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Broken (I) (2006)
Its a script my theater teacher would've written
28 November 2008
This film starts off OK. It has heather graham in it, so I wasn't expecting much besides nasty sex scenes and bulging eyes (of which you get both in this film). The fact that she is supposed to be some folksy singer-songwriter is laughable because I've met this character time and time again in the downtown art scene.

All of the dialogue, starting with Jeremy Sisto's entrance is laughable and obviously written by a man. If written by a woman, Hope (heather graham) would've reached for her pepper spray after Will's (Jeremy Sisto) initial pick up line.

The movie goes no where fast, has a small up lift with the black box theatre style of the dinner, then continues on a downward spiral. The cast is amazing, and I'm surprised that so many somewhat respectable actors would sign to such boring banal work.

The special features are a laugh and a half as more praise over Graham's beauty and perfection for the part is expressed. The producer says producer-like things like "many other actresses wanted this part but Heather was just perfect". Way to make it sound like Angelina, Charlize, and Drew all wanted to be part of this ishfest.

I'm glad I bought this for 3 dollars on Thanksgiving. I'll be thanks-giving this away on Ebay tomorrow.

There are so many other problems with this film including editing, music, and character development but the other REAL comments speak for themselves.

Jeremy Sisto...what happened?
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The Strangers (2008)
Had some potential but missed the target completely
31 May 2008
Plot- It's lacking and a bit confusing. We really don't get to know these characters at all. Pretty much right off the bat the "scary" begins to happen, so it's almost a 2 hour cat and very stupid mice game. As a viewer, you don't know anything about the masked intruders except that they walk around the house making noise and emerge out of shadows.

Acting: There was no chemistry between scott and liv. Pure and simple. When you've got two actors in a 2 hour film, it has to be believable that they are in love, or even get along.

Writing: very green writing. Its know that the direct has really only done a few attempts at screenplays and it shows. The disclaimer in the beginning wasn't needed and was somewhat confusing given the ending to the film.

In all I'm glad I used free movie passes to see it, or else I would've gone and got my money back about 30 minutes in.

I suggest waiting for it to be on TV, or renting it in a few months. No use spending 10 dollars on tickets...use it for gas money.
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My oh my did this movie suck
4 May 2008
I guess this is a prime document of when nu pop-jazz began.

I don't think I've ever seen so many jazz sneakers and hair whipping.

This one is definitely not for the dancers that weren't trained in a Studio. If you studied contemporary or alternative/athletic modern, its gonna be a painful experience.

Not to say the dancers aren't talented and the the performances (given the script..)aren't okay. This just isn't the best way to showcase that talent. I'm sure it would favor better among the So You Think You Can Dance generation of dancers.

If you want a good dancing movie with drama, go for The Turning Point. If you want a modern film that isn't super cheesy. A modern dance film that doesn't have its dancers whipping their hair around wearing unitards and masks. A modern dance film that doesn't use a very early form of Lyrical dance as a segway to the next scene....I don't know what to tell ya...One Last Dance with Patrick Swayze?
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Maggie Moore (2000)
educational and entertaining at best
17 March 2005
Where are great director/writers like David Burkman, in a sea of crap? Maggie Moore(Better titled 'Breaking Up With Maggie Moore') is one of the best short films i've seen in a very long time. It's writing was fresh and delightful.

The main characters, Alex(David Norona)and Maggie(Alison Simpson) are believable in their parts as a couple breaking up after 3 years. As maggie puts it, 3 years of "waiting". When Maggie takes it upon herself to read Alex's diar...journal, she realizes that he is at a loss at how to keep the relationship alive. Ending their relationship, Alex seeks the advice and companionship of his best friend, while Maggie hooks up with a gym-man, alex colorfully nicknames "Hauns". After a few flashbacks, Alex begins to realize that he himself pushed away a woman who loved him. but has he realized it too late?
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Lies My Mother Told Me (2005 TV Movie)
A disturbing story of a dysfunctional mother daughter bond.
7 March 2005
the story itself isn't all its cracked up to be. But the fact that its based on actual events gives it power. Joely Richardson carries the movie as a fugitive mother, who along with her young daughter, leaves a trail of warrants across the country. When she settles with a wealthy attorney, her past demons come back with a vengeance.

Though its very much a "Lifetime" movie, it has a nice sense of freshness to the genre. There are a few plot twists that seem to never get explained in full, but its a Lifetime Original, so you get that you pay for..

If you're in on a Friday night, or you're a fan of Joely, i recommend it.
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19 June 2004
am i the only one who did not find this movie absolutley hilarious? Yes there are funny parts but in all it was quite poorly written. Vaughns lines, though fitting, were dull. Stiller's performance not only reminded me of Zoolander, but Christine Taylor's was equally similar to hers in the 2001 movie. Great one liners throughout the movie but for me, the film lacks substance. Should it have been a great dramatic piece? by all means no! but fluff isnt wonderful either. If you like obvious humor, you'll enjoy this movie. if i were a prudish movie critic id give the movie 2 stars
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997–2003)
Could these kids even really act?
11 April 2004
Its been a year, maybe a bit more since this series went off the air. I'd already left my Buffy phase about a year before but continued to watch out of sheer routine. But watching back episodes latley, I can't help but wonder "was this show ever really that great?". I mean sure their were one or two great story lines, and some of the cast members were quite wonderful in their characters, but did it really deserve the hype it got?

