somewhat lack lustre at that - and because a 5 or below says it's a really awful movie, and it wasn't - it just wasn't particularly good either.
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Kickin' It (2011–2015)
Disney XD's best live action show.
1 November 2012
We are a family who loves karate and Disney, so this show was made for us really, but we also like the story lines and the kids are fun and there is a lot of humor in the show. It seems that Disney XD is aimed at boys OR kids who like Karate, cartoons, etc and the regular Disney channel is aimed at more general family programming, so we are really enjoying this newer show.

The fact that some of the kids featured really do know karate just makes it a lot more fun to watch the fight scenes, and we love that the brother from Hannah Montana gets to play his real age finally instead of pretending to be just out of high school.

We highly recommend this for all families to watch - good clean fun!
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Terrible movie with some bogus reviews on IMDb!!!!
1 September 2012
***UPDATE - Another bogus review added by someone who JUSt registered and NEVER reviewed anything before, and still it's on 1.9!

***UPDATE*** Worst movie opening of ALL time - the American public speaks!

Firstly, I have a pre schooler and I watch a lot of kids movies and TV. Dora can be a little annoying at times to me, but I can see it's educational value and that it has a plot, a point, some thought went into the episodes.

The Oogieloves had a bad plot, bad writing, bad songs, bad acting and was quite frankly and insult to your average pre schooler.

One of the reviews here said it was for 8 years and under, and I say to that NO WAY IN HECK! You will not find a kid above 5 wanting to sit through this garbage.

It makes the lack lustre The Lorax (of which most would say the book was far superior), seem like it should have garnered numerous Oscars.

If I was a writer on this project I would have told them they didn't have to put my name in the credits, it's THAT awful.

NOW, to the bogus reviews - there are 5 here as of this moment - 1 is a good review by someone who has written a lot of reviews, so I can respect that they found something appealing in this pile of dross that I obviously didn't see. 2 are awful reviews like mine, written by people, like me, who have written other reviews.

Two of the reviews are bogus in my opinion, probably written by someone in connection to the movie, since neither of these people has EVER written a review on ANYTHING before. Does that scream fake review to you? Even with the bogus reviews this movie is only on a 2.2 so far, that should tell you it's just plain bad.

Don't even rent it from a Redbox, it's not even worth that much! Parents everywhere hear me, you're going to be happy in a couple of weeks because Finding Nemo is coming back to theaters, save your money and take the little guys to that - they haven't seen it on the big screen and it's even going to be 3D too, now THAT is a movie worth your movie ticket bucks.

I would have given this a zero with no qualms at all, except that there is no option for a zero out of ten!
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Another Earth (2011)
Don't watch this if you're a sci-fi fan - it's not really that genre.
4 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This is a very average melodrama that touts itself as a movie about "another earth" being found in our solar system.

It is NOT science fiction really at all, it's not Star Trek, Transformers or Total Recall. What it is, is a melodramatic story of a young woman who causes an accident right at the beginning and feels guilty and wants to atone, and then it's the story of the man whose family she decimated and how they get together.

The whole "other earth" scenario is honestly stupid - oh look, there's a new planet just popped up in our solar system and we can see it as clear as the moon from earth - I mean seriously, it's supposed to be THAT close and we never noticed it before. Let's not even get into the beyond ridiculous concept of that, because if you're a sci fi fan this movie will have likely lost you right at the beginning.

SPOILER And let's not get into the whole bit about it being a 100% duplicate of earth, with the same people who lived the same lives etc. I mean that could have been sinister perhaps, but just came across as silly.

The lead actors did a good job, I always like William Mapother, but this movie is so slow a jar of molasses could outrun it.

I like artsy movies, I love melodramas, I watch all kinds of movies, but for goodness sake don't try to combine artsy with sci fi and melodrama, it just doesn't make for entertaining watching, it's simply a cure for insomnia.

As to the ending, which I won't spoil if you still want to watch this movie after this review, I thought it was pretty lame and it was like they phoned it in. I was not surprised, shocked, etc, just glad the movie was finally over.
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Hugo (2011)
An OK movie, but NOT for kids - they will be bored to death!
5 December 2011
I made the mistake of believing the trailers for this movie which made it look like a cross between Harry Potter and the Narnia movies. It's not at all like that. It is a movie for movie buffs to enjoy, who will get all the movie related homages. It's a movie for teenagers definitely, those who have the patience to sit through a "kids" movie this long. I would definitely not recommend it for the average kid under 10 years old - it's not violent or anything like some of Scorcese's other movies, it's just not kid friendly. Take the under 10's to Arthur Christmas and leave this one to the teens and adults - they will most likely find it visually stunning, breathtaking in fact, if a bit lacking in concrete plot - and there are some pretty big holes in this plot too.

Quite frankly, as an adult who LOVES movies, I found it to be beautifully crafted, beautifully shot, but I won't watch it again because it was totally lacking in story.

Why do we watch a movie again and again? Because we love to relive the story over and over again, even overlooking the parts that were not that great (I'm thinking "It's a Wonderful Life"'s talking angel stars - perhaps good SFX at the time, just annoying now!).

Sorry Mr Scorcese - it's beautiful, like a Monet, Picasso etc, but I don't want to own it or re-watch it again.

Honestly, I preferred The Polar Express - similar hype, better story, definitely one to own. This one, not so much!
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