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More like The Lost Tower...
3 August 2017
I had the opportunity to watch an early screening of The Dark Tower. I was not sure what to expect, but I know there has been a lot of hype surrounding this movie because it's based on Stephen King's novels.

Let's get straight to the point. This movie was marketed as something epic and grand, but unfortunately it falls flat. It seemed like it wanted to be many things, but at the same time it did not know what it wanted to be.

Story: It's a rehash of many plots we have seen over and over. I am fine with reusing plots, but this is done borderline terribly. There are too many ifs and whys asked throughout the movie. There are no backstory to where this Mid-world or other communities come from or how they are connected to our world. I saw a lot of potential, especially in the first 15 minutes, but sadly it never felt the need to explain to the audience about their myth and lore. Furthermore, it's supposed to be a grand epic tale, but it takes many easy ways out or disregards the possible challenges completely. The story also brushes off any real emotional depths. There were some comedy here and there that did make me chuckle, but it was not good enough to pull back from the heavy nonsensical plot.

Characters: They are very generic characters that we have once again seen a million times. And once again I don't mind seeing a generic tale about generic characters if it's done properly (with heart and soul). However, these characters are two dimensional. Their goals and motives are weak and lack purpose. They are basically black and white. There are also too many ifs and why the characters do what they do. No backstories or justice were given to them. As a matter of fact, there were several random characters who were inserted for the sake of letting the time tick. It gave no true purpose to the main plot. Very pitiful.

Acting: Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey are huge stars, and they managed well with what the script and dialogues had to offer them. I also thought the protagonist, and young star, Tom Taylor, and the protagonist's mom, Katheryn Winnick were great. They honestly deserved better than this movie.

Script + Dialogue: I don't understand how these actors can act through these horrible dialogues. The line that the gunslinger always says in the trailer is used throughout the entire movie. It is supposed to carry depth, but it passes off as being cheesy. It's supposed to hold meaning, but it falls under the dirt. There are several other dialogues with The Man in Black that passes off as a two dimensional power hunger villain. Imagine a villain who is finger-tenting while planning something masterful, but take away anything masterful about it. He just looks ridiculous.

Action + Editing: There are lack of action scenes, which can be understandable given the runtime. The shooting scenes that we have seen in trailers look pretty awesome, but we don't get much more than what we see in the trailers. Moreover, the editing felt choppy. There are many black out scenes and zoom out of cities or scenery that just felt out of place and took up too much runtime for no purpose.

Guys, in the end, despite all the nasty criticism I have for this movie, it was only 1h35min, so I did not feel bored out of my mind. There were a lot of slow scenes, but I was never completely bored because I kept waiting around for "a" great moment. It never happened. Even at the climax, I was hoping that it was not the climax. I walked out of this movie feeling numb and content, but then I realized that content was not enough for a movie of this caliber, and I was being too easy on it. The sad part about this movie is that by the end of it, you realized nothing has progressed and it was a mess of nothingness.

My 4.5/10 stars goes out to its could have been potential and acting department.
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Not the best Spiderman movie, but Tom Holland is a gem!
1 July 2017
I remember when I first saw Tom Holland in Captain America: Civil War, I knew he had a lot of charisma for the Spiderman role. The only skepticism I had for the reboot was, can the story or feeling I once had for Spiderman come back? Spider-Man(2002) and Spider-Man 2(2004) are one of the greatest superhero movies up to date. It was an awesome introduction to the superhero universe, and it utterly made me fall in love with the characters. Just for reference, Spiderman is still my favourite superhero.

After watching the early screening for Spider-Man: Homecoming, I will still say that the Spiderman movies we knew 13 years ago are still unbeatable out of the 6 movies we have gotten. Don't get me wrong. I still had fun with this movie, but it didn't feel like a Spiderman movie. It felt like a side story of an Avengers movie. And that disappointed me. We are constantly reminded that Spiderman is a second class to the Avengers team or this is an introduction to the upcoming Avengers movie. I would have much preferred to see Spiderman as the standalone Spiderman. That was my main gripe.

