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Get Smart (1965–1970)
Absolutely charming!
28 May 2004
You naysayers are nuts.

Get Smart is a very original, amusing, witty comedy that EASILY outdoes the

mediocre Naked Gun movies.

Someone said "Do yourself a favor and change the channel." To that I have to

say: Do yourself a favor and disregard that silly review.

No TV show is for anyone, but Get Smart is definately worth a look if you're

interested in a fun comedy.

I wish they made more shows like this nowadays. :(

Truly a show to be treasured and remembered.
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The Day the World Ended (2001 TV Movie)
Not great but..
30 November 2003
.. Are people THAT afraid of an overweight nurse? I mean,

seriously, get over it!

No, it wasn't a great movie, but an overweight middle-aged nurse

isn't something to hate it for. There ARE such people in the world,

my friends. If the 15 second sex scene scared you that much, I

think YOU need to visit Kinski's shrink character. (Older, unpretty

people have sex. Deal with it. I bet you're the same people that

freaked over Anthony Hopkins doing a love scene in The Human


Definately not a great movie.. I kind of feel sorry for Quaid and

Kinski.. They're stuck in low-budget made-for-video films, despite

being pretty good actors.

I don't think it was bad enough to "shoot you with a pellet gun,"

though. That's a little overkill. There are a lot worse films.

I'd give it a 4 out of a 10. Despite not being a good film, I did watch

it all the way through. I wanted to see the ending, though some of

the middle was rather dull.

For alien movie lovers, I'd recommend War of the World (older

color version, with the aliens with the blinking lights and really

creepy hands) and It! The Creature (Thing?) from Outer Space.

4/10 stars
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Spiral (2000)
Bizarre, but interesting.
2 November 2003
Wow.. I just saw this movie on the Sundance Channel, and it really is bizarre. I may not be a film expert, but it's probably the most bizarre film I, as an average movie fan, have seen.

Whoever came up with with it had a great imagination. I'm a bit of a fan of Japanese dramas, and there are often actors from dramas in movies.. (Matsushima Nanako, for example, the lead in Ringu, is a major j-drama star.) But it looks like this is the first film for Kirie and Shuichi's portrayers. I must say, if they really are debuting here, they do a pretty good job.

Kirie was a very sympathetic character, I thought she was easy to relate with. She was kind and good-hearted, perhaps not the most popular girl but nicer than some of the other attention-seeking girls. She was also pretty in a classic kind of way. I hope she does more films, but it's been a couple years so maybe she has no such plans.

The ending was odd. I'm not going to give anything away, but the rest of the movie's bizarreness was kind of put to shame.

Very bizarre, but very imaginative and unique movie. I'd recommend it for Japanese horror fans, though I'll warn you, it's a lot more bizarre than Ringu.

Nonetheless, I'd give it a 7.5 out of 10, for originality, imagination, good characterization, above average acting, and just being plain intriguing.
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The only thing inane about this movie are the criticizers.
23 August 2003
The Life of David Gale, was, in my opinion, a really fabulous movie. Will everyone like it? No. But I can't see anyone going off on it and giving it a D+ or something unless they WANT to criticize movies and enjoy going off on them.

That aside, there are several reasons why I liked this movie.

The acting was superb. I am, and probably always will be a fan of Kate Winslet. I first saw her in Heavenly Creatures and was very much captivated by her. Her character evolves throughout the movie and I think you end up rooting for her. Kevin Spacey is a great, great actor. He can make a pathetic movie worthwhile with his performances. But I stress that this is NOT a pathetic movie in any way. Anyone who thinks Kevin Spacey is going downhill by doing this movie needs to take a vacation from negativity. If anything, I appreciate him that much more.

This is definately a very clever movie. You have to like clever. And if you are vehemently pro-death penalty, violent, live in the bible belt or generally want to see people die, it's not going to be your taste. I think it is key to the enjoyment of this movie to be sympathetic to the cause at hand, even if you DO support the death penalty. The characterization is very well-done and the emotion cannot be conveyed without some empathy toward what the characters feel.

Did I really give this movie a 10? I did. It was the best study into capital punishment I've ever seen, because it COULD happen. It wasn't "out there." It was plausible, but clever and engaging at the same time. The actors impressed, the story engaged me, it was just enthralling.

If you like clever and engaging, please see this movie. Don't let the bad reviews turn you off. The tones of those interviews make me wonder if the people who write them are negative by nature.

10 out of 10
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Hackers (1995)
Underrated and magnificently done! Angelina shines.
27 August 2001
When I went in to watch Hackers, I was worried because some of

the reviews here.

I don't think we saw the same movie. From scene one, I was

surprised the characters were teenagers. I knew Angelina was

only 19 or 20 when she did this movie, but I hadn't realized that

until I saw it.

The romance and interaction between Angelina's character and

Jonny's is classic. Really. It's great. When they're arguing or

fighting or dreaming about each other spitefully, it's fun to watch

their little denying their attraction and criticizing one another. Before

Angelina Jolie, I did not have a favorite actress. I knew actresses I

liked several films of, but hated others.

Angelina Jolie is different. She's my favorite actress now. It's not

because she's pretty, although she is. It's because she has a

magnetism, charisma and draw that I've never before seen in an

actress of the 90's. This shows through in her portrayal of Kate

"Acid Burn" Libby. She's cocky and difficult, with a rebel charm

we've seen in many of this star's movies. If you love Angelina Jolie

for reasons OTHER than how large her chest is or nudity, please

see this. The performance may not have been academy award

winning, but it's a great performance. Very fun to see where she

started out.

The rest of the performances are also very good. Jonny's Dade

has a puppy dog charm, in that you feel sorry for him and can't help

but laugh when things don't go his way. He is in no way Mr. Deep,

but he's smart with a funny exterior.

Matthew Lillard never fails to make me laugh, and he's prominent

with his pigtailed braids and goofing off.

I must give kudos to the villain. Sure, nothing unpredictable or new.

But he's positively funny. "Never fear, I is here." And arrogant and


I loved the special effects. I loved the plot. I loved the premise. I

loved the romantic relationship between Kate and Dade.

This is not an academy award winning movie. It's not extremely

dramatic or epic. But it sure is a GOOD movie. It's fun, it's a

comedy, it's a drama, and it's just great to watch. I very much

enjoyed the technology used, and the entire movie as a whole

made me smile.

If you are looking for an epic movie of high proportions with big

name actors and a hole-less plot, stay away.

But if you're looking for a movie that will make you smile at the

antics of the multi-dimensional characters and their escapades

and problems, set in a technological world and featuring a cute

teenage romance, go see it.

And if you love Angelina's acting, appeal, charisma and gorgeous

smile, don't see it. BUY IT. I know I will.
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