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France's Got Talent
29 November 2019
Stumbled across this gem via Twitter - and if you have any interest in how DW is seen outside of the UK, you have to watch it.

It tells how the fanbase was slowly created with the arrival of NuWho in France, and how people kept it alive with a lot of love and care. Some came and went, others managed to build strong communities around that blue box. It's clear that DW isn't dead in France!

I must admit I don't understand some comments saying this movie is empty or devoided of interest: it was made by the fans for the fans - old and new, and all around the world (English subtitles available, kudos for that!). Some moments are actually quite moving too, you can clearly see what kind of wonder the Doctor can do in the real life.

I won't spoil it any further, you'll have to experience it yourself!

As we say overthere: bravo!
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