Moving along, Tom Holland is not only the youngest, but also the most charismatic, and comedic character or actor from the three Spiderman we have seen on-screen. He plays a believable high school student who is struggling to find his identity. He balances well between learning the ropes of being Spiderman, while at the same time trying to be a normal high school kid. However, there is something missing in his character. His struggles are resolved too easily and quickly. Everything comes off as comedic or gets resolved by the help of a third party. There were no consequences for his actions. Moreover, the other supporting characters lack depth. We don't get a backstory on them. Michelle played by Zendaya and Liz played by Laura Harrier could have been played by anyone. The character Flash seemed like a miscast for me. He was out of place and his physique let alone his character did not match. On the other hand, Ned was an awesome character. He really worked well with Peter Parker. Furthermore, the main antagonist played by Michael Keaton is nowhere near as in-depth as Green Goblin or Doctor Oc. I will say that he is one of the better villains we have had in superhero movies these days though. There is more to his character that might surprise you, and that was what took this movie to a higher level for me. Also, Michael Keaton does a great job because sometimes he does truly scare you with just his eyes!

The story is simple, but it works well in this case. There are a lot of banters and one-liners. Some were funny, and others felt repetitive. In fact, it had all the comedy, lightheartedness, and humour that a Spiderman movie should have. Nonetheless, it lacks depth and emotions. Even though we get to experience the struggles of Peter Parker's teenage-hood as mentioned, nothing is ultimately at stake here. For all the chaos that was happening, the body count was very small.

The soundtrack is nowhere near as memorable as the Danny Elfman soundtracks. I still believe that the Danny Elfman Spiderman theme song is one of the best superhero theme songs out there next to Dark Knight and Wonder Woman. Every time the theme song is playing, you know it's Spiderman! That's how memorable it is. I wish they could reuse that.

The action scenes were kinda shaky. I did not see everything very well. They were not as visceral as the Sam Raimi movies. In fact, I re-watched some of the action sequences from Spider-Man 2, and they are still better choreographed than this one. However, keep in mind, that this is not an action packed movie. It is mostly about Spiderman figuring out his abilities. The movie is not an introduction to Peter Parker taking the mantle as Spiderman, but how Peter Parker transitions from not being "Spiderboy" anymore (slowly).

I still prefer Sam Raimi's classic take on the Spiderman costume. In here it looks a bit CGI, and too much like "Iron Man". Another reason why it reminds me of Avengers all over again.

I sound like I really hated this movie, but I don't. I enjoyed it for what it was. I was just expecting more from a Spiderman movie, so I am more critical.

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Switched at Birth (2011–2017)
Currently the best family show out there in a long time!
11 November 2011
Not only is Switched at Birth (one of) the best family show out there right now, but it's also easily one of the best standalone shows. The concept of the hearing world clashing with the deaf/non-hearing world is truly original and riveting. After the premise, I knew the show had great potential to captivate/hook viewers, but then again it could be disappointing if they wasted such a great concept by taking wrong turns. And fortunately enough, I was taken by surprise.

I have not seen an ABC family show or let alone an American TV show that discusses the values of family and the purity of relationships since Gilmore Girls. Though, I'll admit that I rarely watch American shows anymore, simply because most of the series nowadays are atrocious. Shows like, Gossip Girls and Sweet Life are only about teens yearning to satisfy their hormonal/whiny needs. Their characters are two-dimensional cardboards and the story lines are abysmal or they fall flat overall. Even though Pretty Little Liars doesn't fall under the same category as the two shows mentioned above, the main plot line is extremely unrealistic. The characters are stagnant or they develop in ways where you don't feel emotionally invested in them. They're just actors glamoured up with pretty/trendy clothes. I'm tired of the unnecessary suspense and how unrealistically they react to certain dilemmas.

Switched at Birth has so much more heart and soul then all of those shows combined. Nonetheless, I admit that those were my once upon a time guilty pleasure. After viewing Switched at Birth, I feel shameful for even admitting that.

The Switched at Birth's pilot episode was engaging and refreshing. It got me hooked from the get to, but the first episode can easily work that kind of magic on me. However, this unique show gets better and better with every passing episode. I must applaud the people who have created this show because the pacing of the branching story lines is almost perfect (aside from all the love interests coming and going so quickly). There are also moments where you fear that certain situations will unfold only resolve in preachy manners. But no, that never happens. The resolutions of dramatic problems are heart-warming and endearing to the point where you can forget that you're watching an ABC family show.

The storyline is simple, but the emotional impact that is tossed at you is what makes this drama addicting. The storyline never goes in loops or stretch for too long. You grow to care for these fictional characters that feel real. What I admire about these characters is that they make understandable/close to realistic decisions that don't make viewers mad.