Sarah Michelle Gellar. one of the 1999 "brat pack", and not very talented compared to others. If you judge her performance on Buffy to other works, its quite obvious the woman has maybe 2 modes of acting, "sweet and innocent" and "sexy and bitchy". Though that worked on this particular show, her ventures into other forms of entertainment weren't all met with great applause. Me being the naive "BTVS" fan, often wondered why that was. But after lifting the black vail it was obvious her talent was slim to nil.

The self proclaimed "scooby gang" actors who we have barely seen off the show, (along with Sarah who hasn't had any big publicity since her wedding to fellow '99 "packer" Freddie Prince Jr.) almost blatantly carried the show for a good 3 years. Their comic timing and relatable characters was a welcomed release from Buffy's arrogant outwards appearance and often ungrateful behavior. The characters, without real super powers of their own (until season 3, when willow became wiccan) risked their lives on a daily basis with not so much of a thank you. And it wasn't a big help that one of the most memorable lines of the last season was:

Buffy: "I'm the slayer, I am the law".......

Ok, i will agree that season 1 through about 4 were amazingly done and very well written, but after 4 years it's difficult to stay fresh and even more difficult when you have a character leave on a spin off (Angel). But in all fairness, the show was mediocre and not at all the great classic we believed it to be.
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For Their Own Good (1993 TV Movie)
compelling story and wonderful acting by ms perkins
9 March 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I've just seen this move on Lifetime tonight and could not have been more pleased. The acting is amazing for a tv movie and tells a story thats both upsetting and empowering. SPOILER

The story is set in rural texas, and is the story of a group of young women who, due to company policy, must sterillize themselves to keep their jobs. One by one each woman goes through with the operation. After only a few months, their division is terminated and all the women are without jobs, and with out their birthing rights aswell. They hire a New York lawyer and take the company to court, where they are laughed at and given a lame excuse for a settlement. 7 years later the women are still fighting to pass a law to protect females birthing rights in the work place.
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The poor mans KIDS
2 January 2004
alright, i watched this movie last night and all i could think was "bad acting, bad story line, unrealistic monologues.

you've already read the story so i wont go into it. But watch it when its on tv. don't waste your money renting it unless you are a fan of one of the actors. even then you wo't get much
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Rock My World (2002)
ehhhhhhh it was alright.
16 August 2003
The music was somewhat good but don't by any means think this is what real 'rockstars' go through. Acting wasn't that bad. My favorite actor Munroe shined yet again in his role as Dave the pot head drummer.

This movie really was all over the place. But at the same time there were actually some funny parts. The fake guitar playing was baaaaaaaaad. with rockapop songs you just don't jump and squirm around like your epileptic. Showing that Alicia "really was playing" bass wasn't a good camera angle either. just made you think she really WASN'T playing.

I give this movie 2 and a half guitars.
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Love at Stake (1987)
18 June 2003
I saw this movie about 4 years ago, and it still is on my top ten movies that are truely funny and made me laugh out loud.

Everything in it is just off centre and it's a perfect setting for a comedy.
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I thought it was funny
16 June 2003
Was I expecting to be truley scared? um no, and if you are never see an indie horror flick. The actors were cute and you could tell this wasn't supposed to be some blockbuster gone wrong. It was for fun, something to past the time.

The skull, i admit had me thinking "oh no another fangoria!" but I went with because I was in the mood for something NOT serious. The first two stories were almost mirror images, unrealistic portrayle of teenage america and what we consider "fun". (I dunno about you but I've never ran through the woods entertaining myself my playing leaf hockey, and looking for old challenged gardeners)

But alot of the dialogue is funny, and the last story was stupid at the beginning I agree(why do the girls always have to be the prudes during hot n' heavy sessions??)but after a while it became interesting and at the end the screaming was very hilarious. Which I"m sure the director intended it to be.

But seriously, was anyone else confused about the ending??
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The Pitts (2003)
It's not that bad
6 April 2003
This show is funny. It's a "ok I'm going to sit down and be a dumbass for 30 minutes. I'm going to laugh at silly jokes" I think the jokes are funny, and the actors are good. If you thought this was going to be "The simpsons: real life!" You were sadly mistaken.

This is what people do stupidly. They watch spin-offs and tv shows made by producers and directors of popular tv shows expecting a double of the original. Anything remotely new or original is "unclean,unclean!" and must be taken off the air immediatly.
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Everwood (2002–2006)
23 September 2002
I watched the first episode and was instantly a fan. It's light hearted but still has those family dramatics that everyone loves to watch. The father/son relationship that Treat W. and Gregoery Smith bring to the show is brilliant and Vivein Cardone is just adorable.
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