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The Falcon movies on TCM 11.20.09
21 October 2009
They will start at 6AM est.

All of the movies starring George Sanders and Tom Conway. Set up your Dvrs. Starting with the "The Gay Falcon" Gay Falcon, (1942) A society sleuth tries to break up an insurance scam.Cast: George Sanders, Lynn Bari, James Gleason, Allen Jenkins. A Date With The Falcon. The Falcon Takes Over. The Falcon's Brother. The Falcon Strikes Back. The Falcon In Danger. The Falcon And The Co-Eds. The Falcon Out West. The Falcon In Mexico. The Falcon In Hollywood. The Falcon In San Francisco. Personally, I prefer Conway to Sanders. Just as I enjoy the Falcon over the Saint or the other "B" detectives. Set back and enjoy each of these wonderful movies.
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The Life of Riley (1953–1958)
Did you know
16 August 2007
In 1949, Bendix played Riley in a movie. It's not available on DVD or VHS Amc used to show it back when AMC was worth watching. He was unavailable for the TV show. It is listed here on IDMB. In 1949-1950 Jackie Gleason played Chester A Riley on TV. Same characters and premise, just different actors. In it's own way, just as funny. Rosemar Decamp was Peg. Sid Tomack was Gillis. Gloria Winters was Babs. Jimmie Lydon (Henry Aldrich) was her boyfriend. It was canceled after 26 episodes. It was shown on the Dumont network. Again,the show is on IDMB The Gleason version was shown on WPIX in the late 70's after the Honeymooners.
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It is available on VHS
12 May 2007
A must for serious John Wayne movie collectors. It is available on John Wayne Matinée Double Feature No. 4 with Sante Fe Stampede (co-starring, the Duke, as one of the Three Mesquiteers).

Why aren't these titles on DVD. I have all four of this collection and both the video and sound are more than satisfactory. This early one, He becomes the Sheriff after his father is killed. He and his buddy, Al Bridges (of Preston Sturges fame ) clean up the town with a tremendous saloon shootout. A twist is Al is the leader of a gang of outlaws who the Duke deputized. Being a Republic, rather than a Lone Star makes this one better than most of this period of the Dukes B-Westerns.
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Offbeat Western
9 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I'm watching it on the western station, as I write this. Jim Davis stars, Carl Smith,, first husband of June Carter Cash, plays the town sheriff and Marty Robbins, as a blond Mexican, co-star, both are famous Country singers but don't sing in this offbeat western. Through out the movie, as noted in other comments, a fender guitarist plays music that occasionally seems appropriate. The movie is about a bad guy(Davis) reformed by a conversation with a dying Marshall, he encounters as he is on the run.

He poses as the Marshall and saves a town from the diseased cattle of Lee Van Cleef. Not an A movie but definitely watchable.
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