Every single character that ARE STILL ON THE SHOW has remained interesting thus far! I usually get bored from subplots like the parents' storyline for example, but no, I enjoy them just as much as Bay and Daphne's stories.

The characters are well developed so far. Their personalities don't change 180 degrees like a lot of teenage shows do. They stay true to who they are or at least when they change/adjust, it's believable. Each character is important because they all link to each other in some way. I enjoy how friendships/relationships form because they don't feel forced, but instead they seem genuine.

On the other hand, they have literally picked amazing actors to portray these well written roles because every single actor seamlessly fit into the role that you forget they're even entertainers at times. It is obvious that the real life deaf actors are the main reason why this show shines. If it weren't for them, I don't think the show would have been as amazing. Katie Lerclerc, Sean Berdy and Marlee Matlin are the ones who bring the scenes to life. You get to see their perspectives and how they feel/view the hearing world. I am no expert on the deaf world, but after watching just 10 episodes, I definitely want to learn more. They make me feel ignorant for lacking knowledge and missing out on this beautiful culture. If a show is able to get you to this level, then it must be a very, VERY good show.

Daphne, who is played by Katie Leclerc, is my favourite character. Sometimes I forget that Katie is not completely deaf because she seems so natural. Her voice/accent change is incredible. Moreover, when the deaf people interact with one another, they steal the screen. I adore Sean and Marlee's characters' bonding.

I especially love Regina out of all the hearing characters. Constance Marie, the actress who plays Regina, is doing a phenomenal job of being the only character standing on the edge of both worlds. I really feel for her character's struggle. Lea Thompson and D.W Moffett who plays Vanessa Marano's parents on the show can be quite stereotypical American parents. Needless to say, they are essential to the development of other characters. They're just not the hardest roles to play. I still enjoy them a lot. Bay and Toby who are played by Vanessa Marano and Lucas Grabeel are also solid actors. I've seen Vanessa on Gilmore Girls before. Vanessa still acts the same way, except less annoying. I don't see a huge improvement, but she definitely got better in conveying her emotions. Nevertheless, her character grows on you by every episode. I've never seen Lucas in previous projects, but he's one the characters on the show that can deliver witty one-liners. He can change the mood of the scene quite quickly.

Overall, I love this drama to bits despite some minor flaws. You may as well call me obsessed (and I'm proud to admit it). I mean what's there not to like? Original plot, interesting script, inspiring characters, wide range of talented actors and so much more to offer. This series has it all! This show deserves to be much more popular!
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Oh Hail Caesar!
9 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I heard good reviews about this movie so I decided to check it out for myself knowing that this is most likely the last wistful movie of summer 2011 for me.

Acting: The animated apes were far more superior in the acting department compared to the human actors. However, that does not mean that James Franco and the rest of the casts were abysmal. They were pretty good, since I expected less from Franco as a scientist. He always seemed like a druggie or sleepy lately (no offense to his fans). Though, he was passable or believable as a scientist. On the other hand, Freida Pinto did not do anything really. They could have chosen any female actress to do her part. She was unnecessary. I thought John Lithgow was good in his role. He played it naturally... ha-ha not that I'm saying he's like that in real life. Tom Felton was also annoying like usual. He always plays this dumb bully that everybody would like to punch at the end. Hence, it's not such a huge diversion from what he normally does, but once again, it works here.

However, the focus of the movie was not directed towards Franco, Pinto, Lithgow or Felton. It was towards the apes. The Weta Production. Caesar was an extremely powerful character. He makes you root for him. He makes you feel for him. He makes you want to become a chimpanzee. And if a chimpanzee can make you feel that much, then boy, he can scoot over half of the actors today. He did not need to talk or say anything... just his emotions alone amplifies his needs. His movements were like those of real apes. He's actually the only ape that has that much emotion in his eyes, like those of humans. He's one of the best characters created this year and rarely do I feel this much for an animated character.

9/10 (lets say Caesar is also a human)

Plot: There was nothing newly significant in the plot, but it's still a highly driven story. It builds up to the climax and at some point near the end of the film where all the apes surpasses the humans' wits at the bridge, epicness just oozes out. I actually felt for the apes. I wanted to protect them just as much as Will did.

Also, it's a lot more believable than the previous Planet of the Apes movies. And no, that does not mean that I believe apes will take over the world someday. I just thought they way they made the intellectual apes think was believable.

