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Nacho Libre (2006)
Give me my money back!
17 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is fit for neither man nor beast. The film is bad enough that I must struggle to identify other films that belong in the same cesspool to which this cinematic excrement should be consigned.

In leaving Nacho Libre today, I was struck at how awful the film is in nearly every category by which films are ordinarily judged. Comedies should be funny, but this film failed to generate even a single muted giggle from the regrettably large audience at the local theater.

The cinematography, screenplay and dialogue are truly without parallel. A single mediocre performance provided by even one member of the cast would have vastly improved this film. The wrestling sequences, which might have been entertaining in the hands of a competent director, elicited disgust rather than laughter from the audience.

I left the the theater thinking that Jack Black and Jared Hess apparently decided to make this film as an afterthought. The final scene is a shot of Nacho and the children from the orphanage visiting pyramids in Mexico. Why couldn't Jack Black have just taken some vacation time at his own expense and spared us the tasteless Nacho Libre?"
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