On the other hand, I did not buy Franco and Pinto's relationship. It felt forced and unnecessary. I know that she was a partial reason for Will and Caesar to grow apart, but it just felt too convenient. They met at the zoo. I mean c'mon!


Special Effects: The special effects is no where as near as Avatar. Most of the monkeys looked fake. By this I mean that you were able to differentiate what was real and not. However, their natural movements and emotion on their faces made up for it. I thought the action scene at the end was quite awesome. There was not a lot of action, but it felt real in that moment... even the apes/monkeys.


Entertainment: I had loads of fun with this movie. I actually didn't want it to end. I was happy that Caesar did not die. That would have been cheesy. I thought it was easier to buy on the idea of how this whole idea of apes ruling the world might into play. The previous movies did not show this and I'm glad this one did. I am also glad that they left the ending open for a sequel. The whole movie felt refreshing even though the idea has already been around and recycled. The 105 minutes went by too quickly. I'll be waiting for the sequel!

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How about an explosion here? No, how about everywhere?
20 July 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I was eager to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, but there were no more seats left so I decided to go see Transformers: Dark of the Moon (TDotM). My brother went with several of his friends and said it was a good film, like somewhere along the line of Fast Five or Thor.

After giving Transformers a chance, hoping that it would live up to the first movie of its franchise, it disappointed me TERRIBLY. The third instalment is nowhere near as good as Fast Five or Thor, let alone the first Transformers. Even though, I can't compare it to Thor, I definitely felt more entertained with Thor than TDotM. The funny part is that I was yearning for more action sequences in Thor, whereas in TDotM, I was wishing for less. The action sequences could have been replaced with a decent story line or better dialogues near the end (that would be a miracle because the first half of the film was tremendously terrible due to the corny/cheesy wannabe funny dialogues with redundant/idiotic characters). Now, by comparing Fast Five and TDotM, there were some similar elements. Both movies definitely were aimed to attract teenage boys. There were hot girls, awesome cars, unrealistic/exaggerated moments and manly underdogs. Nevertheless, Fast Five was a much more entertaining movie with a good plot development and just the right amount of action.

Acting: Shia LaBoeuf's acting was the only one that stood out. I always liked him as an actor because he carries a lot of emotion and heart into his movies. He knows when to act serious and when to add in a sense of humour. Michael Bay obviously abused LaBoeuf's strong points and made his character Sam seem dull by the third instalment. In this third movie, LaBoeuf is a teenager who must speak super fast, while stuttering. I don't know how he does it, but I'm surprised he didn't get a spasm yet. So if LaBeouf's acting was mediocre in this movie and he's known as a good actor IMO, then the rest of the cast is pretty abysmal or unnecessary.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (RHW) who replaces Megan Fox does a decent job for her first movie role. Though, she still doesn't do anything except wearing mini dresses and high heels with her natural pouty lips. She looks like a living Barbie doll, not that I'm complaining, but she seems oddly misplaced in the movie. I don't really appreciate Megan Fox and her acting, but I have to say that I prefer Mikaela compared to Carly because I feel that no matter how RHW acts, she gives off the Victoria Secret Model aura.

The rest of the casts were pretty much useless and they just did what they Were supposed to do, which was basically being useless.


Storyline: I don't even know where to start. It was horrible. Bay tried to incorporate historic details along with military issues that I felt like it bombed the movie because of the way he wanted to make his viewers believe that it would be a great movie revolved around that. When I was watching the movie, I felt like I was watching separate clips mashed up together. I believe the reason why I liked the first Transformers was because they didn't delve into the history and military business. In fact, they added more sentient robots to the point where you don't care if one of them dies because there's always another one that pops up randomly.

The beginning of the movie was not needed. If Bay was going to focus on the action sequences, he might as well left out the beginning. The parents were not required at all. They used to be funny in the first instalment, but now they've been long butchered. Carly wasn't needed just because Mikaela left Sam. Though, you can definitely tell why Bay needs her in his movie. The stereotypical Asian dude was horrific that I rolled my eyes. He wasn't funny, but rather disturbing! Also Simmons and Bruce are similar characters. Why not just cancel one of them or both of them? Dylan was also a random character. He was misplaced and I'm sure any human would be smarter than to side with those huge robots that can crush them at any instant.

I didn't find any correlations between these characters that would lead up to the climax. Besides, where was the climax? I didn't even know where the halfway point of the movie was because the story all seemed very monotonous.

Overall, the beginning, the middle, and the ending were HORRIBLE.


Special Effects: Without a doubt, amazing and that was the reason why I gave it a chance.


Entertainment: Till now I don't know how much I was actually entertained because it didn't feel like a normal movie, but just a bunch of spectacles. The last 40 minutes was action packed and very well done. Though, it left me voided. I didn't feel anything. The action was supposed to fill up the void, but sadly it didn't. Don't get me wrong, I was entertained at first, but after around 25 minutes into the action part which was supposed to be epic, I saw that Bay just added an explosion after an explosion in random areas or anywhere he could. It felt like going into a firework hoping to see huge ones that will surprise you. Eventually, you see those huge ones that surprise you and you tell yourself it's worth your ticket or your time; though it keeps on shooting huge ones without a pattern to the point where you don't care anymore. It's just a random blotch of huge fireworks. That's exactly how Transformers made me feel like.

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Flipped (I) (2010)
Purity and simplicity at its best!
27 May 2011
I was in the mood for some romantic comedy film and luckily came across Flipped. I was sceptical at first, since the casts are not very known (even though they are young) and I did not see any promotions of movie. So I decided to watch the trailer. I caught a glimpse of Callan McAuliffe. He looked awfully familiar until I remembered seeing him in I Am Number Four. I Am Number Four was not a memorable movie, but I remember that Callan McAuliffe caught my attention more than Alex Pettyfer.


I was curious to see how much Callan would be able to offer to Flipped. Needless to say, he stole my heart. A child actor (he was 15 at that time) was able to make me reminisce and feel nostalgic about my childhood crushes. He did not do much, but his simple emotions and gestures gave so much depth to his character, Bryce Loski. He was so pure and innocent, yet trouble minded. This guy can definitely act. He successfully wins the hearts of the audience. His performance is on the same level as Madeline Carroll, who is Juli Baker, his puppy love. They both go hand in hand because when they are alone, you feel their pain or happiness. However, when they are together, they shine even more. Juli plays the witty and adventurous girl with just the right amount of purity. I am amazed by their acting because their acting seemed so real and genuine.

As for the other actors, they did not make the movie better. I was not astound by any of their performances because anyone could have played them, really. Their roles did seem realistic and allowed the storyline to flow smoothly.



The plot is extremely simple, yet beautiful. It seemed a little too simple for me when I saw the trailer. It is like the boy having this crush on his next door neighbour and they start blooming. Nevertheless, it was much more magical than this. Even though the plot still remained simple like how I originally thought of it, there was a huge pathos factor attached to it. I really believe it is hard to create these type of genres and make the audience feel attached to the characters. It takes a huge amount of work for the actors and director.

I really liked how we saw from both of their perspectives. In other words, they played the same scene twice to show each other point of view. It definitely did not get redundant, and I thought it was the one of the film's strong points.

There were some minor cons that I thought could have made the movie better. Like, they should have delved more into Uncle Daniel. That being said, there should be more development between the two families and why they are like that. There were moments where I asked a lot of why and how questions. One of them being why did Mr.Loski have apathy on the Baker's family.


On a side note, Flipped reminds me of 5 centimetres per second. It is a beautiful anime movie. Not many people appreciate the movie because it is too simple and boring. However, I enjoyed that anime and perhaps that is why I enjoyed or loved Flipped. They carry a lot of emotions and depth on a different dimensions. In other words, not everything is explained in black and white. Emotions cry louder than words.

These two literatures delve into the main character's development in life in such a realistic manner that most people can relate to. It has probably happened to us.

This is no typical comedy movie, but it was way better than the sappy comedies I have seen recently. It made me smile and sad at the same time. I think this is appropriate or should be appreciated by any age group. It makes adults reminisce, whereas teenagers get a glimpse of what love is about. I hope to see more movies like this one!

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Thor (2011)
Xena, Jackie Chan, Robin Hood... and Zeus?
24 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
First of all, I am superhero fan. I research on superheroes that interest me during my spare time. However, I never get a chance to read the comics or more likely, I am lazy. Nonetheless, I am quite acquainted with the mainstream heroes and their groups, such as, Batman, Spiderman, Hulk, Superman, X-Men, Justice League and etc. However, only was it until Iron Man came out that I took notice into The Avengers. Then came along Thor and and news of Chris Hemsworth playing the character.

I had no idea what to expect from Hemsworth, since I am not familiar with his work. In all honesty, I had no idea what to expect from this movie at all. I read some reviews and most of them were positive. And since I am a skeptical woman, I went to my Marvel encyclopedia and searched up Thor. He did not seem like an interesting character, or to be more general, none of The Avengers seemed intriguing.

I remember seeing Hulk, my first Avenger hero movie. I was not hugely astounded with Hulk. I am not talking about the movie because the recent Hulk movie (The Incredible Hulk) was entertaining, but it just didn't move me. Perhaps, Hulk is not my type of protagonist/hero.

However, the same scenario happened with Iron Man. Though, I got to say Iron Man had some witty dialogues which made it more entertaining. Nonetheless, I was unable to attach myself to Tony Stark's character for some reason.

Acting: These two previous superheroes link to Thor because oddly enough, I was able to relate to this lad. His transformation from being arrogant and stupid to noble and warm-hearted made him more endearing. I believe this fine performance and great character representation is thanks to Chris Hemsworth. Even though I do not know much about Thor, Hemsworth made the story and character seem realistic and smooth in a magical sense. Awesome acting from Hemsworth, by the way. Tom Hiddleston as Loki also left a positive impression. I liked the fact that he wasn't purely evil like most clichés, where the evil brother just makes you hate them for no reason. As a matter of fact, I actually felt sorry for him. I thought the other performances were average. They did not make the movie much better, but thanks to their believability and successful deliverance of the character, the storyline was able to flow properly. On a side note, I did not find Kat Dennings to be annoying. I thought she definitely added humor into the movie, which is a bonus. Oh and yes, Natalie Portman along with Jaimie Alexander are also eye candies for men.


Storyline: The plot was well grounded in general. The beginning really ensnared me into Asgard. The battle near the beginning against the Frostbites was thrilling and exciting. However, the story slightly went downhill after Thor was banished to Earth. After a few laughs and giggles because of Thor's naivety in the human world and the comments from Dennings, the storyline fell flat by a bit. It might ruin it for some people, but I did not mind the slow paced delivery because I thought it delved more into Thor's character. However, I must say that he transformed too quickly. Now that I have mentioned it, his relationship with Jane Foster felt rushed. Like, why were they together in the first place? I know that she was sent to him to make him become a better man, but they didn't really show how SHE made him the way he is now. Though, I must admit, I was smiling in the theater when they were exchanging conversations. Cute couple. Now, back to the storyline, it's obviously different from previous superhero films, since Thor already possess godly powers. What am I saying? He is a God. This factor made it different than most comic based movies. The way they show the Asgardians landing on Earth with their full armors on was also funny.

There were no subplots other than some scenes linking to the Avengers and Shields. I also thought the little scene with Hawkeye was unessential. For people that do not know Hawkeye, will be like, "why does that guy have a bow and not a gun?"


Special Effects: Asgard looked beautiful. It reminded me of the Final Fantasy games. I thought the armors looked goofy from the trailers, but for the most part, it turned out decorous and mighty looking. There were also major details in the background. The battle between the Frost giants and Thor and his friends at the beginning looked stunning. Kenneth Branagh executed the shots very well. However, when Thor's friends came to Earth, they looked oddly misplaced. Their armors looked fake.


Entertainment: Bottom line, I thought Thor was massively entertaining. I am also a fan of Greek mythology and it opened me up to Norse mythology which I thought was delicately incorporated. Thor actually reminded me of Zeus. This whole incorporation of Asgard and Earth made me question about science and magic also. I am a dreamer, so the fact that they touched on this binary made it more pleasing. Moreover, it is not my favorite superhero film, but definitely one of my top few. I thought it was slightly better than Iron Man, since it was better paced. However, Thor contained cheesy elements that could have been mended. Iron Man was more intellectual thanks to the script, but not eye pleasing or heart mending enough except for Stark's highly advanced suit and weapons. I also felt like Thor had more heart and not just good special effects. Nonetheless, something was missing that Spiderman and Batman had, but Thor did not. The movie Thor and not the character was just not catchy/memorable enough, especially for those who are not into superhero movies and mythology or fantasy. It still provides a load of entertainment!

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Lacking substance
14 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The only part that was exciting was near the end (last 30 minutes). The beginning was a total wreck. It was revolving too much around the stereotypical American crowd, like the jocks vs the nerds. Also, must they include the scene at the beach of hot guys and girls? I thought the beginning was pointless. They should have delved more into the history of the protagonist instead. It would have been more interesting to learn about the protagonist's past and his 'world'.

Additionally, there wasn't much depth to the movie and no substance to the characters either. I did not understand why they added Dianna Agron, other than the fact that she was an eye candy and Alex's cheesy romantic partner. They didn't even have any chemistry. It felt like Twilight for me. Also, the love triangle between Sarah, John and Mark did not work because it is too redundant. On the other hand, Teresa Palmer's character should have appeared more. There should have been an explanation to her history as well. I felt like there was something missing, like all the scenes felt disjointed. There were some horribly cheesy moments, such as her walking away from explosions without looking. Haha, it reminded me of Andy Samberg's Cool guys don't walk away from explosions music video.

Nonetheless, even the action at the end couldn't save the movie completely. The action sequences at the end were really fun, but after it was done, the movie fell flat again. I was transported back to the corny plot line once more, sadly. Like, how in the world did Mark survive from that window crash? How did the dog even survive with so many wounds? How come Mark befriends the protagonist all of a sudden, right away? Despite MANY flaws, it is a watchable movie if you want to have some brainless fun. I was in the mood for some non thinking movie at that time. The last thirty minutes gave it more support, but still not enough to get a great grade. However, I will give props to the ending for making me forget about the horrible Twilight theme. Don't get me wrong, I loved the Twilight books, but the scripts for the movies were dreadful.

Acting: 6.5/10 Script: 5/10 or even lower Entertainment: 6.7/10 Overall: 6.5/10 because when I watch movies, entertainment scores more points than the other factors.
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Megamind (2010)
My mind just went megamind on me!
11 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
First of all, this movie is different from a lot of other movies. It presents the point of a view of a villain. I don't recall seeing any movie that actually illustrates to the audience, like black and white, that villains need heroes and vice versa. This movie is the first in my book.

I enjoyed Despicable Me, but Megamind really surprised me. I wanted to watch an enjoyable animated movie, but I didn't expect it to be this good. I was basically wanting more by the time it was done. I couldn't guess what they were going to do with some of the subplots. At first, I thought it was going to be a cheesy movie about a villain who just turns plain good. Instead, I got something that felt more than that. It involved a lot of themes and is enjoyable for almost everyone. The music, the funny lines and the unpredictable moments made it more thrilling. I would definitely see it a second time. However, there are some flaws to this movie, such as the weird moments of how they just incorporated Minion into jail to save Megamind. How convenient... I know that this is a kids' movie, but grown ups watch animated movies too. Another part that was weird was that Metro Man kinda just gave Megamind a chance. I thought they were like enemies or at least from Metro Man's perspective. They didn't really develop on that.

Megamind not only reminded me of Despecable Me, but also Charlie with the chance of Meatballs and The Incredibles. Though, Incredibles is still one of my top favorite animated movies.

Megamind is probably my third favorite or second favorite animated movie of 2010. The first would definitely have to be Toy Story 3. Then, I'm not sure about How to Train Your Dragon or Megamind. It doesn't matter because they're both great!
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Unknown (I) (2011)
2 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Overall, Unknown was a thrilling moving that kept me wanting more UNTIL the climax and the ending happened.

I was interested in this movie, since the first time I saw the trailer. Even though the trailer reminded me of many movies combined, such as Shutter Island along with something else that I can't recall. On another note, I also like Liam Neeson as the protagonist (he's a great actor.

The beginning was a bit slow, but it still added the momentum that was required for a thriller movie. It kept me questioning how Liam Neeson will regain his memory, who were those guys that chased him, why was his 'wife' acting different in certain scenes and what was his true identity.

The pacing of the movie was very well done just until he found out that he was a killer. One of the only few evidences that I can recall from the movie before his identity was revealed to the audience was when he remembered the exact lines as 'Martin Harris'. Other than that there were no clues that the protagonist was a killer that partnered up with his lover and not his wife. Also, I didn't understand why he changed 180 degrees (not enough characterization to back up). He also got away with his past crimes for free!

Personally, I thought they should have added smarter clues so that when we rewind the movie, we can go "ahh". There was nothing to suggest that he was a killer.
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Don't feel the connection
13 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Overall, I fairly enjoyed this movie. The storyline was above average compared to other chick flicks. The acting was average. I wouldn't have categorized this movie as a comedy because there wasn't anything funny. Perhaps, a few chuckles at a couple of phrases.

Anyway, what bothered me was that they did not develop the "Emily" character enough. I did not know or I mean to say I still do not know how they reconciled for the second time and have a child together. There was no explanation. Also, their chemistry wasn't there for me. I didn't even understand why they were a couple at first anyway. Also, even though Emily slept with his roommate, he also kissed two other girls. I know that kissing and sleeping aren't equivalent, but they both cheated on each other. Also, he moved on from her quite quickly. In fact, he moved on from all the women quickly.

The ending also left me skeptical because what are the chances that he'll end up happily ever after with April? After how all the other previous relationships went, I doubt it'll last long.

Even though the ending was different, I felt like it would have been better if they actually stick to old school movies. Like if he went back to Emily. Then they could have been a happy family. It just felt odd that CONVENIENTLY April was available and still in love with him after 10 years or so. I didn't feel the connection.

Nonetheless, I have no objections in Will returning to April in the end IF they Maya was April's daughter. Then it would have made more sense. I don't know why they added the twist for. It was unnecessary. Like for Will to marry "Emily" and have a child with her was not required. It would have actually been slightly better if it was even Summer's baby.
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The Good Guy (2009)
Not bad, but please don't add in stereotypes!
7 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I was not expecting much from this movie. In other words, I was not expecting anything other than the clichés. However, the beginning really caught my attention. Even though it wasn't anything out of the ordinary, it caught my interest and once I was interested, I was expecting more. The clear distinction and stereotypical emphasis on the "Good guy" and "Bad Guy" were clearly obvious. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the character development of Daniel from the start to the middle. It really made the viewers root for the good guy. However, I still did not HATE Tommy that much. The part that disappointed me was that I did not expect Tommy to be the stereotypical bad a** player because I liked how the movie started out so much until the middle that I was so hoping that Tommy wasn't a stereotypical jerk like in other movies. Unfortunately, he is 101% the jerk from most chick flicks and hence, did not deserve the girl. Daniel and Tommy were too black and white like good and evil that it just made the storyline fall down a notch.

I also expected Daniel to finally find the courage to ask Beth out, but we don't even see this. All that happens is that we see them sleep together without even dating or nothing. I honestly do like the chemistry between the two, but I was expecting more near the end, but it somehow left me feeling like Daniel is similar to the other guys.

Enough about the stereotypical emphasis, I would have gave this an 8 if it was a little more creative near the end. Overall, it was an enjoyable movie. The acting was average and the storyline started out strong, but ended poorly in terms of direction.
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Koizora (2007)
Sending Wrong Messages to Teens
15 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
First of all, this movie was slightly predictable and unpredictable at the same time. I decided to watch it because I saw so many comments on this movie, while surfing the net. There is also the drama version, but I didn't feel like going through 6 episodes.

SPOILERS: A lot of people cried for this movie, but I didn't. I mean don't get me wrong, I cried for One Litre of Tears.

Personally, I would given this drama a higher rating, if it made more sense. I couldn't attatch myself to the characters. They were too dull. The main characters met for a short period of time, then made love right away. I mean, where is common sense girl? At that moment, I just felt like he was using her. Like, I didn't feel any love between them. In other words, there was no chemistry. Also, I felt as if she was stupid.

When Mika got raped by Saki's order, she was ashamed of it and didn't want to kiss Hiro because of it. Hiro got so mad that he scared the heck out of me. I mean, how could he treat Saki like that? It just seemed inhumane for me.

I hate Saki's low character. I mean I don't think any normal person in real life would dare go and tell people to rape your ex's girlfriend. This shows how the scriptwriters were running out of ideas or they were being immature.

Who does se* in the school's library? Doesn't anyone guard that place? Where is the librarian? They were so happy after they found out she got pregnant, and their parents were so lenient that they accepted right away. Hiro said he would devote himself to go to work and drop out of school. This just does not seem right.

I also did not get the feel and warmth from her family much. They didn't describe them thoroughly based on their characters. Also, I did not know Saki's background or her previous relationship with Hiro.

Now, enough with me seeming to bash this movie, it was good near the end. There was emotion and depth between the two characters. I felt Hiro's pain after Mika finally got back with him in the hospital. If only the movie made it like this from the start.

Overall, the start was good, but the idea and message to teens were badly delivered. The middle or near the middle, where she had se* like three times just awfully degraded her image (I mean she was still in high school!). So the ending was where I basically gave my points. The songs were alright too. The casts were good, but acting wise weren't perfect. I'm glad I did not touch the drama.
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